Blowing Your Nose & The Affects Upon The Environment

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Over six billion people throughout the world wake up everyday with real needs and using wood in many ways they may not even be aware of. If you look around you, almost every item you see has been produced in some way through the means of trees; foods, medicines, shampoo, automobiles, computers, as well as one of the most essential needs: toilet paper. Toilet paper? Toilet paper is an indiscriminating subject and not typically a topic to discuss in public and across the world wide web. There is however, a decades old recirculating and resurfacing question that keeps presenting concerns and creating issues to the public with this question: "Shouldn't we "conserve", stop "hurting forests" and "using toilet paper?" Let me explain conservation through practical experience. My mother was the queen of conservation. She knew what it was to go to bed without food. Waste was a sin and everything was considered [...]

Timber Ships & Our Heritage in Waste Free Renewable Timber

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Whether it is in an weathered old timber barn or in something as grand as an awe inspiring great timbered cathedral, there is a welcoming, appealing, warmth of beauty in the handsomely exposed beams of timber frame. Timber framing is growing in America but timber framing is not a new idea in America. The settlers from Europe brought the art of timber framing with them to America and timber framing was the main means of building and constructing until the mid 19th century. With the ability to mass produce nails, structural braces and the demand for quick small timbers for cheaper housing, the method of stud construction expanded across America. While the majority of American homes today are still being built using the stud construction method there has been a great revival in the art of timber framing construction. New techniques in manufacturing have reduced the labor involved in [...]

Timber Frame Pergola: Against the Wind, Under Snow and Seismic Loads

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Aluminum Pergola Wind Blown DownSnow Collapsed Vinyl Pergola Over the last 50 years engineering research has been conducted and wind force data collected to improve designs of structures for prevailing high winds and determined seismic flexibility; which has resulted in varying state and local building codes and national load standards for buildings and other structures. The building codes continue to change and efforts are made to improve and ensure structures in high wind and earthquake prevalent areas. With the natural occurrences of storms, strong winds, heavy snows and seismic shifting it is essential to have a thorough understanding of load paths and design properties. Timber Frame Railroad Bridge   Timber frame bridges have been among the most visible and noble testimonies of the integrity of timber. Some still in use date back as early as the 16th century; proven masterpieces of engineering, technology and long lasting endurance spanning great [...]

Timber Wise – Taking a Closer Look at Trees

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  Trees are universal and one of our most important resources. With more than eight billion acres of forestry over one forth of the earth is clothed with an abundance of wood.  Wood is more resilient and has a greater margin of safety being physically able to absorb the shock of impact from heavier loads than alternative materials. Just recently scientists have created a synthetic bone from heated rattan wood that the body will accept and is load bearing and so similar to real bone that tissue cells and blood treat it as if were actually bone eliminating the need for bone replacements and is far surpassed in excellent than any metal or ceramic material. Wood also costs less and expends less energy to manufacture from raw material. Unlike mining for ore, trees are harvested crops and are not depleted. Only a small fraction of the forests are utilized and [...]

Pool Time!

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Snow is finally melting, the sun has come out, and we're all as excited as the birds are to get out into the fresh air! Many of you have already started on your backyard planning, such as cleaning up the debris from the winter or preparing the soil for gardening. Some have plans to expand their outdoor living space by adding a deck or patio or putting in a timber structure. Don't have any plans yet? That's okay. There's still plenty of time to decide what to do with your back yard space before spring comes in full bloom. For those who live in more balmy climates have the benefit of warm weather pretty much year-round. Pools are extremely popular in these areas, such as Florida and Louisiana. We have a gorgeous louvered roof pergola to share with you from Texas! This pool is beautifully located at the end of [...]

Backyard Trends Newsletter — March 2013 Issue

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Backyard Trends Newsletter       Western Timber Frame News  March 2013 In This Issue New Office Location Pierce Pergola Revised Logo Follow us on Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, etc! Award-Winning Backyard Pergolas Call today for best pricing! 801-331-6690 Click here to view our complete GALLERY Western Timber Frame Has Moved! Because of our high reputation as a company with quality products and service, our sales continue to increase. Due to the high demand we are receiving across the nation as well as an increase in international sales, we have relocated our entire manufacturing facility into a 25,000 sq. ft. building! Our new office and manufacturing facility are now in Lehi, UT. Soon we will have an outdoor arrangement of various types and styles of our timber structures for display.    Like our timber structures? Curious about our products? Need some landscaping ideas?  Come visit us and ask questions at: 181 S. [...]

It’s Never Too Early….or Too Late!

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As winter starts to fade away and spring starting peeking in, it's a great time to celebrate by spending time out in the pavilion! It's never too early or too late in the year to have fun outside, that's for sure. Even in the middle of winter, you can still enjoy your timber structure, like these siblings did! A popular addition for backyards is a fire pit or fire place. We'll be sharing a couple of projects with you that shows a couple different ideas of how you can use a fire pit along with your outdoor living area! This family created a whole new "room" outside that is the perfect gathering place for all ages. This 14' x 20' pavilion looks great with the Champion profile and finished in Early American stain. The arched knee braces sets it out from the rock wall. Strategically placed just off to the [...]

Wish Spring was Here? Start Planning NOW!

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Walking on the lush green grass and soaking in the warm sun, you can't help but stare up at the rich blue sky. The leaves rustle in the breeze as the clouds roll by. Looking around the backyard, the flowers are just starting to bloom along the pergola while birds and butterflies flit to and fro. A quick slip on the ice jolts you out of your blissful imagination. The cold, harsh reality hits you as you regain your balance. (Sighs)......it's still winter! If you're like me, you're tired of winter and wish that spring were here now already. One thing that will help winter go by faster is to start planning for spring. You are probably thinking about all the things that you want to do once the weather starts getting warm again. Remember, good things come to those who wait...but better things come to those who PLAN! From [...]

Tips to Beat the Winter Blues…..

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I know I'm not the only one who is starting to feel a little bit blue from winter. Seems like once Christmas and New Year's comes and goes, winter starts to wear out its welcome. This is especially true for those who are not big into winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, etc. What to DO?! In our Backyard Trends Newsletter, we shared a few tips on beating the winter blues. We would like to add a few more suggestions. Here are a few ideas... First of all, get out of the house! Most people who don't enjoy winter so much have reason to complain because they are too cold. If this is the issue, take a look at your wardrobe and see what needs to be added! Add more layers, grab an extra sweater, and slip some gloves on! I am always amazed at how much of a difference [...]

Protecting My Patio in the Winter?

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Winter storms are blasting all across the U.S. Snow accumulations range from 0 inches to over 4 feet, depending on where you live. Some are lucky to have nice balmy weather, such as in Florida or California, while others endure freezing, rigid winters, such as in Montana or Minnesota. Most people, however, will experience snow to one degree or another during this winter. How many of you have a patio, porch, or balcony that gets covered with snow and becomes all slippery, thus posing a hazardous situation? I know I don't enjoy hauling in groceries or carrying the baby out to the vehicle while attempting to learn how to ice-skate at the same time. I'd rather leave that to the Olympians and be safe! But certainly nobody can just stay cooped up in their house all winter either. Yes, salting pathways, driveways, and porches will help reduce the slickness and [...]

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