Are Gabled Roofs the Best Type of Covering for Open-Air Shelters?

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As a homeowner you want more out of your real-estate investment than just creating a feel good first impression. And the reason is: the real value of your property is so much more substantial than pleasing aromas and aesthetical facades. Timber frame shade shelters give you a better-managed landscape that will vitally and significantly benefit your family, as well as your friends. This is why you now plan to have a ShadeScape® pavilion kit installed. The crowning glory of architectural shade structures: an arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola is the topside covering. Of all the variety of roof designs, the gable is a classic and serves as the architectural standard. In some regions this pattern is not just atypical; it is the required by code in some areas. A "traditional" gabled roof consists of two planes that [...]

You Want to Build a Pavilion — NOW WHAT?

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Today is your day. You’ve decided to create one of the most beautiful architectural paradises right in your backyard —a nature inspired timber pavilion. Let's start. It is going to be a fast and easy project that will be a redwood-sized success! For all practical purposes, a well planned shade shelter such as a pavilion, pergola, gazebo —should accommodate multiple functions. Whether you have an expansive area, large enough to entertain several guests or a narrow side yard, every detail is important. Three vital things a plan should include is how much shade coverage is needed, the applicability, and traffic flow for enduring year-round usage. Placement of Your Shade Shelter The largest determining factor as to where to erect your shade shelter is the landscape and established structures. The direction it faces can [...]

14 Hot Tub Covers & Sauna Shelters – Gazebos Pavilions Pergolas

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Reception centers, outdoor churches, hospital resting places, outdoor dining areas, sunrooms, pool covers, pool houses, carports, Porte-cochères —Western Timber Frame™ has built old-world shelters for so many purposes. And yet, by the very nature of its use —one of the most intimate of shelters settings is timber hot tub coverings and privacy screens. A timber cover will dramatically change the look with a stunning beauty that turns an area into a showpiece. Pictured here is a hot tub area before installing a #DIYPergolaKit for a covering. Below are three pictures after the installation of a ShadeScape® pergola kit over the backyard hot tub area. The design still allows for an open hot tub exposure which the homeowners desired while keeping off the hottest time of the day for sunshine making it more more enjoyable all year [...]

Model Ideas to Optimize Ordinary Days In Your Backyard

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Our relationships are built in the raw simplicity of ordinary days. How you plan to use your outdoor living space every day will determine the best type of timber shelter that is right for your family, now and in the future. There is much satisfaction seeing such dramatic change that takes place in such a small amount of time with a ShadeScape® kit of any size. How Do You Envision Your Optimal Ordinary Day? Newly installed timber frame ShadeScape® pergola kit. • Feel the moments with those that give warmth to your heart. • Party with a cooling game of water balloon piñatas hung from the rafters. • Soak in the healing rays of the sun next to your solid wood privacy screen. • Swing with the kids in [...]

Energize w/Living Air – New Woodland Cedar Pavilion

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What a perfect getaway in your own backyard! At Western Timber Frame™, our focus is on family and building upon American front porch traditions that bring communities together. The Woodland Series Kits are engineered and designed with that same ideology that all of our innovative ideas, to strengthen American families. The Woodland Series give the same wonderful shelter as our standard pavilions but with less timber, it delivers the same strength and benefit, at a lower cost. The Glaze family were impressed by these Massive ShadeScape® shelters at the Maricopa Arizona Home Show last year so they decided on an 18’ x 30’ Woodland Series ShadeScape® Kit. Their kit is made of solid wood cedar and features a two-tone stain, 6-Posts, with 8" posts, our 8000 Series ShadeScape® pavilion kit. The pictures show off the tile roof which is also a popular feature common to Arizona where it is [...]

Extra Living Space – Easy DIY Shelter w/Seismic Resilience

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An easy solution to a cancelled vacation is a relaxing getaway, at home with a cabana, gazebo, pergola, or pavilion. Western Timber Frame has always offered Virtual Design appointments via the phone or over the computer. If you like, it is simple to build yourself. And in most cases, can be installed in as little as one afternoon! Or you can have it installed for you. What Is DIFFERENT About a ShadeScape®? Western Timber Frame™ is different; we do not fit you with a pre-made, cookie-cutter kit. These are not kits that you can buy in your average big-box store. All of our pre-fitted and pre-cut shelters are custom built to match your requirements and to fit your back yard. We call our pergolas and pavilions “a kit” because we ship them to your door ready to assemble. However, due to [...]

Add Spectacular Color to Your Winter Landscape

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Embrace a new landscape with eye-directing lines and vibrant landscape colors that will showcase your yard year-round. The quiet season is a good time to inspect and notice where you can create some additional attention-grabbing interest. Afterall, evergreens are not the only backbone of a steady color you can count for a winter landscape. ShadeScape® Pavilion - #DIYPavilionKit - #CupolaPavilion #ParkPavilion We specialize in solid timber structures —such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, trellises, post and beam, trusses and more. It is a fast and easy way to ensure a year-round outdoor show of textural interest and sculptural beauty as well as the practical use of space. Plants and shrubs are also another way to introduce intensity and coloration —as is a hedge, piece of garden art, and lights. Here are some ideas to start you on your way [...]

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