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We’ve Built 1000s of Arbors & Trellises — Here’s 100 of Our Best Tips & Ideas

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Proudly made in the USA, we have built thousands of trellis and arbor ShadeScape® kits. Now, here are over 100 arbor and trellis design tips and ideas to make a yard beautiful. From simple to complex, it may just spark some ingenious ideas of your own. Trellised Step Walls Form walls in a single chain or a combination of multiple stepped segments. The options will depend some, upon the parameters set by the existing landscape —e.g. a terrace, embankment or dip-slope. Trellis walls can step up or down, to conform to an area or just to add pleasing composition on the top, sides, or bottom of the shade shelter. Turn the corner with L-shaped step trellises or smooth flowing step-style curves. #StepTrellisPlan Build Your Own Arbor Grill or BBQ Island #TrellisGrillIslandPlan [...]

22 Tips To Start Building An Arbor You Always Wanted

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Living on a busy street, working with less than 300 square feet — an arbor will turn a previously underutilized space into a warm and winsome front entry, a garden to be admired, or a concealed haven. Imagine being nestled in the comfort of your own personalized paradise with an arbor you have always dreamed of. With this arbor guide, you can now dream with your eyes open and glean some useful tips to build your own arbor. In the many years of designing and fabricating outdoor living environments, we have found that when most people are wanting an arbor they are often looking for an aesthetically pleasing accent to the larger outdoor living shelters.  And, it makes perfect sense. Used with a cabana, pavilion, pergola, or gazebo — arbors do draw the eyes to include more of the surrounding landscape for [...]

Latticed Trellis w/Power, Lights & Gas Fire Pit

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The giggle of a child naturally fills the world with sunshine. When you become a grandparent you get to drink from the “fountain of youth” in pure, unfettered happiness. Eric is every child's vision of the best Grandpa ever. He envisioned his backyard specifically to delight his grandchildren.    Today's featured ShadeScap®,  a 6000 Series DIY Trellis Kit, is the creation of Design Manager, Mike Jenson, built to house and entertain all that happiness.    The latticed timber frame trellis has metal cladding for aesthetics only as the timbers are connected with old-world dovetailed joints without the use of unsightly hardware. Architectural structures built with this technique have endured beautifully for hundreds of years. The trellis has the Drill for Power and TimberVolt®, prewired and ready-to-go, to accommodate any and all of the family's outdoor electrical and lighting needs. The family [...]

Easy To Do Garden Arbor Swing

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What an awesome invitation to the outdoors, come to relax in a swing. Swings are fun and good for healthy living. Featured today is a 6000 ShadeScape™ Series Garden Arbor with all-weather resin wicker swing. Thank-you for the pictures! Arbors are an excellent way to utilize a backyard living space. In our experience, they are often used in conjunction with a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion. Nonetheless, an arbor by itself is an excellent way to beautify an entire yard, accent a walkway, hidden corner or provide shade for a swing, or bench. These arbors are built with old-world craftsmanship without the use of nails or glue. The Dovetail Difference joint method is superior in strength and makes installing a DIY Arbor Kit fast. Plus, every kit is pre-cut and pre-fit, and then pre-stained to make installation easy for you. We [...]

20 Best DIY Trellis Designs

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At Western Timber Frame® we have 1,000's of plans for DIY projects. Trellises top the list along with gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas. A trellis is more than for gardens anymore. Trellises easily integrate with a larger shelter for additional shade, borders, walls, and aesthetic interest. A stand-alone trellis can fully-dress a commercial or residential landscape. #1 Pool Side Triangular DIY Trellis #TriangularDIYTrellisPlan #TriangularDIYTrellis #2 Three Post DIY Trellis #3PostTrellisPlan #3 Cantilever Barbecue Station Trellis #2PostTrellisPlan #4 Concrete Post Trellis w/Arches #TimberTopTrellisPlan #5 DIY Trellis w/Iron Gates #IronGateTrellisPlan Click here to see how you can easily build your [...]

Go Up for a Gorgeous Landscape Design

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Go upwards for a gorgeous landscape design! Vertical space is one of the more stunning but often overlooked elements of design. Going up brings a flat, two-dimensional yard and transcends it into a new dimension. A timber frame ShadeScape™ DIY Arbor Kit can be installed in just a few hours, as this barbecue grill arbor was. Trees, large shrubs or vines can create focal points or act as a canopy over a large area, and so can outdoor shelters. It does not have to be as large as a gazebo, pavilion, or pergola, however. An arbor or trellis can add so much with very little. Also, an arbor does not need to be watered and can enhance the surrounding vegetation with the warmth and color of the solid wood. A garden arbor or trellis typically cover a walkway, guide or entryway. Arbors [...]

14′ x 20′ ShadeScape™ Mountaintop Pergola w/ Moose View

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14' x 20' 8000 Series ShadeScape™ Timber Frame DIY Pergola Kit A solitary giant and considered one of the least social animals, the moose is an interesting creature. They have two front legs that are longer than their two back legs. A moose is not something most people see in their everyday life. These homeowners however, often enjoy an early morning breathtaking view of a mother moose with her calf as they graze only a few feet from their property, one of the benefits of outdoor living when living closer to nature in the at higher altitudes, at the Gateway to the Uintas. It is so beautiful up here! It would be hard to be indoors. The air is not only visibly clearer, like the revitalization from a clean mountain spring to a thirsty body, as if on auto pilot, it [...]

Prize Landscape: Quality Trellis for Privacy, Walls, Boundaries, Enclosures

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27' solid wood timber frame trellis for a landscape divide. ShadeScape™ trellis kit installed for privacy screen with latticework. Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ trellis kits are designed and engineered, built using state-of-the-art technology combined with old world craftsmanship by timberwright artisans with the mortise and tenon dovetail joinery that interlocks without the use of nails or glue. There are timber frame architectural structures that have used the mortise and tenon dovetails and are still in use, centuries later, as testimonies of beauty, strength and durability. While arbors serve as entryways, gateways and pathway coverings, trellises are a natural element for walls; boundaries, enclosures and privacy screens. Although a trellis does not provide full overhead shade it does provide partial shade for a few hours of the day. From a very small or narrow area to a large expansive surrounding, trellises [...]

Design Your Own Outdoor Space, Your Specs: Best DIY Pergola Kit

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Contemporary style DIY pergola kit designed for shade over a backyard deck. Tree filled yard did not provide the needed shade this DIY pergola does. As are all kits this is a timber frame DIY pavilion kit being pre-assembled in the shop before being shipped out for fast and easy installation. Design your own outdoor living space and enjoy a new and different sun everyday. You can have your own dream backyard with the best DIY timber frame pergola, pavilion or gazebo kit designed for your own unique space, to your specs, just the way you want it . It is easy and fun. Each is custom for your needs and space, and then crafted in our shop. Our Design Managers work with you to determine what your needs are for your unique situation. They’re experts in outdoor living environments. [...]

Best of State 2016 Outstanding Triumphs Worthy Endeavors

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Utah’s Best of State Awards recognizes excellence in outstanding triumphs, successes and worthy endeavors in individuals, businesses and organizations throughout Utah. Western Timber Frame™ is focused on improving the quality of life in America, community and charitable involvement and the responsible use of their resources. This year they again won Utah’s Best of State award, but this time it was not one, but in three categories! I received the exciting news via a text yesterday: We did it again Guys! #1: Best of State 2016: Small Business: Western Timber Frame™ #2: Best of State 2016: Miscellaneous Manufacturing Industries: Western Timber Frame™ #3: Best of State 2016: Wood Products: Western Timber Frame Western Timber Frame™ received Best of State in three categories this year! Wow, we are extremely pleased and thankful to so many people. It has been [...]

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