Gorgeous Timber Deck Gazebo-Pavilion w/Integrated Power

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Esther, Psalms, Kings, Samuel, and Jeremiah make reference to spiritual pavilions as being under Jehovah’s favor and protection, to be kept in His most intimate confidence, perfectly secure, to be one of His “hidden ones.” Under His pavilion, in the secret of His presence, none can enter the “inner court” save those He admits. Pavilions and Gazebos have long been places of refuge, relaxation, and protection from the elements. America’s Architect Thomas Jefferson wrote about pavilions and gazebos, then called summerhouses. At Mount Vernon, First President George Washington had an eight-sided architectural garden structure. Pavilions can be freestanding or connected by a covered walkway or building, while gazebos are often categorized by its shape and function, e.g. a vantage point to take in the surrounding view. If defined by the vantage point in taking in the surrounding landscape, this stunning ShadeScape™ would [...]

Latticed Trellis w/Power, Lights & Gas Fire Pit

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The giggle of a child naturally fills the world with sunshine. When you become a grandparent you get to drink from the “fountain of youth” in pure, unfettered happiness. Eric is every child's vision of the best Grandpa ever. He envisioned his backyard specifically to delight his grandchildren.    Today's featured ShadeScape™,  a 6000 Series DIY Trellis Kit, is the creation of Design Manager, Mike Jenson, built to house and entertain all that happiness.    The latticed timber frame trellis has metal cladding for aesthetics only as the timbers are connected with old-world dovetailed joints without the use of unsightly hardware. Architectural structures built with this technique have endured beautifully for hundreds of years. The trellis has the Drill for Power and TimberVolt™, prewired and ready-to-go, to accommodate any and all of the family's outdoor electrical and lighting needs. The family installed [...]

RV Cover: 4 Gabled DIY Pavilion w/Fab Chunkiness

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Storing recreational vehicle beneath cloth covers can do damage coming in direct contact with the paint and body. It also takes extra effort to put it on and take it off and then to anchor and protect it from blowing off. For some, if they must park near Fir or other coniferous trees, have experienced “green” RV’s or “protectors” due to algae and the like and must visit the laundromat frequently. Even the best cloth cover will not last for long. Our ShadeScape™ client needed a more durable place to store the motorhome, camper and other recreational vehicles. Our Design Manager, Mike Jenson created a design for a towering RV carport, extra elevated to accommodate a tall coach. The posts are an extra beefy, at a massive twelve inches wide. Below are more pictures of today's featured pavilion with 4 gables and the specs from the [...]

Hallmark Quality of Gazebos & Pavilions

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The hallmark quality of whether a shade shelter is considered a Pavilion or Gazebo is in the formulation of the design concept. However, although Pavilions and Gazebos have unique characteristics the interrelationship of the two design specifications can be surprisingly indistinct. Take a pictorial view from the hallmark qualities of Pavilions and Gazebos to new beautiful, state-of-the-art compositions. The Roof The roof of a Gazebo or Pavilion covers the uppermost part of the shade shelter to provide protection for people or animals from the rain, snow, heat, wind, and sunlight. The roof shape is also often a distinguishing feature to know a Gazebo from a Pavilion. The Gable Roof is a typical pavilion style roof. Flat Roofs are also generally found on Pavilion Style shade [...]

Dragon Pergola: Your Backyard Oriental Asian Style

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To Western America, the Orient holds a mystique charm of a far-away place. Chinoiserie is the love to imitate Chinese and Asian designs and culture in architecture, furniture, landscaping, and art. To the Europeans, chinoiserie was the most coveted fashion of the 17th and 18th-century aristocracy. Today, the fascination with the Asian cultures and centuries-old traditions is alive and well, integrated into American Architecture, Furniture, Landscaping, and Art. Showcased today is a ShadeScape™ Asian Style pergola with carved dragon heads. The pergola featured a swing and was finished in a custom reddish stain. There are many ways to add a mystical and creative touch to a yard. For a ShadeScape™ that can be just a hint of the Orient like as shown on the left with a custom rafter end profile or the trellised Contemporary Style on the right. [...]

8 Post 20′ Round Pergola w/Dragon Power

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A wedding celebration was just recently held beneath this elegant eight post, round pergola; the vision of Design Manager Ammon Baker. The roof spans twenty feet across to cover a pre-existing round patio area. The ShadeScape™ shelter is a 6000 Series Pergola Kit. The kit features the Dragon TimberVolt™ power post. The TimberVolt™ Dragon Power Model FEATURES: • 1 lightswitch1 GFCI outlet. • One GFI outlet pre-wired with about a 5′ male plug at the bottom. • One 6″ Female plug coming out of the top. • Custom steel insert at the top to • Electrical box on top with two electrical receptacles. Ideal for: Preventing water and debris from going down inside the post. Protecting the wiring or water lines from being punctured from lags and hardware fasteners throughout the installation process. Provides excellent [...]

Aperçu Outline For An Easy DIY Cabana

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Time spent unwinding, and enjoying each others company brings people closer together and builds relationships. A Timber Cabana is the ultimate win-win, the perfect family getaway, a place to work, play or pamper yourself and loved ones every day. As an added bonus, according to the EPA, indoor air is 2–5 times more polluted than outdoor air, so as you are building relationships, a Timber Cabana can also improve your family’s fitness through the influence of a natural architectural design in a healthier microbiome. Building a Timber Cabana is quite simple with a ShadeScape™ kit from Western Timber Frame™. Highlighted here, are just a few of the many ways doing a ShadeScape™ DIY Cabana is so easy. Cabana Kits Manufactured to Your Specs Western Timber Frame™ is different; we do not fit you with a pre-made, cookie cutter Cabana [...]

Waterfront 5 Post Stone Dock DIY Pergola Kit

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Tyler, attached is a photo of our installed pergola. Thank you very much for the excellent service and product.  As you can see, it is a beautiful and practical addition to our lakefront. Warm regards, Angelo Design Manager Tyler Jenson forwarded a picture of another ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kit installed in the beautiful state of New York on a stone dock. The ShadeScape™ turned this showcase spot into a very important gathering place for family and friends. As seen here, each outdoor living space is one-of-a-kind and every ShadeScape™ Kit is tailored to the individual outdoor living landscape and needs.  No two kits are the same. See below, the Features and Specs from the Custom 5 Post DIY Pergola Plan featured today. Western Timber Frame™ focuses on not just providing a unique, high-quality product, but also by offering an unusual design and planning [...]

Beef-it-Up Remodel: Heavy-Duty Deck w/Cover

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Beef-it-up in strength; bigger, stronger, bulkier with substance in an easy-to-do timber frame deck and pergola ShadeScape™ kit. Design Manager Dave Bunker sent the pictures of the original deck before his design for the covered deck was installed. The old deck feautured vinyl railing that would move. Vinyl is soft and pliable anyway, but it also weakens, breaking down in the sun over time. Thankfully, timber and a metal railing gives the “muscles” and “power” this deck so needed. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words but experiencing this ShadeScape™ deck with a pergola, up close and in person, is something that words alone cannot fully express. The size of these massive timbers can seem almost surreal. Standing next to them elicits a peaceful, captivating awe as if being [...]

Easy To Do Garden Arbor Swing

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What an awesome invitation to the outdoors, come to relax in a swing. Swings are fun and good for healthy living. Featured today is a 6000 ShadeScape™ Series Garden Arbor with all-weather resin wicker swing. Thank-you for the pictures! Arbors are an excellent way to utilize a backyard living space. In our experience, they are often used in conjunction with a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion. Nonetheless, an arbor by itself is an excellent way to beautify an entire yard, accent a walkway, hidden corner or provide shade for a swing, or bench. These arbors are built with old-world craftsmanship without the use of nails or glue. The Dovetail Difference joint method is superior in strength and makes installing a DIY Arbor Kit fast. Plus, every kit is pre-cut and pre-fit, and then pre-stained to make installation easy for you. We [...]