North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures

North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures

Vivid Vibrance

Rich Cordoba

rich cordoba stain
  • white posts lights pergola
  • fire pit trellis
  • timber frame awning
  • arbor pergola kit
  • park pergola bench swings


World Class Architecture


Rich Cordoba stain adds a deliciously rich and inviting feel to an outdoor timber frame shade structure. Its depth, vibrancy, and superior in stain performance make it the perfect choice for a solid, prestigious appeal, especially with such oversized timbers. Rich Cordoba stain is more formal but will resonate secure energy, promoting a feeling of acceptance and stability. To Native Americans, brown colors represent the power of self-discipline.

Rich Cordoba Essense: steady, dutiful, conscientious, seriously dramatic, dependable, responsible, substantial, solid, rich, classy, sophisticated, masculine, vibrant, depth, inviting, stable, secure, sheltering.

Synonyms of Rich Cordoba: Words used synonymously with Rich Cordoba come in many shades and various hues; brown, acorn, raw umber, cocoa, toast, chocolate, brazil-nut-brown, almond, roasted chestnut.

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