Timber Frame Cabana With Outdoor TV Fireplace

Timber Frame Cabana Kit

This 16′ x 24′ timber frame Cabana took about 12 hours to install. The pavers and fireplace were added after. The mini wooden barn doors cover an outdoor television and below is a gas fireplace that changes colors, from red, blue, green, orange to yellow for a delightful night ambience.

10000 series poolside pavilion post

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“We could go interview all of our neighbors they could tell you that the Harbertsons were out here all summer long using this pavilion. I mean, we already used our backyard a lot. But this just doubled our usage. And it is great, you want kids here. You want to use your stuff. So it really helped extend the use of our backyard, and make it more functional. Even during the day, I could come sit out here by the pool and watch the kids swim and not be baked by the sun.” – Megan Harbertson – UT

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Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“It’s funny because the ceiling does feel higher but it is not a super high pitched roof. It is more of a flatter roof style so that it didn’t block our views when we are on our upper deck. When you are in here it still feels high and spacious and still has a good pitch.”- Megan Harbertson – UT

Custom Timber Frame Cabana Display at Polynesian Days

The hipped roof Cabana was previously on display for Polynesian Days at the Thanksgiving Point with a grass roof.

pavilion tv pool power
shadescape paviiion pool

In times past when it started raining everyone went home. Megan said this year when it rained everyone just gathered under the Cabana and continued their party, “It was great fun. Everyone really enjoys themselves here.”

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“The teenagers used it all summer. They used it more that we did. They loved it, and it is funny how people congregate under here while they are swimming. But then they are still gathering mostly over here, this became a favorite hangout spot.. – Megan Harbertson – UT

cabana outdoor tv roof

The hipped roof is finished underneath in a beautiful Rich Cordoba stain contrasting the custom light stained Cabana timbers.

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“Another thing we were able to do with Western Timber is they put electrical in. And you can decide where you want it and how much you want. You can have all sorts of options. We have light switches, and electricity, and charging stations. So that don’t have to go inside if we have to charge our phone or can plug in lights. And so we could have you know they can program it or wire it so that you can put a fan in if you want a fan out here as well. So the options are endless with electrical stuff.” – Megan Harbertson – UT

Timber Frame Cabana Kit Features

Timber Size: 8000 Series ShadeScape®

Roof Size: 16′ x 24′

Style: Tropical

Wood Type: Douglas-fir

Post Upgrade: 10″ x 10″

Roof Style: Hipped Roof

Beam Profile Style: Crescent Step

Knee Brace Style: Classic

Beam Upgrade: Arched Cut Beams

Stain Color: Custom Cream and Rich Cordoba

Upgrade Roof: Extra roof overhang on all sides

Outdoor Power: TimberVolt® Inferno, ideal for charging your smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices, while you watch movies on your outdoor TV that is plugged into one of the main electrical receptacles up top.

“It is so nice to have permanent shade. For a lot of years we had an umbrella and when a big wind gust would come the umbrella would tip over and everyone would run for shade under a tree. It is surprising how many people congregate under the pavilion all summer long. It is nice. As it has got cooler at night, we have enjoyed sitting out here with a cover.” – Megan Harbertson – UT

fireplace tv pavilion

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“I would definitely recommend Western Timber Frame. They were great to work with and really helpful with all of my questions.“. – Megan Harbertson – UT