The Fall time is the very best time of year to plant trees or shrubs giving their roots a chance to develop healthy roots before next years heat. They do need to be kept hydrated in the absence of rain or snow.

It is also the perfect time to install a timber frame pergola, arbor, pavilion or gazebo kit or deck. During the fall and winter seasons so much can be done to improve your landscape or extend your home living area with an outdoor shade structure to enjoy the outdoors year-round. Best of all, is how fast and easy the installation process is.

Featured below is a 12′ x 14′ timber frame pergola kit installed in just one afternoon. The timber frame kit features Champion style beam and rafter end profiles, Classic style knee braces and is finished in a premium high-grade UV protective Early American stain.

MOUSEOVER backyard makeover in just a few hours with deck and timber frame pergolas.

After Installing Deck/Stairs/Timber Frame Pergolas and Before

before installing timber frame pergola kit
before timer frame pergola kit

Before installing a 12′ x 14′ timber frame pergola kit over the backyard patio for shade.

after installing timber frame pergola kit
fire pit pergola shade

The timber frame pergola kit went up fast and easy and is strong, built to stand strong and worry-free in heavy mountainous snows with 160+ mph wind ratings. Now, just cleaning up and setting the fire-pit and outdoor furniture back in place.

after pergola installation

It is always fun to see the enthusiasm and excitement of the homeowners and their family. They look forward to enjoying many years of family time and get-togethers in their backyard.

outdoor living pergola
after pergola install for shade
outdoor living area

It is amazing to see the ease and speed that one of these massive timber frame shade structures can be installed. There is not an easier heavy timber pavilion or gazebo kit to install than the kits from Western Timber Frame™. In many aspects, they are often easier to install than even typical hardware store kits because their sheer size and strength allow for posts to stand upright. This combined with the interlocking joints makes for a straightforward installation. Western Timber Frame™ uses The Dovetail Difference™ design, a massive mortise and tenon dovetail joint system throughout the timber construction process that creates very strong, rigid joints.

With The Dovetail Difference™, even on a large over-sized 20′ beam, a post will just slide in, lock in place with a extremely tight seam without unsightly gaps. It allows the wood to naturally expand and contract in the outdoors, wherein you will not see any gaps as it is behind the dovetail mortise notch. Not only did The Dovetail Difference™ prove to be stronger it also adds to the beauty of the structure by maintaining a tighter more aesthetically pleasing joint.

MOUSEOVER timber frame pergola kit installation in ONE AFTERNOON.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide