attached pergola kit

ShadeScape™ kits from Western Timber Frame™ are not cookie cutter kits in the sense that you select a predetermined size. We only refer to them as a kit in the sense that it comes pre-cut, pre-fit, and pre-stained. It’s a custom designed outdoor living structure that is designed around your space, your needs, and your dreams.

This is an 8000 Series ShadeScape™ Attached Pergola Kit with a roof size of 12′ x 24′ 11″ as to fit the precise desires of this homeowner. The FullWrap™ wrap around roof features the Champion style beam and rafter end profiles on all three sides. This is a very popular aesthetically pleasing upgrade that in many ways eliminates a front and side feel to “come on in and sit with us” from every direction.

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Check out the DIY pergola kit specs and pictures for this backyard improvement.

Time proven timber frame structures, when properly engineered, the characteristics of timber combined with the mortise and tenon dovetail design without the use of nails or glue, have better seismic survivability and long-term durability than any other building material on earth.

The gents at Western Timber Frame™ believe in accessing the “smallest” details of perfection to engineer and design structures that will last for generations; which is why the mortise and tenon The Dovetail Difference™, a patent pending connection system sets them apart in the timber frame industry. Responsible timber framing with the mortise and tenon, patent pending The Dovetail Difference™ connection system creates a responsibly sound, more durable shade structure with more resistance to powerful coastal storms, high winds, weighty snows of high mountainous regions and seismic shifting; maintaining its structural integrity. The unique design of the patent pending The Dovetail Difference™ is also what makes these massive sized ShadeScape™ structures so fast and easy to install.

dovetail difference

The Dovetail Difference™ just slides securely into place while allowing the wood to naturally expand and contract while maintaining the integrity of the post.

attached pergola kit

12′ x 24′ 11″ ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY Attached Pergola Kit Installed with FullWrap™ Around Roof

attached to house pergola

Knee brace of ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY Pergola Kit with FullWrap™ Around Roof attached to the home.

ShadeScape™ 8000 Series Specs for Attached DIY Pergola Kit

Upgrade: Wrap Around Roof
Project Type: Attached
Style: Traditional
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Timber Size:  8″ Posts
Stain: Rich Cordoba
Beam Profile: Champion
Knee Brace: Classic
Roof Size: 12′ x 24′ 11″
Footprint Size: 11′ x 22′ 11″
Overall Structure Height: 10′ 4″
Custom Beam Size: 4×14
Bottom of Support Beam: 8′ 4″
Hardware: Knife Plate

full wrap roof

ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY Attached Pergola Kit with FullWrap™ Around Roof.

roof of pergola kit

Looking up beneath the roof through the shade planks and rafters of the ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY Attached Pergola Kit

pergola shade full wrap roof
pergola shade swing
patio shade pergola

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide