trellis garden wall

27' solid wood timber frame trellis for a landscape divide.

trellis for wall screen

ShadeScape™ trellis kit installed for privacy screen with latticework.

solid wood trellis

Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ trellis kits are designed and engineered, built using state-of-the-art technology combined with old world craftsmanship by timberwright artisans with the mortise and tenon dovetail joinery that interlocks without the use of nails or glue. There are timber frame architectural structures that have used the mortise and tenon dovetails and are still in use, centuries later, as testimonies of beauty, strength and durability.

While arbors serve as entryways, gateways and pathway coverings, trellises are a natural element for walls; boundaries, enclosures and privacy screens. Although a trellis does not provide full overhead shade it does provide partial shade for a few hours of the day. From a very small or narrow area to a large expansive surrounding, trellises help create the perfect landscape.

trellis privacy screen lattice
trellis privacy lattice
trellis lattice work privacy

The above ShadeScape™ timber frame trellis has a Cove style beam and rafter end profile and is finished in the premium, high-grade, UV protective Black wood stain. The heavy-duty lattice work creates a fantastic privacy screen, beautifully screening the view from the neighbors without blocking the light. As can be seen, trellises work wonders to create an outdoor room or define a space, create a boundary, enclosure or outdoor wall for small or large areas in almost any backyard. An outdoor wall also gives a backyard an indoor secluded feel of security.

trellis privacy screen lattice

Privacy screen with heavy-duty latticework on a Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ trellis kit.

Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ trellis kit with heavy-duty lattices features Axis Step style beam and rafter end profiles and is finished in the popular high-grade, UV protective, Early American wood stain. In this closed in space surrounded by neighbors, this solid wood trellis gives the privacy needed while adding a prize landscape appeal with a stunning boundary line.

shadescape trellis privacy screen

Privacy and shade in a small area with trellis boundary line.

trellis shade privacy

Landscape wall adds concealment in a solid wood trellis with latticework.

trellis privacy screen

Heavy-duty latticework provides an enclosure and boundary for family backyard concrete fire-pit area.

lattice privacy screen trellis

Solid wood trellis gives a walled boundary for fire-pit.

In a wide open space as in this backyard, without any privacy, a heavy-duty lattice work on a trellis works wonderfully to provide a the needed concealment with the walls of lattices. It furnishes shade as well to be able to spend more hours around the fire pit in comfort as well as breaking up the landscape for a more eye-catching view.


Vertical garden ShadeScape™ trellis kit with climbing vines.

timber frame trellis

Vertical garden ShadeScape™ timber frame garden trellis kit.

timber framed soiid wood arbor with trellis

ShadeScape™ timber frame garden trellis kit with lattice.

With a built in solid wood latticework a quality trellis can be a wonderful way to support climbing vines or vegetation for growing a vertical garden. Vertical garden grow structures can be constructed from a variety of materials. An all metal trellis is not recommended as metal retains heat; which is why metal is not a good choice for an outdoor shade structure or a trellis used for gardening. Natural wood is the best for keeping a natural temperature, warmer on cool nights and cooler on hot days which helps the plants to flourish in a healthier atmosphere.

Lights on trellis by pool

ShadeScape™ timber frame trellis kit installed for backyard swimming pool.

lights poolside arbor

ShadeScape™ timber frame trellis kit with lighting for swimming pool.

Shade for swimming pools can sometimes pose some difficulty as often the pool takes up most of the landscape and shade is an afterthought space-wise. The trellis here added some privacy but primarily created awesome lighting for night swimming all across the pool area.

Western Timber Frame™ offers incredible lighting and power options in the TimberVolt™ power Series.  ShadeScape™ outdoor wood trellises, arbors, gazebos, pavilions and pergolas can be pre-drilled with a hole down the center of one post to accommodate any and all of outdoor power electrical and lighting needs.

The TimberVolt™ series has an electrical chase drilled from one-half to the entire length of the post to hide and protect all wiring. The recessed boxes feature weatherproof outdoor covers for plugs and switches that are seamlessly incorporated into the actual timber post itself.

trellis bench swing

ShadeScape™ timber frame trellis swing kit.

tuscany swing full wrap roof

ShadeScape™ timber frame pergola kit featuring concrete posts and bench garden swing.

Quality trellis bench or garden swings are a beautiful way to add an interactive focal point into the landscape. The garden swing pictured on the left is a ShadeScape™ timber frame trellis swing.  The garden bench swing pictured on the right is considered an arbor or pergola swing having more posts with the extended roof for more shade.

Check out the gallery for more prize landscape ideas using ShadeScape™ trellis kits  for outdoor walls, boundaries, enclosures and solid wood heavy-duty lattices and privacy screens.

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