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Canyon Gray




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Whether you spell it, grey or gray, both are synonymous with or express various hues or shades of grey, such as silver, dove gray, powder grey, ash, oyster, taupe, pearl, and slate, etc. Grey, like black, is a more formal color that looks stunning in a timber frame design.

Our Canyon Grey stain is a wonderful silver-like color. Like gold, silver is symbolic of riches and is considered distinguished and glamorous, such as being “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”. It is also the traditional color used to celebrate a couple’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. Some Native American tribes associate the color gray with friendship, a symbolic of dependability, security, and responsibility. In gemstones, the gray color properties are said to be a healing stone and improve the stability of relationships.

A timber frame outdoor shade structure finished in a Canyon Grey stain has a cooling and stabilizing effect when it is placed against more vibrant colors. In landscaping, gray is a reliable, conservative and composed, color.

Canyon Grey Essense: practicality, quality, quiet, solid, modesty, distinguished, sophisticated, reliability, self-reliance, classic, balance, neutrality, dignity, intelligence, professional, security, nostalgia, balm, independent, soothing, calming.

Synonyms of Canyon Grey: grayish, silver, silvery, dove gray, powder grey, ash, oyster, taupe, pearl, slate, ashen, ashy, chalky, livid, pewter, polychromatic, leaden, steely, Argentine.

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