Alpine Premium Stain Color

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Granduer Alpine




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Alpine is popular among our custom stain colors. Alpine white is a color of wholeness, innocence, and completion. In America, white has been a traditional color for weddings, christenings, communions, baptisms, and other joyful occasions. It carries a sense of order, a newness of life, fresh and clean.

White in many cultures symbolizes purity, pristine, open, self-sufficient, goodness, heroism, magnetism, sharing, cleanliness, light, unity, truth, innocence, new beginnings, and as the color of perfection. 

Alpine Essence: spotless, virgin, unblemished, fresh, well-kept, tidy, spic-and-span.

Alpine Synonyms: white, snow, lily, seashell, whitewash, linen, alabaster, and light-cream.

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