Prescient homeowners implementing water-wise xeriscaping with drought-tolerant plants see the benefits of ShadeScape™ shelters as a permanent xeriscape alternative, giving all the comforts of shade trees without the need for watering.

The magic of mirages, the poignant perfume of Juniper trees, prickly cactuses, tumbling tumbleweeds, all showcase a magnificent composition of serenity that is so unique to a desert-scape.

The desert comes with intense summer heat and in many cases, extremely frigid winters. This home, however, lies within an exclusive belt area that receives very little snow with more days to enjoy the desert warmth. The timber frame pergola and pavilion combination provides refreshing relief of protective shade to enjoy the beautiful desert landscape, year-round.

Timber offers the most human-friendly, physically comforting shade of any building material and can carry two temperatures at the same time on either side to cool us down or warm us up. A timber frame pergola offers the most comfortable shade in outdoor living inviting people to luxuriate in the joy of balanced sunshine. The pavilion gives full coverage from the sun.

Pictured, is a solid wood DIY ShadeScape™ Pavilion and Pergola Kit installed over a cement patio. A family tennis court is on one side with a children’s sandbox on the other for a family party fun yard. The pergola kit features Classic style knee braces, Champion style beam, and rafters profiles, finished in a premium, Rich Cordoba stain.

tennis court hammock pergola
pavilion kit furniture desert

A Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ shelter features The Dovetail Difference™ having 120 mph wind ratings and will stand up majestically against the wiles of Mother Nature, heavy mountainous snows and powerful desert winds, built to last for centuries.

Best of all, in a hot climate area, these timber frame pergola kits are easy to install with interlocking corners and drop-in rafter layouts. A homeowner can have quick, permanent shade in as little as ONE AFTERNOON.

tennis court pergola pavilion