In Awe of Mother Nature


Timber is enduring and long lasting and so friendly to the earth. Nature shows us the wisdom in the use of real wood as one of her most steadfast, reliable materials when we observe the marvelous wonder of why trees live as long as they do.

In the Sequoia National Park in Sierra Nevada there is an ancient tree, so large that as you look up at this towering monarch of majesty of more than fifty four thousand cubic feet of awe inspiring wood. The total sum of this king of trees can not be seen in its entirety without lifting the eyes up, up, up in a sweeping panoramic view.  The tree is fondly called The President. The Society Grant concluded that there is no tree that has more wood in volume than The President. It’s wood and trunk is increasing with age, growing wider as it thickens producing more wood in a year than a healthy, strong young tree. The President is said to be over 3200 years old with almost two billion leaves and still growing larger and increasing in wood and still breathing in carbon dioxide and releasing its life giving properties of pure oxygen back into our atmosphere.


Centuries Old Chinese Chariot

Once a tree has grown, outlasting anything that could have taken it when it was young it becomes so strong it can not be knocked over by fierce winds and it appears to be indestructible. It’s bark is so thick it is resistant to fire and the giant sequoia is protected from fires caused from lightning. The lightning can harm the adult tree but it seldom kills them. Ground fires enhances and helps the sequoias by opening up the sequoia cones for the seeds to sprout in the nourishing ashes and sunshine. It opens up cones and lets saplings have light and flourish. The bark and center wood are impregnated and ingrained with natural chemical fungicides that preserve it against fungal canker and decay. Termites, wood ants and wood-boring beetles do not faze or effect them.

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