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Premium Grade Stain Colors for Timber Frame
Shade Structures

Color is one of the best elements to direct attention to a specific area in for a better landscape design.

Every person responds to colors in a different ways, whether it is subconsciously or emotionally. Colors can help to evoke in us, a particular mood, displaying beauty than connects us, inspires us to experience joy and awe as it covers its marvelous architectural forms. The combination of stain color on a solid wood, timber frame shade structure speaks a beautiful language all its own that can’t fully be conveyed through words alone.

Please note: due to different computer monitors/calibrations stain/paint colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

We only use the highest quality premium grade stains on all of our outdoor timber frame shade structures. These stains are our standard colors that we have had developed based on customer feedback. As you browse our gallery of timber frame arbors, pavilions, gazebos and pergolas, notice the examples. If you see something you like, you can have it in any of the many stain colors you see here below.

Click here to view a color teaser and see how light can affect the eyes perception of a color.

We also offer as an upgrade to our outdoor shade structures, customized colors such as this white below for example. Talk to one of our design managers if you have something specific in mind.

white stain timber
black stain timber frame
canyon grey stain timber
rich sequoia stain
rich cordboa stain
natural premium grade water base stain
early american stain
black stain


canyon grey premium stain colors

Canyon Grey

rich sequoia premium stain

Rich Sequoia

natural premium stain water base


rich cordoba premium stain

Rich Cordoba

early american premium stain

Early American

custom stain colors


Custom Premium Stain Colors

Sometimes an individual homeowner will desire a color that a little bit unique for their timber frame outdoor structure. If that is the case, we are more than happy to help you get that special look you have in mind.

couple choosing stain colors
black premium water based stain timber
coupld dance pergola lights



Black stain is a bold stain color, with a dominating, dramatically heavy presence that is only enhanced by Western Timber Frame™ massively over-sized timbers.

Landscape color design analysts believe black to be a color of confidence, resilience, self control with strength and authority. Black is a powerful color and contracts well with bright colors in a landscape design on an outdoor shade structure. Black is a protective color that has a calm, magnetic, energetic strength to it that evokes a feeling of being grounded. To the Native American Indian black is a symbol of harmony and listening.

Words synonymously used to represent shades of black: midnight, obsidian, jet black, ebony, ink, sable, onyx, raven, charcoal, lampblack,

Keywords used in reference to the color black: formal, powerful, bold, elegant, dramatic, authority, wealth, strong, mysterious, classy, polished, classic, stylish, confident, depth,

canyon grey premium stain timber
family eating in shade of pergola


Quiet Balance
Atmospheric Strength

However you spell it, grey or gray, both are synonymous with or express various hues or shades of grey, such as silver, dove gray, powder grey, ash, oyster, taupe, pearl, and slate, etc. Grey, like black, is a more formal color that looks stunning in a timber frame design.

Our Canyon Grey stain is a wonderful silver-like color. Like, gold, silver is symbolic of riches and is considered distinguished and glamorous, such as being “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”. It is also the traditional color used to celebrate a couple’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Some Native American tribes associate the color gray with friendship, a symbolic of dependability, security and responsibility. In gem stones, the gray color properties are said to be a healing stone and improves the stability of relationships.

A timber frame outdoor shade structure finished in a Canyon Grey stain has a cooling and stabilizing effect when it is placed against more vibrant colors. In landscaping, gray is a reliable, conservative and composed, color.

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color gray: practicality, quality, quiet, solid, modesty, distinguished, sophisticated, reliability, self-reliance, classic, balance, neutrality, dignified, intelligence, professional, security, nostalgia, balm, independent, soothing, calming

rich sequoia premium stain
grandmother baby shade pergola



A timber frame outdoor shade structure finished in a Rich Sequoia stain is an awakening, bold and dynamic color that demands attention. Although Rich Sequoia stain is vibrant it also adds an inviting warmth for an artistic landscaping. Red Sequoia is a very popular color in our timber frame structures.

The red mahogany-like hue of Rich Sequoia stain boosts mental and physical energy, a determination and power to go after and achieve your goals being willing to take risks. Red mahogany is a tropical tree which Rich Sequoia stain so closely resembles, which is why in part it invites such a feeling of an adventure and exotic experience to an outdoor landscape. The Rich Sequoia stain color is associated with harvest and fall with its rusty, reddish-brown values. Analysts of color say that rusty brown or reddish clay brown is a show of persistence, yet graceful under pressure, with a pioneering spirit. Rich Sequoia is also associated with ambition, personal freedom, adventure, passion and strength to relationships, in life and work.

Words used synonymously with Rich Sequoia or express its various hues are the color: ginger, copper, cinnamon, terra-cotta, umber, sienna, auburn, russet, mahogany, sepia, burnt sienna, chestnut, burnished, reddish-brown, sard, Sardonyx, brick red, sorrel

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color Rich Sequoia:

communication, excitement, energy, love, strength, passionate, fire, protection, impulsive, vigorous, enthusiasm, energetic, health, assertive, intense, responsible, confidence, fire, activity, desire, color of life, prosperity, respect, energy, vitality, recognition, creative mind,

rich cordoba premium water based stain
men eat under pergola



Rich Cordoba stain adds a deliciously rich and inviting feel to an outdoor timber frame shade structure. Its depth, vibrancy, and superior in stain performance making it the perfect choice for a solid, prestigious appeal especially with such over sized timbers. Rich Cordoba stain is more formal but will resonate secure energy, promoting a feeling of acceptance and stability. To Native American Indians brown colors represent the power of self-discipline.

Words used synonymously with Rich Cordoba comes in many shades and various hues such as the color: brown, acorn, raw umber, cocoa, toast, chocolate, brazil-nut-brown, almond, roasted chestnut,

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color Rich Cordoba: steady, dutiful, conscientious, seriously dramatic, dependable, responsible, substantial, solid, rich, classy, sophisticated, masculine, vibrancy, depth, inviting, stable, secure, sheltering

natural premium stain for timber frame
couple barbecue pergola



Natural stain is always in style and goes hand in hand with timber frame and outdoor landscape design. On an outdoor shade structure, the premium grade Natural stain finish gives a comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, family life, loyal friends and dependability. It is also an earthy range of colors for those who have a preference for natural, solidity and simplicity.

Natural stain is a clear finish that shows the beauty of the natural wood as nature beautifully designed it. Most often it displays as a more yellow color to it.

A yellow hue of wood’s natural color is open and embracing. It stimulates joyful energy and promotes a feeling of acceptance, like the Sun that provides us with light and warmth that we need for this incredible gift we call life. A Natural stain creates a variety of yellowish-warm colors, exuberantly cheerful, lifting the spirits with optimism and laughter. It breathes a promise of new beginnings, happiness and hope. Some color analysts state that the color yellow symbolizes love and in the overcoming of challenges through unconditional love.

Natural stain is clear its colors are as variegated as the wood itself, with colors ranging from black knots to light yellow. The closest color to describe the overall natural wood stain would be golden-brown. Words used synonymously with golden-brown are colors such as: fawn, ochre, honey, blonde, sand, umber, khaki, cornsilk, colorless,

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color Natural:

pure, simplicity, enthusiasm, spontaneous, prevalent, inherent, intuitive, innate, essential, untamed, wild, earthy, sunshine, open, guileless, genuine, straightforward, unpretentious, impulsive, intrinsic, elemental, native, true, innocent, vital, homey, down-to-earth, good-natured, pleasant, graceful, gracious, polite, eco-rich, green, rich, unsophisticated, recognizable, unassuming, free, unconcealed, raw, newborn, youthful, young, factual, sound, absolute, bona fide, good, accurate, candid, charming, beautiful, becoming, gentle, charitable, warmhearted, friendly, generous, sympathetic, without ceremony, charm, mental vitality, laughter, clarity, optimism, cheerfulness, summer,

early american water based stain
early american stain family


Majestically Solid

Early American premium grade stain on an outdoor shade structure gives a solid, earthy appeal to a landscape and is extremely popular in our outdoor solid wood timber frame structures.

The Early American stain is a warm cocoa hue that entreats a sense of intimacy and togetherness to a place where loved ones can gather in your favorite place. Our Early American stain is a warm color that makes you feel like cacooning. It is a safe and protective color that gives a sense of belonging, cozy, comfortable, a refuge from the commotion of the outside world. Early American is a down-to-earth color of wholesomeness that gives a sense of belonging, stability, structure and support; that comfortable feeling of being at home with dependable family and loyal friends.

Words used synonymously with Early American comes in many shades and various hues such as the color: brown, acorn, raw umber, cocoa, light latte, coffee, toast, chocolate, tan, nut-brown, wood, almond, chamoisee, coyote, chestnut, espresso,

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color Early American:

earth, dependable, security, calming, protective, cozy, friendship, nurturing, common sense, organic, healing, orderly, knowing, hearth, caring, stability, simplicity, orderly, protective, outdoors, conventional, elegance, fertility, practical, home, approachable, abundance, grounded, foundation, expressive of Thanksgiving,

white stain timber
white pavilion girl post



Western Timber Frame™ white stain is popular among our custom stain colors. White is a color of wholeness, innocence and completion. In America white has been a traditional color for weddings, christenings, communions, baptisms and other joyful occasions. White carries a sense of order, a newness of life,  fresh and clean.

White in many cultures symbolizes purity, pristine, open, self-sufficient, goodness, heroism, magnetism, sharing, cleanliness, light, unity, truth, innocence, new beginnings, and as the color of perfection. Words used synonymously with white to explain different shades of white are: snow, lily, seashell, whitewash, linen, alabaster, cream,

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color White:

spotless, virgin, unblemished, fresh, well-kept, tidy, spic and span,

diy pergola kit custom stain



wood samples stain colors

Western Timber Frame™ offers custom colors to match the elements of compliment an outdoor environment. Talk with a design manager who can help if you have a particular color stain in mind. Pictured about is a custom green to match the homeowners residence. Harmony Green stain, another custom color, is a peaceful rejuvenating color that brings balance and harmony. Many cultures consider green to be an earth color symbolizing forgiveness, compassion, humility, adaptability, romance and understanding. Words synonymous used with green to represent various hues and shades of the color green are: emerald, seafoam, moss, pea green, mint, forest, lawn green, lime, jade,aquamarine, fir, kelly green, pine, sage, sap,sea green, viridian, olive, grass green, chartreuse,

Keywords attributed to the meaning of the color Green:

harmony, abundance, prosperity, fertility, hope, well-being, life,


A and B in the illustration below is of the same hue and value.

Test it for yourself by placing your finger across the middle of each illustration.

color teaser for perception

We can stare at computer screens, photographs and even at an object right in front of us, and see colors differently simply by its shade, background, texture and lighting. The quality of light can change the way a color can appear to our eyes, creating at times an optical illusion.

Wood itself varies in color values and hues. Our timber frame stain color samples may appear to some to be slightly different on our timber frame outdoor shade structures than they do on a computer monitor or picture.

silhouette pergola with families

Our project managers can help you with all of your color stain ideas in designing your solid wood timber frame kit. Click HERE or Call Today! 877-870-8755