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North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures



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A natural stain is always in style and goes hand in hand with timber frame and outdoor landscape design. On an outdoor shade structure, the premium grade Natural stain finish gives a comfortable feeling of wholesomeness, family life, loyal friends and dependability. It is also an earthy range of colors for those who have a preference for natural, solidity and simplicity.

The clear finish of Natural stain shows the beauty of the wood as nature designed it. Douglas-fir displays as a more yellow color while a wood such as Incense Cedar or Western Red Cedar has reddish to light brown hues.

From the reddish to yellow hues of wood’s natural color is open and embracing. It stimulates joyful energy and promotes a feeling of acceptance, like the Sun that provides us with light and warmth that we need for this incredible gift we call life. A Natural stain creates a variety of yellowish-warm, and vibrant red colors, exuberantly cheerful, lifting the spirits with optimism and laughter. It breathes a promise of new beginnings, happiness, and hope. Some color analysts state that the color yellow symbolizes love and in the overcoming of challenges through unconditional love.

Clear and colorless Natural stain enriches variegated colors showcased in pure wood itself, ranging from black knots, reds, browns to light yellow. The closest color to describe the overall natural colors of wood would be golden-brown.

Words used synonymously with golden-brown are colors such as fawn, ochre, honey, blonde, sand, umber, khaki, and cornsilk.

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Keywords attributed to the meaning of Natural, our clear stain to enhance the inherent beauty of timber: pure, good, raw, free, true, wild, open, generous, mental vitality, laughter, clarity, optimism, cheerfulness, Summer, bona fide, simplicity, enthusiasm, spontaneous, essential, untamed, earthy, sunshine, guileless, genuine, straightforward, unpretentious, impulsive, candid, charming, gentle, warmhearted, friendly, intrinsic, elemental, native, innocent, homey, down-to-earth, good-natured, pleasant, graceful, eco-rich, unsophisticated, recognizable, unassuming, unconcealed, newborn, youthful, without ceremony.