DiY ebony black pergola

Feeling the cool breezes of shade beneath the massive timbers of a solid wood pergola is a very pleasing experience. You immediately become aware of being re-energized by the timber itself.

Landscape color design analysts believe black to be a color of confidence, resilience, self-control, and authority. Black is is a powerful color and contrasts well with bright colors in landscape design on an outdoor shade structure.

Sometimes, we have people say they prefer the look of Ebony ShadeScape® shelters but they want to be cool. Wood is a natural and extremely effective insulator. It retains heat during the daytime and releases heat at night. The black color of Ebony will keep you just as cool as any other stain color.

Timber has its built-in natural thermostat. Just like a tree, the larger the dimensional scale of the wood the better it can regulate a thermal equilibrium for amelioration of temperature. Ebony timbers provide the perfect balance of comfort found in timber, and not in any other alternative shade material.

Black Ebony is a protective color that has a calm, magnetic, energetic strength. For some, it evokes a feeling of being grounded. To the Native American, Indian black is a symbol of harmony and listening.

25 Black Ebony Timber Frame ShadeScape® Kits

poolside shade from pergola


round black pergola





Ebony Tuscany style Arbor


attached pergola





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privacy screen wall timber


privacy screen lattice






pergola privacy curtains bed






custom shade outdoor dining fire










Words synonymously used to represent shades of Ebony: black, midnight, obsidian, jet black, ebony, ink, sable, onyx, raven, charcoal. lampblack.

The Essense of Ebony: formal, powerful, bold, elegant, dramatic, authority, wealth, strong, mysterious, classy, polished, classic, stylish, confident, depth.

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