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An outdoor fireplace design can complement your living style and the architecture of your home and provide enjoyment outdoors year-round. Many coastal and high elevation areas can be brisk in the early mornings and evenings, even sometimes in the summertime and adding a fireplace to your pergola can create the perfect outdoor living environment.

Beyond the conventional wood burning fireplaces, fire hearths, solar fireplaces, gas fireplaces and propane fireplaces are popular alternatives to places where city ordinances do not allow wood fires.

Each timber framed DIY pergola kit featured below is designed with Western Timber Frame's renown The Dovetail Difference™, a state-of-the-art dovetailed mortise and tenon joint system using old world craftsmanship combined with modern technology. Independent engineering testing has shown that Western Timber Frame's dovetail joints are 500% greater in strength and load carrying capacity as compared to traditional hangers.

Enjoy thirteen wonderful fireplace hearths and extended outdoor living settings under the umbrella of a DIY solid wood timber framed pergola for family get-togethers.

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13 outdoor rooms fireplace cover with pergola

#1     A night time shot of a beautiful outdoor fireplace setting with a blazing fire. This installed solid wood DIY timber framed pergola kit was finished in Western Timber Frame’s Early American stain.

#2   A 16' x 16' Rich Cordoba stained finish solid wood timber framed DIY pergola kit installed over an outdoor fireplace decked with lime green candles. This outdoor shade structure give much needed shade on the south side of the house making a space that once not as useable, an inviting place to be. A barbecue grill off to the side with outdoor furniture make this a great family atmosphere for years of get-together, year-round.

#3     This outdoor fireplace was combined to share a chimney with the indoor fireplace. This is a great way to cut costs on the chimney for the fireplace, especially if it is installed during the construction of the home. We installed a 10' x 20' solid wood timber framed pergola kit over the fireplace. This pergola shade structure was finished in a custom high quality premium white stain to compliment the elements of the home.

#4      High in the mountains with periodic heavy snowfalls this fireplace was installed to enjoy year-round family activities in the outdoors. A 14' x 16' solid wood DIY pergola kit finished in a Canyon Grey stain gives the shade and comfort needed to enjoy many hours of outdoor fun for the family.

#5    A 20' x 20' DIY wood pergola kit finished with an Early American stain over a fireplace with outdoor furniture. Additional accessories make this an extra wonderful place to gather. The timber framed pergola is pre-drilled with power for lighting without unsightly cords. Lighting and plugs are just a few of the extra added comforts available at Western Timber Frame. A hot tub on the side was also added for hours of family relaxation.

#6    A DIY timber framed pergola kit finished in a premium high quality Rich Cordoba stain was installed over a stone outdoor fireplace. A string of lights was added later.

#7    Beautiful red stone outdoor fireplace with a built in barbecue grill. A solid wood DIY timber framed pergola kit finished with a Rich Sequoia stain. The pergola features the decorative tear drop keystones.

#8    A cream and brick faced outdoor fireplace with two coves for storing firewood covered with a 12' x 16' Early American stained pergola. The DIY pergola kit was installed with an extended radius roof and sits next to an outdoor swimming pool.

#9   The side view of an outdoor stone fireplace. The sides are coved in for storing extra firewood. A 16' x 16' Rich Cordoba stain finished solid wood pergola covers outdoor furniture.

#10    A 12' x 12' Rich Cordoba stain finished timber framed DIY pergola kit installed for an outdoor fireplace next to a swimming pool.

#11    A beautiful 12' x 16' Early American finished DIY wood pergola kit over an outdoor furniture set on the back patio complete with an outdoor fireplace.

#12   This is an extra nice brick fireplace with extra cooking and wood storing compartments under an over sized solid wood DIY timber framed pergola kit.

#13    Rock stairs lead up to a fireplace covered with a 10' x 20' full size custom white stain finished DIY timber framed pergola kit.

  Western Timber Frame developed a premium high grade water based stain to not only have a longer life that will protect our outdoor pergola kits for decades, but also to protect the environment, their employees and their customers health when they stain or re-stain.

Western Timber Frame structures are visible massive heavy timbers of impressive engineering masterpieces rich in architectural heritage, perfected in modern technology, creating monumental heirlooms for generations to enjoy.

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