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The etymology of Cabaña recorded in the mid 14th century Old French, as Cabane; means a hut or cabin, as well as 18th century Italian, Cabino; meaning a room. The Spanish cognate for Cabana defined for the English language in 1898 as a *cabin. From its origins, a Cabana was an indigenous hut, cottage or cabin, offering comfort, protection and privacy by the sea.

A tent or curtained bathhouse also came to be called a Cabana. These Cabanas were not necessarily permanent; often it was a lightweight structure with fabric drapes or curtains for walls usually open on at least one side.

Structures are predominately considered Cabanas often being determined by the included amenities with an essential and focused purpose. For example, if the structure does not just provide a roof for shade and protection from the sun, but also is equipped with curtains for a place of privacy to change in and out of swimwear.

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Come Home to a Cabana

A Social & Recreational Facility

Cabanas have always been a place of habitation designated for a determined purpose, primarily recreational. The scope of its definition in recent popular usage has expanded to a liberal range of repertoire with diverse characteristics. Recreational vehicles, campers, sheds, and even as modest as an umbrella are seen appellant on the market as Cabanas.

Often, the term Cabana is in association with its placed location; close to, or covering a resource that affords relaxation, diversion or exercise; e.g. being near a body of water. Whether it is as simple as a lightweight tent or as durable as a timber frame outdoor shelter, if it is for protection with a defined recreational purpose, it can be classed as a Cabana.

Traditionally, Cabanas seem to evoke a sense of summer on the beach, warm tropical weather, primarily in resorts, near a lake, beach or pool.

Today, many Americans are enjoying an unhurried life with the benefits of everyday resort living beneath a Cabana in their backyard. Cabanas are a fast and easy way to create a quiet privacy for romantic getaways, and a permanent family recreational retreat.

As a side note: Cabana’s root origin is a cabin. In 1918 the term “cabin fever” was first documented as an expression feeling a need to get out and about. Cabanas are structures that provide shade and shelter to “get out and about” for rejuvenating and leisure activities.

Cabana Synonyms: cabin, home, small house, chalet, cottage, lodge, camp, carriage house, shanty, bungalow, pool house, refuge and shelter.

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Cabin the Etymology of Cabaña

* cab’in (kabin)

  1. A little house; esp. one that is rudely constructed; as, a log cabin, hut, hovel or a poor cottage.
  2. Obsolete, lesser known or rarely used term.
    1. A cell or small room
    2. A cave; den, a room where activities can be pursued in private.
    3. A temporary shelter of slight materials, as a soldiers tent or shelter; a booth or hut
    4. A bedroom, boudoir, private sitting room, or dressing room
    5. A berth in a ship, space for a vessel to dock, anchor or maneuver
    6. A cot; a litter, a camp bed, a crib
    7. A political cabinet
  3. Nautical.
    1. A small room on a ship, Orig. a room designated for the captains use or occupancy; later any room designed for the private use of one or a few persons.
    2. On a small vessel the compartment below the deck, affording accommodations or, sometimes merely shelter, for passengers or crew.
    3. With the U.S. Navy. quarters on shipboard, of the captain, admiral, or chief of staff.
  4. Aeronautics.
      An enclosed cockpit of an airplane; an accommodation compartment in an airship.
  5. Railroads.
      A building from which switches, points and signals are worked.

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