North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures

North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures

timber frame gazebo

Premium Grade Stain Colors for ShadeScape® Shelters

We only use the highest quality premium grade stains on all of our outdoor timber frame shade structures. These stains are the standard colors that we have had developed based on customer feedback.

As you browse our gallery of timber frame arbors, pavilions, gazebos and pergolas, notice the examples. If you see something you like, you can have it in any of the many stain colors you see here.

Please note: due to different computer monitors/calibrations stain/paint colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Each Stain Image is a Navigation Key to See Shelters Finished in an Individual Premium Stain Color

wild olive stain

Wild Olive

beach sand stain

Beach Sand (New)

rich cordoba stain

Rich Cordoba

bleached stain

Bleach (Upgrade)

Rich Sequoia Stain

Rich Sequoia

canyon grey

Canyon Grey

natural stain

Natural (Upgrade)

arrows for bleach
ebony black stain


early american

Early American

Alpine White Stain

Alpine (Upgrade)

bleach stain

Bleach over time.

Please Note: Due to different computer monitors and calibrations of stain, paint colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

pavilion with family

Each individual is unique in their response to color, whether it is subconsciously or emotionally. Color can evoke a particular mood, speak a language not spoken in words. It can inspire us to experience joy, even awe combined with massive oversize timber shelters.

custom stain colors

Custom Stain Color

Western Timber Frame™ also offers custom stain colors to match surrounding elements or for an idea you have.

Color and light can tease the perception of our eyes. In the illustration on the right, A and B are the same color.

Place your finger across the middle of the illustration and break the illusion.

color teaser for perception

Our project managers can help you with all of your color stain ideas in designing your solid wood timber frame kit. Click HERE or Call Today! 877-870-8755