Spread the wings of your imagination wide and let your mind soar with pictures and if you’d like, talk with a Design Consultant for more ideas. For example, yesterday a lady said she had really dreamed of having a trellis up the side of her deck to grow vines on. However, it was the only place for steps to access the upper deck. Her face lit up as her Design Consultant showed her how she could have it integrated together. It was a delight for him to experience her enthusiasm, and not only was it better than it would have been —it created a masterpiece focus point.

pavilion deck waterfall diving platform

The ShadeScape® pavilion above was another such design, the family wanted more than shade for their pool. After discussing what they desired with a Design Consultant, it turned out better than they ever dreamed. The roof of the pavilion is an upper deck and diving platform. A waterfall flows out over the pool beneath the diving area.

Our Design Consultants are all about vision —the transforming of ideas into realities. Featured today are a taste of ideas, such as an outdoor church, new storefront, a cozy cafe, and more.

hipped roof cabana wedding

A ShadeScape® shelter is the perfect place to gather, celebrate new beginnings, and look forward to the future together. Enjoy family reunions, private parties, church picnics, receptions, anniversaries, birthdays and special events.

Western Timber Frame™ architectural timber structures make a massive impression that will last for generations. Each arbor, gazebo, pavilion, pergola, and trellis are built with wood-to-wood connections — masterpieces of old-world craftsmanship — time-proven timber structures lasting for centuries, sometimes millenniums.


ShadeScape® kits for restaurants, hotels, churches, hospitals, parks, commercial and recreational establishments, can resourcefully maximize the full potential of their outdoor spaces. A ShadeScape® covering will utilize even the smallest area to be more productive such as a sidewalk café, patio dining, barbecue areas, WiFi, phone charging stations, seating, and so much more.

valentines pergola for wedding center

A wedding ceremony can be so effortlessly romantic in the natural elements of the outdoors. Whether it is a backyard, garden, beach or mountain view nature can provides a life-giving atmosphere. And a DIY Pergola Kit is a fast way to create the ambience for this sacred occasion. Each piece is pre-cut, pre-stained and pre-assembled and tested in the shop before it is ever shipped out to ensure an easy installation.

Whether it is for personal, business, or recreation, here are a few examples where shade and protection with a ShadeScape® shelter has created happy outdoor environments.

Tuscany Style Covered Fishing Deck

Rich in tranquility and Tuscany Style, this custom Daybreak Island pavilion invites you to enjoy the natural surrounding landscape. The arched bridge and victorian style homes add the old world charm. Tailor-designed from our 8000 Series ShadeScape® line, the 17’11” x 29’7″ DIY timber frame pavilion kit is packed with stunning detail.

The support beams are Saddle Notched and dovetailed in the ridge with threaded metal rods spanning through the King posts displaying a mesmerizing masterpiece of architectural artwork. Diagonally designed walls are capped on the ends with two over-sized, solid wood balls and gates that match.

Tuscany Style Columns are 20″ wide and the timbers are rough-sawn. There is an upper and lower deck. A bleaching stain dresses the timber posts and will continue to enhance in beauty over time. The roof is finished in a contrasting, luxurious Rich Cordoba stain. For evenings the Pavilion easily lights up with the TimberVolt® Power Post with a timer that turns itself off.

DIY Pavilion Tuscany style
Tuscany style DIY pavilion kit

Church Entryway

Residential Pergola for Outdoor Wedding

outdoor wedding under dovetail timber framed pergola

Family Parties

wedding pergola

Residential & Business Outdoor Dining

family dining pergola
outdoor dining people

Shade Covering Rest Areas

Hospital Outdoor Resting Place

Shopping Mall Outdoor Sitting Area

Park & Recreational Areas

city park pavilion

Your ideas can be put into a 3D rendering to better see what your project will look like.

3D Plan Rendition for Outdoor Event Center

reception center pavilion plan
reception center plan
reception center plan

For more ideas, we also have thousands of pictures in our gallery.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide