Awkward, Odd, or Irregular Yard Space? —Practical Ideas Gain Admiration

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Does your home have an oddly-shaped yard or an area that seems unusable because it is awkward or irregular? Albeit, imperfections or unusually shaped backyard spaces aren't that uncommon; it does present extra challenges for some homeowners. Western Timber Frame™ DIY Trellis Plan with Built-in Benches There are numerous solutions you can use to transform that irregular shaped landscape. Take design cues from the outdoor spaces below with examples of awkward or irregular spaces that are now inviting places to admire and enjoy every day. Utilize for Extra Space A deck is added on here to extend the front patio, as well as a timber frame arch over the entryway for a stunning new look. Enhance and Protect If something can not be readily hidden or would fare better with extra [...]

Brrrr, Not a Winter Person? — Knowing This Could Change Your Heart

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What if there was one single thing that could heighten and improve the senses; vision, hearing, feeling, touch and taste — as well as all your other subtle senses? A substance that can heal wounds faster, reduce anxiety, make you look younger, improve your quality of sleep, and helps to protect against and even reverse disease. And that one single thing can help the body to: regulate blood pressure, digestive enzymes, heart beat, and hormones, increases reproductive health, creativity, memory, alertness and learning. And the list goes on and on. Would you want some of that? And what makes it even better is: it's FREE. Life is chemistry, a structured organism. Light is chemistry, a coordinated composition. When sunlight touches your skin, Nitric oxide is released into your bloodstream. Nitric oxide is one of the most important and amazing molecules in the [...]

Gazebo, Pavilion, Gavilion™ or Pergola: Which Type of Outdoor Shelter is Right for You?

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If you’re considering an outdoor shelter for your yard, you may wonder what outdoor structure —a pavilion, pergola, gazebo or gavilion™ would benefit you the most for the way you enjoy the outdoors. Enjoying each other's company at lunchtime in the outdoors at Western Timber Frame™. Gazebo, Pavilion, Gavilion™, Pergola: A Quick Overview What is a Gazebo? Traditionally, gazebos are formed in polygons, a 6-sided hexagon, an 8-sided octagon, or a 12-sided dodecagon, creating a robust framework. The complexity of the gazebo's polygon shape is patterned after the honeycomb, impressively engineered for strength and beauty. Gazebos are unique in their ambience, typically with a fully covered roof or at you can choose to design it with an open cupola area. It is a place to connect intimately with the love of solitude, family [...]

The Advantages of Open-Air Living — Top 10 Trends

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Expanding the footprint of your home by adding outdoor living spaces does more than just meet your style and social needs. Being outside is really, really, really good for you. Even without exercise— being outside in natural light and shade can improve your health and happiness at an accelerated speed. Jamie Ducharme, a correspondent for TIME magazine on health and science explains, "Spending time outdoors, especially in green spaces, is one of the fastest ways to improve your health and happiness.” Less than 20 minutes in the outdoors has “been shown to lower stress, blood pressure and heart rate, while encouraging physical activity and buoying mood and mental health." Not only is our mental and physical health greatly benefited by spending more time outside, the physiological effects the body’s health is real and it is measurable, says Michelle Kondo, a research and social scientist with the USDA-Forest [...]

Be Inspired! — Open Air Dining Pavilion Owner Offers Others a 2nd Chance at Life!

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Coming to Work With a Purpose "It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to, true service is always a component of that. And instead of giving lip service we are going to do something that enables all of the crew, associates, and staff to wake up in the morning, and come to work with a purpose." Jim —Owner of TruReligion Pancake & Steakhouse Second Chances with Jim, Owner of TruReligion Pancake & Steakhouse Jim creates second chances. Timber pergola kit set up for outdoor breakfast dining. True service is true religion. We’re taking one homeless person, uh, or vet, or even a felon from our prisons and our streets, because they are ours. It’s pathetic in Salt lake City when you see how dire the circumstances become. We take that individual who has [...]

50 Trees Planted — for Each Average-Sized Pergola Kit!

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One of the greatest actions there is to positively influence the environment is to plant a tree. Trees are hard assets that make the land fertile; which is why we are growing a legacy of tree plantations! For Every Single Average-Sized Western Timber Frame™ Pergola Kit We Have 50 Trees Planted! (On our larger than average sized ShadeScape® shelters there are even MORE trees planted.) Trees; they are essential builders of habitats and a restorer of ecosystems. And, not only in surrounding environments — every activity, function and homeostasis of the human body survives with the help of these oxygen producing timber giants. But trees do more than give us the life-giving air we breathe. Trees get rid of pollutants, clean up and filter contaminants, and improve air quality. [...]

Measuring Basics to Build Yourself an Outdoor Living Shelter

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To begin the process of constructing a new pavilion or other type of outdoor living shelter precise measurements must be taken. The first step is to measure the size of your prospective space to determine how much room you have for your shade shelter and surrounding footprint area. Typically,  a standard shade shelter has a two-foot roof projection on all sides.  Below are the simple basics of measuring for a pavilion, arbor, gazebo or pergola kit. If you have any questions, reach out to your Design Manager. They are there to ensure your project is a success. "The instructions that come with it are very self-explanatory. I had a minor problem getting the measurements right. After a quick phone call, I got it straightened out. It was a pleasure working with Western Timber [...]

Roof Design Styles —Arbors, Cabanas, Gazebos, Pavilions & Pergolas

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So, you are want a fabulous outdoor living space that beckons to come out and enjoy the sunshine every day. On an arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion, or pergola, the roof is the most prominent architectural feature. The design of the roof can really change the look and feel of an outdoor room; which can create an array of exciting design choices. A roof is the uppermost part of a building that provides shelter and protection from weather conditions such as heat, rain, and snow. Just The Way You Picture It The 3D ShadeScape® model pictured above is a pavilion style shelter designed for the Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The pergola style roof provides dappled lighting with the look of a pavilion that adheres to their Old-World theme. [...]

Farmers Get American Dream Come True w/Outdoor Living Entertainment Area

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Every farmer I have ever met loves the outdoors! And for this farm family relaxing in a fresh living air environment is living life at its best. Today's featured shade shelter is the perfect fulfillment of this American family's dream. Kennan and Marnee delight in cooking together and having friends over for Sunday barbecues; which are why they have four grills. They went to the Salt Lake City Home and Garden show looking for a protective shade cover.  Seeing Western Timber Frame’s ShadeScape® structures, they were impressed with the quality and beauty. Marnee: “We went to the home show and we were just looking for a 10’ x 10’ structure. Western Timber Frame was there and they had a beautiful display. We met a one of their Design guys there and he [...]

Tuscany Style Pergola Kit w/Fire Pit Timber Frame Trellis

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Great architecture can be viewed around the world, but viewing fine workmanship up close is at its apex when it's in your own backyard. Best of all, it is where you enjoy it, any and every day.  Molding an outdoor area into a family gathering place is easier than one might think. Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® timber frame shelter kits are not big box store cookie cutter kits that would have to come as is. Instead, each timber frame kit is specifically fit to the specific landscape and needs of the homeowner. The color and style is built to compliment and harmonize with the established residence or business.Today's featured project is a Tuscany Style, 8000 Series, ShadeScape® Pergola kit with Alpine white posts showcasing the same dimensional pattern as is displayed on the home. The pergola is the perfect place to gather for pool time shade, relaxation and eating [...]

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