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Commercial Business or Recreational Pergola Kits

Customize, Utilize Space or Expand; With a Western Timber Frame™ Pergola

Line tables along both sides with food galore. Arrange chairs and tables down the center. Position the sound system and microphone at one end and you’re all set!
Louvered roofs are a remote controlled motorized roof that opens to control the amount of sun, shade or light. This offers a nice protection to patio and deck furniture and ceiling fans and lighting can easily be installed.






At Western Timber Frame™ we customize for the uniqueness and expansion of businesses and recreational purposes with a permanent outdoor structure.



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Blinds, coverings or drapery can easily be added to a pergola to quickly expand an entrepreneurial enterprise.
(Bonus: you have the option of upgrading your pergola to include drilling for power—no cords or wires to trip over!)

The Dovetail Difference™

Go from This:

Arbor Kit

Assembled pergola kit

To THIS in ONE afternoon!

Revolutionary Joint System Eliminates Gaps and Makes Pergola Kit Installation Simple

  • Ease of install
  • Longer lasting
  • Higher quality
  • Reduce warping, twisting
  • Gap exposure
  • No hangers
  • Fast Installation
  • Pre-drilled
  • Layout
  • Min possibility for mistakes
  • Pre-stained
  • Posts Mortised
  • All Fasteners
  • Eased Edge on all timbers

Notice in the picture below that the joints are beginning to separate and gaps are starting to develop. This is after only the first season!

Typical Pergola Kits

commercial-recreational-shadeCracking after just 18 months

Western Timber Frame™ The Dovetail Difference™ Notching System

commercial-shadeTight Joints after the 18 months


This massive mortised dovetail joint connection system we call “The Dovetail Difference™” throughout our timber construction process creating very strong, rigid joints. On the test pictured above it didn’t give untill it hit 11,000 lbs.!!!

A Western Timber Frame™ Pergola is Unrivaled in Strength, Comfort and Quality.


Often advertised as “maintenance free”, the initial low cost vinyls or aluminums can be attractive to some. For others, their cheap aesthetic look not only spoils the appearance of the home or business but procures a high cost far beyond its value. Even with metal stiffeners and wood additives these imitation “low cost” synthetic alternatives do not carry the strength or thermal properties required to withstand strong winds or shield from the harsh elements for a sound, comfortable pergola.

Timber is less prone to condensation than aluminum or vinyl and is less affected by temperature extremes.

Wind Blows Over Aluminum Pergola

vinyl-collapse-down-same-2Snow Fall Causes Vinyl Pergola Collapse

At Western Timber Frame™ we deliver perfection from first contact to the successful installation of your Timber Frame Pergola Kit.

Hide Unsightly Hardware and Bolts

Our special mortised joints not only allow for a long-lasting, perfect joint, but it also virtually eliminates the use of unsightly galvanized brackets, hangers, and bolts. Instead, we are able to hide all of this behind the beams and rafters giving you the beautiful old world craftsmanship. Take note of the extremely tight joints that you see in all of our pictures. These joints are not the exception but the rule for every timber pergola kit we deliver.

Everything is precut, drilled, notched, mortised, ready for assembly Western Timber Pergola Kits Offer the Most Desirable Features and Benefits Available of any other pergola Kit. Our process ensures that your outdoor living space is truly customized for your needs.
[pl_blockquote cite=”Dennis W., Marriott-Slaterville, UT”] The quality of their work is outstanding. It was refreshing to see the work performed on time and as scheduled. I have never contracted work before without a reference, except for these projects and I’m very happy regarding the outcome. Their work is excellent. Thanks Hyrum![/pl_blockquote]

Easy Installation From Beginning to End

All of our kits are easy and intuitive to install

Watch this time lapse installation of one of our kits.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Finish in one afternoon
  • Quick Shade
[pl_video type=”YouTube” id=”6QXfF__GaPI”]

Unlike other full size timber pergola kits only meant for professional craftsman, we’ve designed our kits as a task that can be completed in one afternoon with the help of a friend or two and a few basic tools. All necessary Pergola Kit parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and pre-notched for ease of installation. We test fit every single piece before we ship to ensure that your installation will be easy and fun.

[pl_blockquote cite=”Karen Reynolds – Enterprise, AL”] It looks awesome!! Only took about 3 1/2 hrs. My brother said this is a GREAT kit!!! Said if you ever needed anyone to install in our area that he’d be more than happy to do it. Just wanted to let you know how excited we are![/pl_blockquote]
Joint leveling
The photo above shows the notch and the groove of the mortised

Mortised Joints Make Leveling a Breeze

These interlocking joints are used on the posts, beams, etc. We test fit every single piece before we ship to ensure that your installation will be easy and fun. Once you have leveled your posts, and, if desired, secured them to a footing, patio, in the ground, etc., you then insert your beams into the mortised joints, as shown below.

Our project managers can help you design your pergola kit. Click HERE or Call Today! (877) 870-8755

Slotted Drop-in Rafter Layout Saves You Time and Prevents Warping and Twisting

Guide slots
Another unique feature that we include with every timber pergola kit is drop-in rafter layouts. There are two main benefits of the drop-in rafter layout. The first is ease of installation. Because the timber beam that supports the rafters is already marked and slotted, you don’t have to measure anything or try to figure the proper spacing of your rafters. However, the primary benefit of the drop-in rafter layout is that it helps prevent warping and twisting of the rafters year after year. The hard work is done for you by our experienced craftsman.
Detail guide slots


3 Easy Steps To Build Your Timber Pergola Kit!!


Select From Our Extensive Beam Profile Options

The decorative beam end profiles are no additional cost. Something that many of our customers opt for is to send us their own custom beam end profile. This is often the perfect way to tie in some other element of your home or business. These are just some of the more popular decorative beam end profiles that you can choose from.


axis-profile-draw-br[pl_modal title=”Axis Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Axis”] axis-pic[/pl_modal]
axis-step-profilebeam-sm[pl_modal title=”Axis Step Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Axis Step”] axis-step-pic[/pl_modal]
crescent-profilebeam-sm[pl_modal title=”Crescent Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Crescent”] crescent-pic-profile-beam[/pl_modal]
crescent-step-profile[pl_modal title=”Crescent Step Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Crescent Step”] crescent-step-pic[/pl_modal]
champion-profilebeam-sm[pl_modal title=”Champion Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Champion”] champion-profile-pic[/pl_modal]
roosevelt-step-profilebeam-sm[pl_modal title=”Roosevelt Step Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Roosevelt Step”] roosevelt-step-pic[/pl_modal]
southwest-draw-sm[pl_modal title=”Southwest Beam Profile” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Southwest”] southwest-pic[/pl_modal]


Select From One of Our Stock Colors & Stains

We only use the highest quality premium grade stains. These stains are our standard colors that we have had developed based on customer feedback. As you browse our gallery, notice the examples. If you see something you like, you can have it in any color you see here.

stain-right-bar-spergola-kit-shadepergola-kit-shadepergola-kit-shadeWe also offer as an upgrade customized colors such as this white below for example. Talk to one of our design managers if you have something specific in mind.
natural[pl_modal title=”Natural” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Natural”] natural-pergola-shadenatural-shade[/pl_modal]
rich-cordoba[pl_modal title=”Rich Cordoba” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Rich Cordoba”] rich-cordoba-pergola-shaderich-cordoba[/pl_modal]
rich-sequoia[pl_modal title=”Rich Sequoia” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Rich Sequoia”] sequoia-picrich-sequoia[/pl_modal]
black[pl_modal title=”Black” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Black”] black-pergolablack-shade[/pl_modal]
canyon-grey[pl_modal title=”Canyon Grey” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Canyon Grey”] canyon-grey-pergola-shadecanyon-grey[/pl_modal]
early-american[pl_modal title=”Early American” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Early American”] early-american-pergola-shadeearly-american[/pl_modal]
Please note: due to different computer monitors/calibrations stain/paint colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.
white[pl_modal title=”White e.g. Upgraded Customized Color” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”White”] white-pergola-flowerswhite-shade[/pl_modal]
Custom Color


Choose One of Our Standard Knee Brace Styles (when applicable)

Besides personalizing your kit with decorative end profiles and stains, you also have the option of any one of our knee braces. Besides adding beauty and contrast to the horizontal and vertical beams and posts, knee braces add strength and durability to your pergola and help ensure that you will not have any twisting or warping throughout the life of your pergola kit.


classic-knee-brace-draw[pl_modal title=”Classic Knee Brace” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Classic”]classic-knee-brace-pic[/pl_modal]
cove-knee-brace-draw[pl_modal title=”Cove Knee Brace” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Cove”]cove-knee-brace-pic[/pl_modal]
legacy-knee-brace-draw[pl_modal title=”Legacy Knee Brace” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Legacy”] legacy-knee-brace-pic[/pl_modal]
standard-knee-brace-draw[pl_modal title=”Standard Knee Brace” type=”btn” colortype=”success” label=”Standard”]standard-knee-brace-pic[/pl_modal]

Make Your Kit Uniquely Your Own; Available Upgraded Options


Arched Knee Braces With KeyStone

Arched Knee Braces span the width and length of pergola and are attached at the


Arched Support Beams

Arched support beams create a smooth arched effect to the pergola. Keystones may be added if desired (see below).


Drill For Power

We drill a hole down the center of one of the posts to accommodate all of your lighting and electrical needs.


Privacy Lattice

Four foot tall privacy lattices may be attached to one or more sides of the pergola to provide additional shade and privacy.


Aluminum Knife Plates

(With Fasteners)
Instead of securing the posts in the ground in concrete, we offer the option of setting the posts on a concealed knife plate and securing it to your finished concrete patio or footing.


Full Wrap-Around Roof

Beam profiles can be shown along all four sides of the pergola roof.


Radius Roof

Rafters extend over frame of pergola to form a radius on one side which provides additional shade to your patio.


Decorative Keystones

One of our most popular pergola add-ons are the decorative keystones. We offer the tear-drop keystone or the dove-tail keystone to add a finishing touch to your pergola.


T&G Covered Roof

Top planks completely cover the whole roof to provide total shade for your deck or patio.


Louvered Roof

With the click of a remote the roof will open or close to meet your needs, whether it be sun or shade! When closed the roof will protect your deck and patio furniture from sun, snow, heat and rain. It is also 98% waterproof!

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