Extending your home’s natural environment can enhance your home’s appeal and increase the size of your living area. An outdoor pavilion or pergola can connect you to your yard and create a welcoming escape. A pergola is wonderful for enjoying those gentle breezes, rich earth and a garden like atmosphere so irresistible during the warm summer months. Some enjoy a year round relationship with the outdoors and a pavilion with its entirely enclosed roof may be preferable in some settings.

Decide what kind of addition is right for you by identifying the activities that are consistent with how you and your family live. Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Are you a gardener or sunbather? Do you like a place for playing with the kids or a quiet place to start your day with a warm cup of coffee? Will it be an extra bedroom, pool house, walk out or screened in porch, bar, outdoor kitchen, central gathering place, quiet retreat, sports workout area, outdoor theater?

Consider the long-term space as well. Is this space a temporary place for your young children to play or will this be your home for the next twenty years?

As you develop your new space consider the orientation of your home and where your addition will be. Does it need to connect to the kitchen for easy access? Will you be using it more in the afternoon with the family or the morning for an outdoor breakfast? Where will the shade be most important to you? Are their places you would like to screen out or block the view?

There are many ways to add additional space from small improvements to major remodels which can include such things as an living room complete with water resistant furniture, a wet bar, swing, fireplace, projection screen, beds, table and chairs etc.

You can also help to de-clutter the house by adding some extra space outdoors in an ottoman with hidden storage or a bed with underneath drawers or free up space such as in an under counter refrigerator etc.

Choosing between a timber frame pavilion kit or a timber frame pergola kit depends upon the type of use and environment you are looking for in an outdoor atmosphere you can enjoy for your style of living.


Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide