Commercial Business & Recreational Pergola Kits

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Customize, Utilize Space or Expand; With Your Own ShadeScape® Kit


At Western Timber Frame™ we customize for the uniqueness and expansion of businesses and recreational purposes. From beautiful timber entryways to massive pergolas large enough to cover an entire outdoor restaurant, we can do anything to suit your needs.



So Quick & So Easy


Renovations, alterations or additions to an existing storefront in many cases can be large undertakings that slow down or detour some business while under construction. A quick and durable solution is a ShadeScape® timber shelter that can be installed in most cases, in as little as ONE Afternoon.




Restaurants, hotels, churches, hospitals, parks, commercial and recreational establishments, can resourcefully maximize the full potential of their outdoor spaces. ShadeScape® Kits have utilized even the smallest of physical spaces into a productive sidewalk café, patio dining, barbecue areas, WiFi, phone charging stations, seating and more.


A few of the Numerous Purposes Our ShadeScape® Kits are Sheltering:



Scout Camps


Recreational Facility

Storefront Cladding

Care Centers

Theme Park

Covered Walkways

Barbecue Station

City Parks

Event Center

Covered Parking

Autistic Center

Business Awnings

Alfresno Dining

Beachside Accomodations


College Campus

Hunting Lodge

Retirement Home



To Start Designing Your Kit – Contact Us or Call (877) 870-8755 (9am – 5pm MST)


Western Timber Frame™ helps facilities make better use of the premium outdoor space that surrounds their buildings or storefronts. For example, the Western Timber Frame™ TimberVolt® power option. The Inferno model features integrated USB outlets to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. For presentations, an outdoor TV can plug into one of the central electrical receptacles up top.




“Why did I pick Western Timber Frame? They were Best of State, that was one of the things I first noticed. I respect that hugely and when I saw that little gold medallion I know they are doing something right. When I saw the quality of their products, their guarantees, I was mesmerized by that. I wanted to have one of the best alfresco dining places of any I have seen in the State. I needed a great structure and we have it. The guys showed up to install. They started at six o’clock that morning and at seven o’clock that night, this structure was up and done. That’s amazing! Vaya!” – Jim Leany – Tru Religion Pancake & Steakhouse