Planter Lantern Unique Outdoor Decor

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We just had to show off this unique lantern planter a lady homeowner made for her ShadeScape™ pergola. Each family is individual and seeing how people embellish their outdoor living area is so much fun. The planter lantern is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us! Fill your outdoor living space with gorgeous touches that feel like you. Unique pieces of decor are not only a great conversation piece but they bring personality and individuality to an atmosphere. Being a lady myself, I admired that this homemade planter lantern is not only beautiful but was built by the hands of a talented lady. She has lights installed on her ShadeScape™ pergola and her lantern started out to be a lantern. In the process, she suddenly thought that flowers in it would be even more delightful. As you can see here, she is right. When you [...]

Entire Pool Covered w/Tiered Pergola!

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Stunningly beautiful, at 41 feet long and 25 feet wide this massive-sized pergola covers an entire swimming pool! Paula said her husband came up with the idea of covering the pool with a pergola. It was way better than the original plan. They were going to enclose it all in with glass. The pergola was the right choice. They are way happy with it and it has been perfect for their family. Stepping into the shade of this massive solid wood pergola, Paula is right, it is an extremely pleasing experience. The timbers are heavy-duty, standing majestic-like and when I touched the posts there is a sense of being re-energized by the timber itself. The earth’s primary source of vitality is derived directly or indirectly from the sun and swimming boosts energy levels. Water, sunshine and comforting shelter, all key ingredients to an everyday vacation in [...]

Massive Sweet Cover 10″ Wide Timbers

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The size of these oversized timbers almost seems surreal when standing next to them. The interlocking timbers without the use of nails or glue, elicit a sense of awe, completely captivating as if being suspended in time. There is this peace that comes causing one to pause and sense their surroundings at a slower pace. Huge things are fascinating and these ten-inch posts are like standing under massive and stately trees; which in all technicality you are. With a 10,000 Series ShadeScape™ Kit comes a majestic and pleasurable sensation of being in a mountain forest in your own backyard. Our ShadeScape™ family has plans for an outdoor kitchen to match the corrugated metal fence. There is also a classic truck tail-gate bench. This backyard is possitively, home sweet home. 16' x 20' ShadeScape™ 10,000 Series Pavilion Kit Roof Size: [...]

Showcase Storefront in ONE Afternoon

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The face of a business is to a large extent, the most prominent and important architectural feature of a commercial building. It attracts attention, provides an effective display, and how people perceive the store or business, giving people a glimpse of what lies inside. A ShadeScape™ timber shelter utilizes valuable property and is the perfect way to showcase a business. The storefront is also valuable space that can be utilized more effectively with a timber ShadeScape™ with the natural cooling shade of timber that is so inviting and conveys professionalism. Renovations, alterations or additions to an existing storefront in many cases can be large undertakings that can slow down or detour some business, while under construction. A quick and durable solution is a ShadeScape™ timber shelter that can be installed in most cases, in as little as ONE Afternoon. [...]

20 Best DIY Trellis Designs

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At Western Timber Frame™ we have 1,000's of plans for DIY projects. Trellises top the list along with gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas. A trellis is more than for gardens anymore. Trellises easily integrate with a larger shelter for additional shade, borders, walls, and aesthetic interest. A stand-alone trellis can fully-dress a commercial or residential landscape. #1 Pool Side Triangular DIY Trellis #2 Three Post DIY Trellis #3 Cantilever Barbecue Station Trellis #4 Concrete Post Trellis w/Arches #5 DIY Trellis w/Iron Gates Click here to see how you can easily build your own DIY trellis. #6 Radius DIY Trellis [...]

Pavilion Patio Night w/Friends

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Patio time, the perfect place, day or night, to unwind and relax in the backyard with a friend, read a book or enjoy a barbecue get-together. This luxury timber DIY Pavilion Kit provides a spacious outdoor living space that is elegant and yet inviting, where with the Caldwell family, you genuinely do feel "at home.'  When a friend dropped by with his little son, they continued their conversation and let me take pictures of life as usual. This made it an extra pleasurable experience to photograph. Thank-you, again, to some great guys! This 8000 Series ShadeScape® Kit installed in just a few hours, interlocking together, (as one family described) much like children’s Lincoln Logs. As easy and as fast as it installs it is built to last, using time-proven architectural masterpiece principles with modern technology that will last for generations. The main purpose of a Pavilion is [...]

Shield Your Patio w/2 Primary Solutions

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If you love eating out, patio entertaining and spending time with those you love, there are two primary solutions that will shield your patio (or deck) and let you enjoy yourself more than ever before. First, is a pergola  distinguished by an openwork roof. A pergola is a gorgeous option that allows the sun to shine through the intersecting shade planks. Second, is a... ...solid covered roof characteristic of a pavilion,... ...ramada, or gazebo. Pavilions, Ramadas and Gazebos provide full overhead protection. Choosing partial or full shade will depend mainly upon your outdoor living space, but [...]

17 Cool Shade Spaces

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Feeling the cool breezes of shade beneath the massive timbers of a solid wood pergola is a very pleasing experience. You immediately become aware of being re-energized by the timber itself. Wood is a natural and extremely effective insulator. It retains heat during the daytime and releases heat at night. The primary source of the earth’s energy is derived directly or indirectly from the sun. The sunlight warms the earth at an optimal temperature that can sustain life. Sunshine gives us energy and is wonderful, yet too much sun can get uncomfortable and also drain us of energy. Heat is only a shortened way to say heat energy. Energy and matter are the building blocks from which our entire universe is formed. Matter can be seen all around us. Energy, on the other hand, is invisible and so we are not quite [...]

Mono-Pitch Roof DIY Pavilion & Arbor

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Modern and striking, the horizontal forms of a gently sloping mono-pitched roof resonates with a modern Mountain home. The mono-pitched roof differs considerably from traditional roofs with more slopes in various parts of the roof, such as in a dual pitched or gabled roof. Sometimes referred to as a lean-to-style, shed, pent or skillion roof, the mono-pitch roof slopes in a single direction. It opens up for a spectacular view, natural ventilation and allows for the maximum penetration of northern winter sunlight. 8000 Series ShadeScape™ DIY Pavilion Kit w/5 ft Overhang & Arbor Kit Structure Type: Misc/Other - Lean-to style with 5' overhang on front Project Type: Freestanding Timber Size: 8000 Series - 8" Posts Style: Custom Timber Style Wood Type: Douglas Fir Footprint Size: 20' x 28' Roof Size: 26' x 30' Post Upgrade [...]

Best City Park High-Quality Pavilions

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At Western Timber Frame™ we engineer and design beautiful architecture to invite people who share common values to gather together; strengthen the integrity of the home, and build a stronger America. Parks are a public central gathering place to bring everyone together. Western Timber Frame™ provides a unique, high-quality product, offering an unusual design and planning process that ensures a municipals needs are truly fulfilled within their budget. From world-class customer support, patent-pending dovetail construction, and over 100 unique copyrighted and trademarked designs, Western Timber Frame™ ensures that the park living space is one-of-a-kind and is tailored to the specific outdoor living needs. No two kits are the same. Each pavilion or pergola kit can be assembled in as little as one Saturday afternoon. Adding power is especially easy with integrated TimberVolt™ power posts for barbecue stations, public washrooms, entertainment stages, or dressing rooms, etc.. Create [...]