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The Best Month to Buy A Pergola is in December.

Timing purchases have practical reasons and are in most cases, the smartest way to shop. Whether you are dining out, shopping online or purchasing anything else, there is most often a “best time to buy.” When most people aren’t thinking about landscaping, that’s the time to do it. December is the best month to improve the yard, expand your business,—or create an outdoor living space to enjoy time with family and friends.

Here are a few examples:

  • In most retail outlets, the best months to invest in quality and trendy clothing for children is on a Thursday in January or August.
  • The best time to buy Christmas Decor is after Christmas.
  • When it comes to selling or buying a home, Spring can be the best time; especially for people with kids that must transition to a new school. However, realtors say buying a home in the winter, usually has lower prices with less competition. Buying “off-season” is often a better deal that saves money and time.

7 Reasons To Choose December

#1 Avoid the Rush

Timber frame can be installed anytime, including in the winter with immediate improvement and use. In fact, it is the safest of all construction materials to install from beginning to end. Best of all you don’t have to wait until Spring and can avoid all the rush, to expand, renovate, install and improve your living or business with a variety of structures and building types.

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#2 Less Competition

Tom Mazzie, New York pavilion

The Mazzie Family beneath their ShadeScape® pavilion installed in less than 2 hours.

Installing a ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit is fast and easy. If however, you plan on plan on having the pergola installed for you, December is the best month as there is less competition for installers.

“…and in a few short hours, I think we broke the website record of 2 hours. In less than 2 hours they had this entire structure up. It went up so smooth; it took us longer to take the wood from the front to the back than it did to actually erect the pavilion. It was absolutely amazing.”

Tom Mazzie, New York

#3 Shorter Lines

There is less Competition for Completion, so the turn around time is much less than any other month of the year!

#4 A Christmas You’ll Never Forget!

Most gifts will come and go, be used and replaced. A ShadeScape® pergola is a gift that your grandchildren’s grandchildren will enjoy. It is a Christmas gift that brings the joy of holiday gathering with family all year round.

#5 Invigorating Health

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Winter sunshine is an essential ingredient for good health but can be harder to come by, especially if there is no reason to go outdoors. Upper respiratory infections have to do with sunspots and UV solar radiation reaching our atmosphere. The level of Vitamin D stored in our body helps our innate immunity against upper respiratory, viral and bacterial infections. It helps fight cancer, as cancer is an immune or cellular issue. Studies have shown Vitamin D levels can help protect against the flu, prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and even make bones that are stronger.

#6 Embrace Nature

December is often a month wherein many people tend to hibernate in tightly sealed homes, eating more and doing less. Getting outside, moving and getting your blood pumping boosts positivity; which is particularly important in the wintertime. The December cold makes the body work harder to stay warm, which raises the metabolic rate. Outside colder air is an easy way to boost your metabolism.

Getting outside and moving helps lungs to detox, the brain to think clearer, releasing serotonin and dopamine, and reduces anxiety.

Studies have shown that interacting with nature improves your cognitive function no matter the weather. A few minutes every day in a pergola increases overall satisfaction with where people live.

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#7 Winter Events

Weddings have inspired many of our clients to purchase an arch, arbor, gazebo, trellis, pavilion or pergola that they will use not just once, but for all the years to come. December weddings are increasing in popularity, for many of the same reasons people order a ShadeScape® in December; for the extra advantages. Typically a honeymoon costs less in December. For the convenience of a mid-week wedding; many people have already taken time off. There have been many couples who put up a timber frame wedding arbor indoors for the ceremony and install it an outdoor setting later. Whatever the occasion or event, December is a beautiful time to celebrate life.

Whether the need is for landscaping, expanded a living area, recreational facility, business expansion, or community venture; December is a smart time to order a ShadeScape® pergola.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide