Does your home have an oddly-shaped yard or an area that seems unusable because it is awkward or irregular? Albeit, imperfections or unusually shaped backyard spaces aren't that uncommon; it does present extra challenges for some homeowners.

DIY trellis plan

Western Timber Frame™ DIY Trellis Plan with Built-in Benches

There are numerous solutions you can use to transform that irregular shaped landscape.

Take design cues from the outdoor spaces below with examples of awkward or irregular spaces that are now inviting places to admire and enjoy every day.

Utilize for Extra Space

A deck is added on here to extend the front patio, as well as a timber frame arch over the entryway for a stunning new look.

Enhance and Protect

If something can not be readily hidden or would fare better with extra protection, it can be further improved with the quality of how it is presented. An awning covers an open basement entryway. Awnings are a solution to give protection to established areas.

Defining & Separating Areas

A simple arbor rightly placed can define an entrance stylishly to leading to your patio, walkway, backyard or garden area.

Pictured above is a carport on one side of a pavilion, with an outdoor living room on the other side.

Separating or dividing to define areas of your backyard can be done in various ways.

Trellises are the most common way to outline and create degree of distinctness. Whether attached to a building or freestanding, trellises are an excellent way to add structure and flair. They can also support vines, hanging pots, and yard decorations. For sloped spaces, it is perfect to create a horizontal line or in steps with the slanted grade.

Privacy Screens

An awkward yard can sometimes simply be that it is too open to the view of surrounding neighbors, or passing travelers. Adding privacy will help you enjoy your outdoor environment more than ever!

Front View

Back View

This trellis acts as a gateway and a privacy screen. The once open area is now a gorgeous, eye-catching spot light that protects from view where it is needed.

Beyond privacy, a latticed screen can also give some targeted shade.

Or, as in this case, targeted privacy.

An outdoor hot tub can become an ornate landscape centerpiece along with the practicality of a pergola for shade.

Having impeccable taste dictated by practical concerns, these homeowners had us install a trellis with walls to add privacy —as well as an arched entryway.

latticed deck

Privacy screens can also allow light in as seen here, on an enclosed below deck area.

Or, enclosing a deck for a clean-cut atmosphere as pictured here.

Sloped & Rocky Terrain Makeover

before and after reclaiming sloped yard

Strategically designed deck with a privacy paneled trellis claims a previously unusable sloped area that is now a wonderful getaway place to take in the surrounding view.

Decking on uneven ground could make your backyard better.

Xeriscape, Zen Garden, or a Native Landscape

With an irregular terrain, or yard that is beautiful in a more natural state, installing a timber frame shelter, swing or trellis can give the eyes some uniformity to rest on.

Adding curves to a squared —or straight lines to an irregular dimension— breaks the monotony through the use of texture, color, and organization.  The landscape then remains soft and welcoming throughout the scenery.

 Landscape With Portals

timber frame arbor kit
arbor shadescape path
arbor walkway

Wood, flagstone, concrete pavers, grass or the natural earth — there are dozens of inspiring ideas and designs for creating a gorgeous garden pathway. Creating a portal with an arbor gives a sense of order. Garden and landscape portals are timeless — a nostalgic, reminiscence of our Old English and Early American heritage — and a first-class modern architectural showpiece.

If there is room sometimes adding a curve can delight the eyes and space. Who doesn't love laid back driving laid down a curved country road as opposed to a straight highway?

Garden Bridge or Wheelchair Access

Access Within Established Landscape


The most obvious benefit of a bridge is to create a smooth path over a waterway or uneven terrain.

Bridges add a pleasing dimension, effectively linking separate spaces and as a beautiful focal point.

timber frame bridge
Timber frame pond and pavilion

Intercept With Interest

The entryway with angled stairs sets, thoughtfully works to contrast the straight line formality of the home. It creates an unexpected, softer, and more approachable sense of warmth and timelessness to hard scape.

octagonal fire pit trellis

Half-round, round, hexagonal; any shape that gives the eye resting places and flow creates higher interest.

No Change to Established Landscape

The beauty of a Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® Pergola Kit is that it can be designed to easily fit any irregular shaped landscape.

trapezoid pergola kit

The Lowery family wanted a large covered gathering place without inhibiting their fantastic view of the Eastern Rocky Mountains. A rectangular shaped pergola —the size they desired— would have altered their already beautiful landscaped yard.

The solution?

A trapezoid timber frame shelter. The trapezoid shaped DIY Pergola Kit has an eloquence that draws the eyes around with a unique view from every side.

trapezoid pergola side view

With a little bit of divergent thinking creating the whole new look is something that can change the direction or give an incredible dimension to the landscape.

Create Emphasis

curved trelliss

For flat areas you can go perfectly symmetrical or opt for an asymmetrical look. Understanding some of the basic principles of design when you go into the project can help you bring balance and create a visual impact. Going vertical can keep things simple and clean-looking.

Go Up

2-story pergola deck

You gain twice the outdoor living space within the same square footage when you add on another story.

2-story pergola

If you have a pool, a pergola for shade and a diving deck installed on top can double your entertainment space.

Here a custom diving deck is centered between two pergolas.

Height is an easy way to enhance narrow area which an lend to a more spacious feel.

Integrated Anchor Systems

screw pile footings for pergola
screw pile footings for pergola

Some projects require us to implement more than one foundational system. On this particular project the family wanted a pergola placed over their existing deck. It is a tongue and groove deck that with regular concrete and rebar footings would have to be entirely disassembled.

Screw piles offered a non-intrusive way to build a foundation for our timber frame pergola kit. The screw piles are located next to the house and were torqued in until leveled with the existing deck, as a raised foundation.

You can learn more about it here: Simple Basics for Pergola Foundation, Footings & Screw PilesEarth Ground Mounting Anchor Auger Helical Screw Pile


Benches help to define a space and complement the surrounding style. Positioning a simple garden bench or an outdoor seating set in a previously awkward-to-use yard space provides a cozy area for quiet contemplation, serenity and wellness.

Benches are also a dynamic way to reward yourself while inviting others to enjoy your beautiful landscape, garden or outdoor living space.


Color is another way to enhance and delight the eyes! Installing color is one of the easiest elements to add.