North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures

North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures

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An attached shelter is not a fit for every outdoor living environment. In an area with an existing structure to connect to, an attached arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola can be the perfect way to easily connect with nature and expand your living space. 


Most ShadeScape® Kits can be installed
in as little as ONE AFTERNOON!

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Picture: Slide the circled arrow back and forth to see BEFORE and AFTER an attached ShadeScape® kit install. 

Attached Shelter Types



An attached Gazebo is a pavilion built for the express purpose of taking in the surrounding view. Gazebo means: “a place from which to gaze.” Gazebos are traditionally hexagonal in shape. A ShadeScape® Attached Gazebo can be attached home, another shade shelter, wall, or architectural structure.



A structure made of posts and beams supporting a pitched roof that is completely covered with roofing materials, providing complete shade and protection. An attached Pavilion connects to home, another shade shelter, or architectural structure, giving an umbrella-like shelter for protection from inclement weather.



An attached pergola is a backyard structure made with posts, beams, and supporting cross beams which hold up rafters and top shade planks creating a lattice-type roof, and is attached to a vertical wall or home or building. ShadeScape® attached Pergola Kits provide 80% Shade Coverage; which is approximately the same shade coverage you would get with a tree.



Attaching to another free-standing ShadeScape® kit can turn a lounge size to a beautiful family size architectural shade shelter. Multiple kits can be tiered, latticed roof combined with a fully covered roof for every setting or create an extraodinarily large entertainment sized space.



A structure which serves as an entrance or provides a shady resting place in a garden or park on which plants such as climbing shrubs or vines can grow. An attached arbor may have lattices, benches or swings added on. An arbor attached to another free-standing shade shelter, home or building is a great way to provide a small amount of shade covering to a dedicated area or walkway.



An architectural structure made with posts and beams in single file, supporting a row of rafters on top, often latticed and used to support climbing plants. An attached trellis connects to a home, building or another shade shelter and is often used to create borders, walls and privacy screens.

Attached Shelter Benefits



Attaching an arbor, awning, gazebo, pavilion or pergola to your home or business is the perfect transition, seamlessly blending from the indoor to the outdoors.



Typically, there are fewer posts on an attached awning, pavilion or pergola kit costing less than a free-standing shelter with more timber.



Attached ShadeScape® kits typically take up less room having fewer posts, maximizing an area to its fullest potential.


“We are so happy with how they engineered it, how they designed it. It is exactly how I had pictured it in my mind.” – Melanie Lawrence

“This is the gathering place. This is the hangout. Everybody comes over to visit. We love to come out here and relax. We have a great view. We love it when our grandkids come. Our grandkids just love it. . . It is so much fun and it really brings us all together, absolutely recommend them. Their builders were the best. The designs were the best. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. It went really smooth. We couldn’t be happier. We couldn’t be happier, and I think everybody ought to have one.” – Dan Lawrence

Commercial & Recreational Attached ShadeScape® Kits

Renovations, alterations or additions to an existing storefront, commercial building, or other facilities, can often be large undertakings that can slow down or detour some business, while under construction. An attached ShadeScape® timber shelter is a quick and durable solution. In most cases, you can have a new addition completed in as little as ONE Afternoon.

Restaurants, hotels, churches, hospitals, parks, commercial and recreational establishments, can resourcefully maximize the full potential of their outdoor spaces with an Attached Awning, Arbor, Pergola, Pavilion, or Gazebo Kit. 

Our Design Managers specialize in innovative shade solutions for virtually any outdoor commercial use. ShadeScape® Attached Pavilion and Pergola Kits have utilized even the smallest of physical spaces into a productive inviting space. 

• Bus Stops
• Park Pavilions
• Playgrounds
• Reception Centers,
• Kiosks
• Outdoor Seating

• Sidewalk cafés
• Patio Dining
• Barbecue Areas
• WiFi
• Phone Charging Stations

and so much more!

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More ShadeScape® Attached Pergola Plan Ideas:

privacy wall panel
timber frame pergola
timber frame pergolatimber frame pergolatimber frame pergola
attached pergola

A protective attached ShadeScape® shelter creates an atmosphere of improved wellbeing, recharging and increasing energy levels for a healthier and happier home. ShadeScape® and enjoy life outdoors every day with those who light up your world.

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