See Pavilion Plan for Middle of Lake/Pond

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Beautiful plans are the first step to the realization of your ultimate dream shelter. From a simple DIY Attached Entry Awning to an elaborate Open Outdoor Chapel, step into the architectural department of Western Timber Frame® and there is a breathtaking array of concept design plans in the process. The top, side, back and at every angle, concept drawings give a stunning visual of the ShadeScape® kit before it is built. Although they are kits, each and every ShadeScape® shelter plan is uniquely designed to the specs, the layout of the landscape, and vision for the business, recreational facility or homeowners individual desired use. Flying all over the country to take photographs of all the installed arbors, gazebos, pavilions, trellises, bridges, fences, etc. isn't possible. So, I settle for [...]

Install Easy Deck – NO Tearing Up the Yard – No Wait Dry Time

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Plan on Building a Deck or Landing? You can also build a deck yourself or have it done for you without all the mess of standard construction projects. For many years, Western Timber Frame® has designed and pre-fabricated outdoor living shelters, decks, dry space, landings, steps, and railings. We design a quality product that is heavy-duty, and easier to keep cleanliness on all of our project sites. However, the conventional processes of anchoring a deck when you have to pour concrete can somewhat messy, sometimes tearing up the yard. Most of all it takes time to dry. It does not have to be that hard. At Western Timber Frame® we like the whole process from start to finish to be a clean, happy, experience for our ShadeScape® families. With our anchoring process, you don't have [...]

Garden Pagoda or Pergola – What is the Difference?

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Providing architectural shade to a functional or botanical garden can transform an ordinary landscape into a park-like atmosphere – a backyard treasure house of play – surrounded in a collection of living plants. #GardenArborSwing #PoolShadePergola A garden pergola is designed to cover a sitting area, passage or walkway, with an open roof of cross beams or sometimes open lattices, supported by vertical pillar or posts. The Garden Pagoda #AsianGardenPagoda Unlike the pergola, a garden pagoda is similar to a pavilion in that it has a dedicated roof that protects from direct sunlight and rainfall. Where the pagoda differs from a pavilion is in the roof, featuring tiered upward curved roof eaves. Pagodas are square, hexagonal, or octagonal, in a plan. They vary in style, color, and material. [...]

17 Gazebos That Grab Attention

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Gazebos lift the spirit and are among the most captivating and beautiful architectural structures in the world. The name gazebo - means a shelter gaze from - where like the garden pagoda, people can rest and enjoy the surrounding view. Today, we have built gazebos to serve for multiple purposes, such as a spacious public area, park bandstand, outdoor kitchens, kiosks, reception centers, and more. Although traditionally, gazebos are octagonal with a turret-shaped covered roof, each DFY or DIY Gazebo Plan we design is as unique as the function or individual it is intended for. Take a picture tour view of seventeen timber frame gazebos kits installed for a few of our ShadeScape® families across the United States. #UniqueGazeboPlans #GazeboWithWindows #UniqueShapedGazebo #DeckWithGazebo [...]

Double Your Space w/Unique Solar Site Stand

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Western Timber Frame®  timber kits compliment solar installations by increasing the available installation roof area to allow for more panels, more flexible site suitability, and accommodates installation in unique and hard to reach areas all the while adding beauty and value to your projects. #SolarPergolaPlan Unique design process Each custom kit comes ready to assemble. We work with you on each project to craft a design that accommodates your site. Our architects offer valuable insight and design suggestions that are both beautiful & cost effective. One of the typical disadvantages of solar energy is that in order to generate the amount of electricity required, you usually need a substantial amount of roof space. In cases where you have a small roof, many corners, hips, and valleys, or if the orientation to the sun is [...]

25 Black Ebony Outdoor Living Timber Shade Shelters

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Feeling the cool breezes of shade beneath the massive timbers of a solid wood pergola is a very pleasing experience. You immediately become aware of being re-energized by the timber itself. Landscape color design analysts believe black to be a color of confidence, resilience, self-control, and authority. Black is is a powerful color and contrasts well with bright colors in landscape design on an outdoor shade structure. Sometimes, we have people say they prefer the look of Ebony ShadeScape® shelters but they want to be cool. Wood is a natural and extremely effective insulator. It retains heat during the daytime and releases heat at night. The black color of Ebony will keep you just as cool as any other stain color. Timber has its built-in natural thermostat. Just like a tree, the larger the dimensional scale of the wood the better it can regulate a thermal equilibrium for amelioration [...]

A Salute to Real Men

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It is natural to want to put your best foot forward to make that favorable first impression. What goes on before that first audience can be just as spectacularly impressive as the presentation itself. Enjoy a behind the scenes look into displaying massive timber frame shelters at Home and Garden shows. Now, you can see – as the old adage goes – what it is that separates the men from the boys! ShadeScape® Pavilion Kit Being Pre-Assembled in the Shop Weigh in on the Size of these ShadeScape® Kits To even begin to appreciate what our guys do in the process of showcasing these ShadeScape® kits for Home and Graden Shows, we first have to weigh in on the size of these massive timber frame shelters. The median average cookie [...]

Smart Plan Ahead for Pergola Pavilion Cover

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Our ShadeScape® families who planned ahead, choosing one of the best times to order (in the winter) before the Spring-time rush are having their pergolas and pavilions installed just in time for Spring! Here are some of the fabulous pictures of pergolas and pavilions that have just been installed! #DIYCarportPlan #DIYPergolaKitInstall In warmer weather, people enjoy spending more time outside. Wintertime is not the time people are usually thinking of the heat of the day. Winter, however, is one of the best times to plan for spring and those warm summer days. Sitting beneath a timber pergola or pavilion the warm sunshine is wonderfully pleasant. A ShadeScape® kit is a practical addition to a landscape and can dramatically and handsomely change a yard in just a few hours. Ordering ahead of time is key. A Springtime order [...]

Beach Sand Pergola w/Metal TimberClad® & Bench Swing

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Walking barefoot on a sandy beach soaking in the warmth of sweet sunshine is a treat for the senses. Maybe this innate connection to the beauty of the earth in exotic places has made Beach Sand — one of our newer stain choices — so incredibly popular. Up close and in person, the size of these massive timbers can seem almost surreal. Beefing it up in strength or substance; with bigger, stronger, bulkier timbers adds “muscles” and “power”. At the same time, standing next to timbers this size elicits peaceful and captivating awe. Real wood provides comforting shade and timber carved with old-world craftsmanship, interlocking together, without the use of nails or glue, is stunningly beautiful. TimberClad® metal embellishments give contrast and masculinity to a ShadeScape® shelter; which has also risen extremely in popularity this year. As you see here, the metal TimberClad® [...]

Spread Joy Around the Corner w/L-Shape Pavilion

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This "L" ShadeScape® Series attached DIY pavilion kit transformed this small space living area into an inviting place of relaxation for any time of day or evening pleasure. Timber shelters can be designed to use every viable space efficiently. For example, trellises are often installed to extend the use of vertical space. An L-shaped shelter utilizes corners to their best advantage. Example of #SmallSpaceShade Thank you, to our Seymanski family, for proudly sending us pictures of your finished installation! Here the Seymanski's can enjoy the afternoon sun and eat breakfast out on the patio, Al-fresco. #DIYPavilionKit #LShapedPavilionKit 8000 Series ShadeScape® L-Shaped Attached Pavilion Plan Specs The Footprint size, from post-to-post, is 20′ 9′ 1/2″ and a 17′ 11″ on the other side. #LShapedDIYPavilionPlan [...]