People are wanting their backyards to be as comfortable as their indoor living room and arbors, trellises, pavilions, gazebos and pergolas have gained a tremendous influx in popularity. Timber is the highest in demand since wood, by nature, is the world’s best insulator and is also a poor conductor of heat. During the hot hours of the day, wood will absorb heat in the air and during the night, when the temperatures are lower, the wood releases heat to keep a natural balance of temperature. Timber is also green and renewable.

Timber outdoor living structures can range from a quaint garden arbor to a large-scale project, encompassing multiple pergolas and/or pavilions complete with an outdoor kitchen and more. Often these timber structures feature outdoor radiant heaters, shades, lights, ovens, swings, louvered roofs, hot tubs, electric power and so on. Accessories are not just for convenience and luxury, they are also green and renewable. Some customers request to have solar panels installed on top of their timber structure to reduce utility costs or feed power back into the grid and earn credits on their power bills.

Imagine you have a beautiful patio cover that pays your electric bills and turns sunlight into savings. With a solar powered pergola you can enjoy the reality of a more sustainable environment. Pergolas serve as a support for the solar panels making it eligible for incentives in many cases as well. An average system of 6.5 kilowatts daily generates 27 to 30 kilowatt hours which is the average a U.S household uses in a day.

Solar power has been around for decades but has only recently gained the attention and attraction of large utility companies. Today, pergolas are multi-functional, eco-friendly, offering more than visual appeal and protection from the sun. With an addition of a customized solar pergola you can subsidize your business or home energy.

Solar panels save on high utility bills and can pay for themselves over time. In some cases where solar panels have produced more power than was utilized the power companies have paid home and business owners for the increase at a fluctuating rate. For some this extra source of revenue can be significant benefit.

not-solar-panels-xsSolar panels on the ground take up much needed space. Up off the ground they would also be more efficient.

Customized solar pergolas offer a handsome alternative for those who may not like the look of residential solar panels. Sometimes a roof of a home may be limited on space or improperly positioned for solar panel purposes. Solar pergolas can be open rafter or solid roofed for a carport, deck, kitchen, swimming pool, hot tub or BBQ area. Solar pergolas generate additional electricity for fueling an electric car at home, lowering or eliminate the cost of operating a pool, powering a greenhouse and so much more. Whatever your designs are they can be completed with lighting, outdoor sound systems, television, etc. powered by solar panels.


Pergolas with added solar panels in business and residential applications are an elegant energy solution to help you break free from the power company creating an inviting earth friendly sustainable landscape.


Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide