Rich Sequoia Premium Stain Color

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Rich Sequoia




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A timber frame outdoor shade structure finished in a Rich Sequoia stain is an awakening, bold and dynamic color that demands attention. Although Rich Sequoia stain is vibrant it also adds an inviting warmth for artistic landscaping.

The rusty, reddish hue of Rich Sequoia stain boosts mental and physical energy; a determination and power to go after and achieve your goals being willing to take risks. Red mahogany is a tropical tree which Rich Sequoia stain so closely resembles; which is why in part it invites such a feeling of an adventure and exotic experience to an outdoor landscape.

Analysts of color say that rusty brown or reddish clay brown is a show of persistence, yet grace under pressure, with a pioneering spirit. Rich Sequoia is also associated with ambition, personal freedom, adventure, passion and strength to relationships, in life and work.

Rich Sequoia Essense: Communication, excitement, energy, love, strength, passionate, fire, protection, impulsive, vigorous, enthusiasm, energetic, health, assertive, intense, responsible, confidence, fire, activity, desire, the color of life, prosperity, respect, energy, vitality, recognition, and creative mind.

Synonyms of Rich Sequoia: Ginger, copper, Cinnamon, terra-cotta, umber, Sienna, Auburn, russet, mahogany, sepia, burnt sienna, chestnut, burnished, reddish-brown, sard, Sardonyx, brick red, and sorrel.

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