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North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures



ebony black stain
  • DiY ebony black pergola
  • attached pergola
  • tuscany style rich cordoba pergola
  • round black pergola
  • poolside shade from pergola


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Ebony is a bold stain color, with a dominating, dramatically heavy presence that is only enhanced by Western Timber Frame™’s massively over-sized timbers.

Landscape color design analysts believe black to be a color of confidence, resilience, self-control, strength, and authority. Ebony is a powerful color and contrasts well with bright colors in landscape design on an outdoor shade structure.

Ebony is a protective color that has a calm, magnetic, energetic strength to it that evokes a feeling of being grounded. To the Native American, black is a symbol of harmony and listening.

Words synonymously used to represent shades of black: midnight, obsidian, jet black, ebony, ink, sable, onyx, raven, charcoal, and lampblack.

The Essense of Ebony: formal, powerful, bold, elegant, dramatic, authority, wealth, strong, mysterious, classy, polished, classic, stylish, confident, depth.

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