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The Science is in, It is Time to Go Outside!

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How vivacious is your reality, your story? What captivates your heart, your family's hearts? Living in the 21st Century, it is easy to become distracted, obsessed with things we don't really love. It is time to go outside, unplug and recharge with those we love. We believe in families and in spending time together outdoors. "We create awesome outdoor spaces where you will want to be outside. Places where you can spend time with your family, and celebrate the relationships that you cherish." Yes, we build genuine, old-world timber frame pavilions, pergolas, etc. for families to comfortably enjoy nature, on any and every day, from the convenience of their home. Families tell us how much their #OutdoorLivingShelter has enriched their lives, even bringing them closer together. This is extremely rewarding. We also know through personal experience, interacting with our own families, as well [...]

My Pergola Drips Sap, Is This Normal?

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Tree sap, xylem sap, phloem sap, pitch, gum, milk, juice, glue, latex, amber, rosin, resin, etc., are some of the many words used to describe the properties resulting from the process of resin exudation. First, in understanding the normal, let's take a quick look at sap. When a tree is marred or injured it oozes resin. The resin is filled with antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatories and a stickiness that helps to close the cut and prevent a tree from becoming infected. Resins are healing for people as well and have been used throughout history to heal cuts, skin abrasions and bruises. You can also create curative forest balsams, tinctures, oils, and aromatic incense and perfumes from resins. The primary source of timber used in ShadeScape™ shelters is the Douglas fir tree; which is prized [...]

Desert Pavilion-Pergola Xeriscape

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Prescient homeowners implementing water-wise xeriscaping with drought-tolerant plants see the benefits of ShadeScape™ shelters as a permanent xeriscape alternative, giving all the comforts of shade trees without the need for watering. The magic of mirages, the poignant perfume of Juniper trees, prickly cactuses, tumbling tumbleweeds, all showcase a magnificent composition of serenity that is so unique to a desert-scape. The desert comes with intense summer heat and in many cases, extremely frigid winters. This home, however, lies within an exclusive belt area that receives very little snow with more days to enjoy the desert warmth. The timber frame pergola and pavilion combination provides refreshing relief of protective shade to enjoy the beautiful desert landscape, year-round. Timber offers the most human-friendly, physically comforting shade of any building material and can carry two temperatures at the same time on either [...]

Green Passive Cooling w/Timber Frame Awning

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Summer is here, and we need protection from the sun and the heat. A timber frame awning is a fast, easy and green way to bring shelter and improve the look of a home or business. Long before the invention of modern air-conditioners, people have used innovative processes to cool down from the heat. The concepts of cooling off implemented in Ancient Rome; wherein water was circulated from aqueducts through walls to cooling them down. In Persia, during the medieval times, similar techniques were used with cisterns and wind towers. Willis Carrier invented and in 1906, patented the first cooling air machine calling it an "Apparatus for Treating Air." Cooling down air was not referred to as “air conditioning” until 1906, a term coined by Stuart Warren Cramer. A man by the name of Charles Gates was the first person to have an [...]

5 Yard To-Do’s That Can Change The Way You Live

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The home is the pivotal hub of everyday life but what about the groundwork that cradles it all? The yard has higher value than its display of charm or the surrounding attractive vegetation. Homeowners are discovering the treasure in a new comfort-loving backyard that gives them a greater sense of belonging. They are designed with greater purpose, as a place where family, friends and relatives can participate together in a nourishing atmosphere. According to Outdoor Living Design Manager, Hyrum Thompson of Western Timber Frame™, a purpose filled backyard design extends beyond a great place to have a lot of fun. Hyrum referenced Will Durant's quote, "The family is the nucleus of civilization." He went on to say that families who are involved with each other will, "build trust and commitment, bonds that are the framework of our communities." like "the [...]

Enhance Your Backyard Spa Experience: Therapeutic Bath

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A timber frame bathhouse ShadeScape™ 10000 Series pavilion & 2 pergola ShadeScape™ 8000 Series kits installed with TimberVolt™ power. Massive, over-sized, energy-giving warm timbers, a kiss of nourishing sunshine, wholesome waters and comforting shade are all highly therapeutic and healing to the body; Western Timber Frame™ specializes in pool houses, bathhouses, outdoor showers, outdoor baths & poolside family outdoor living environments. Nature is usually the best in offering us safe reliable resources with her restorative and beneficial properties to better our lives. However, over generations of time some of nature's simplest rejuvenating "secrets" are sometimes not perpetuated, forgotten, or lost. Perhaps, this will only be a reminder or maybe it will inspire you to with nature's vast gifts of simple resources found in places as close as your own kitchen cupboard. Enjoy a stronger sense of being alive by enhancing your outdoor bathing or sunning experience with a [...]

Solar Energy – Debunking Incorrect Assumptions with Good Sense

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We are ever learning and sometimes unlearning; correcting our incorrect assumptions, misconceptions and through the debunking of common myths and misunderstandings. I wrote a post a while back, on the phenomenally marvelous characteristics of timber and the myths and misconceptions of wood destroying organisms. Doing an in-depth study of timber opened my mind to a new appreciation for timber and nature. The world is a fascinating place of discovery that never ceases to astonish, amaze, intrigue and even “Oh, duh!” us in one way or another. Today, I learned something new… During the course of my classroom school years, I was taught that humans had five senses. I just recently discovered that humans have more than five senses. We have been endowed with at least nine senses, and some researchers claim there are even more. Having more than five senses was one of those [...]

Cost Saving Solar Panels; Grants, Incentives & Rebates

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Federal and private grants offer encouragement to implement the conversion of natural radiation from the sun into solar energy systems to produce hot water, cooling, heating and electrical energy for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. A Federal tax incentive program allows a 30% investment tax credit to be earned to reduce the cost to a complete system cost. If the credit earned in a single year exceeds the tax liability the credited excess can carry forward into the following taxable year up until the year of 2016. There are also significant state incentives and rebates that vary from state to state and within different utility service territories. Solar systems are designed to offset the energy generated by other sources such as natural gas, coal, nuclear, petroleum and fossil fuels, etc. as well as protecting the environment. As role models of good stewardship some innovative school districts and businesses throughout [...]

Be Rejuvenated, Physically Fit & More Effective In A Natural Setting

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It is something we all know. If we don't know intuitively then we do through previous studies, but a current study concludes that the more time you spend in the outdoors close to nature, the more alive you feel. A recent article published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology says that getting close to nature is more rejuvenating to the body than drinking a cup of coffee. Physically and mentally we are more vibrant and alive when we step out into nature. Their conclusion is that the more time we can spend in a natural setting the more resilient we will be to protect ourselves from physical illness. Nature is fuel for the soul. Going out into nature to lift our spirits also strengthens us physically, increasing our use of the senses, giving us the ability to be more in tune with a greater capacity to pay attention. We [...]

Blowing Your Nose & The Affects Upon The Environment

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Over six billion people throughout the world wake up everyday with real needs and using wood in many ways they may not even be aware of. If you look around you, almost every item you see has been produced in some way through the means of trees; foods, medicines, shampoo, automobiles, computers, as well as one of the most essential needs: toilet paper. Toilet paper? Toilet paper is an indiscriminating subject and not typically a topic to discuss in public and across the world wide web. There is however, a decades old recirculating and resurfacing question that keeps presenting concerns and creating issues to the public with this question: "Shouldn't we "conserve", stop "hurting forests" and "using toilet paper?" Let me explain conservation through practical experience. My mother was the queen of conservation. She knew what it was to go to bed without food. Waste was a sin and everything was considered [...]