attached pergola

Designing and installing a shade shelter for an outdoor kitchen space is fast and easy with a ShadeScape® arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola kit. In most cases, a kit can be installed in as little as one afternoon.

Life is more relaxed in the outdoors, and cooking with an outdoor kitchen bar or barbecue can add a finishing touch to your backyard entertaining space. 

A timber frame shade shelter is also a practical way to maximize your space for any type of outdoor living.  For many, the backyard is a second kitchen, dining/living room or even a sleeping porch or bedroom.

pergola outdoor barbecue

Arbors, pavilions, pergolas, and gazebos provide living space with a sense of enclosure while being open to the air creating an environment perfect for outdoor entertaining, particularly for an outdoor kitchen which can be integrated under it at any time, or even at a later date. With an outdoor timber frame structure, an outdoor kitchen can be built on an existing patio or built from the ground up.

A timber frame attached pergola over a porch can also easily create a wonderful extension of a kitchen as well as eating and dining room spaces better suited for socializing. The enclosed roof on a pavilion can make a kitchen more useable year-round, while the open roof of a pergola is more open for grilling.

outdoor kitchen

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An arbor, pavilion, pergola or gazebo can be easily be transformed into an outdoor kitchen simply by adding a countertop for preparing food with a built-in barbecue.

People love the pleasure of eating and cooking outdoors savoring the smell of mouth-watering grilling food that just seems to taste better. Seating for the outdoor dining areas can range from a standard picnic table, full dining table and chairs to a complete bar. A good old fashioned barbecue is also a wonderful way to escape the walls of a kitchen and enjoy the closeness of nature.

As the weather grows warmer and heats up cooking over a grill is more comfortable with an overhead pergola or pavilion for more comfortable temperatures, protection from the elements, extending outdoor entertaining opportunities.

deck pavilion pergola arbor


An outdoor kitchen for entertaining under a pergola is a natural place to gather and relax while allowing the chef to be part of the action and to congregate freely.

There are many manufacturers that produce free standing barbecues. Barbecues can be equipped with a rotisserie that can also double as a smoker. Some models also include a stove top burner. An entire meal can be prepared without needing to step one foot into the kitchen inside.

outdoor kitchen

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For others, an outdoor kitchen is eloquently styled with all the amenities and every component imaginable. This may include a counter, cabinets, stainless steel appliances, refrigerator, pizza ovens, cooktop, built-in barbecue, stainless steel sink and any luxury you might find in an indoor kitchen.

The kits can easily have privacy walls added for a windbreak or to create enclosed rooms as this ShadeScape® pavilion kit in Florida shown in process.

outdoor kitchen with walls added to pavilion kit


Planning ahead with an arbor, pergola, pavilion or gazebo will provide the perfect setting for many years of outdoor cooking good times together.

Featured today is a collection of 20 previously posted ShadeScape® projects into one easy to access location. Each ShadeScape® shelter; pergola, pavilion, or gazebo covers an outdoor kitchen or barbecuing grill station, as well as a barbecue arbor.


After installing 12 post pavilion kitbefore installing 12 post pavilion kit

After and Before

16′ x 20′ 10,000 Series ShadeScape® Triple Post Pavilion Kit installed with outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and dining area.

kit for 12 post pavilion

This is the kit laid out and ready to assemble.

12 post pavilion

ShadeScape® kits are fast and easy to install. In most cases they can be erected in as little as one afternoon. The rock and brick work was installed after the timber frame pavilion was installed.

roof 12 post pavilion


fireplace pavilion lights


outdoor kitchen sink and integrated power post

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DIY Pavilion Tuscany style

ShadeScape® kits can be powered with integrated power posts or drilled for power.



8000 Series ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

16′ x 16′ 8000 Series ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit for an outdoor kitchen with an outdoor sink and barbecue bar for a poolside entertainment area featuring Classic style knee braces, Roosevelt Step style beam and rafter end profiles, finished in a premium, high-grade UV protective Early American stain.

New York

outdoor kitchen with pergola shade

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Full kitchen with outdoor sink and built-in barbecue beneath a 15′ 5 1/8″ x 16′ 10 3/4″ ShadeScape® pergola kit with a roof height of 9′ 8″. DIY ShadeScape® Pergola, an 8000 Series kit is built of Douglas-fir and features Roosevelt style beam and rafter end profiles, Classic style knee braces, finished in a premium, high-grade UV protective Rich Cordoba stain.


pavilion night-light

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15′ x 17′ ShadeScape® timber frame DIY pavilion kit installed over an outdoor kitchen with a built-in barbecue. The 8000 Series kit features Crescent style beam end, arched knee braces with decorative keystones and finished in a premium high grade, UV protective Early American stain. Above photo courtesy of Alderwood Landscape Spokane Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers.


Pavilion with outdoor kitchen

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pavilion outdoor kitchen

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Free-standing 16′ x 20′ timber frame ShadeScape®, solid wood cedar DIY pavilion kit with an outdoor kitchen featuring 4″ x 12″ beams, Champion style beam, and rafter profiles, arched knee braces, decorative keystones, Classic style knee braces with beautiful premium, high-grade UV protective Early American stain. The tongue and groove roof underneath is finished in a premium, high-grade Natural stain, complimenting the Early American stain giving it a brighter ambiance beneath the pavilion. The cedar timber frame DIY pavilion kit also features 8″ x 8″ posts and is drilled for power.



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timber frame pergola tv

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Poolside attached ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit installed over an outdoor kitchen featuring Axis Step style beam and rafter end profiles and the premium Canyon Grey stain. The remote-controlled roof is made of aluminum planks that are hinged into a frame, which can be opened or closed at the click of a button. When open, it allows light through and when it is closed, it prevents water or light from coming through.


outdoor kitchen shadescape shelter

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outdoor kitchen shadescape shelter

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outdoor kitchen pavilion

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This is a Douglas Fir 16′ x 18′ over sized, poolside ShadeScape® DIY pavilion kit installed over an outdoor kitchen featuring 4 arches with keystones, 2 firefly upper front posts, Crescent style beam end profiles and finished in a premium high-grade UV protective timber stain.

There is nothing better than a beautiful poolside pavilion to entertain or simply relax. The Dorenkamp family’s amazing yard, outdoor kitchen, and pavilion turned out top-notch! It is always great to see such high-quality products from all involved in this project.

Like all of our timber pavilion kits, each piece was pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, and pre-notched with an easy roof layout with no guess work. The installation manual includes easy step-by-step directions that are clear to follow as well as illustrations that show all the different details of assembling the pavilion. This project went up fast and easy.

This is a Douglas Fir 16′ x 18′ Oversized DIY pavilion kit featuring 4 arches with keystones, 2 firefly upper front posts, Crescent style beam end profiles and finished in a premium high-grade UV protective timber stain.


outdoor kitchen

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12′ x 14′ ShadeScape® pergola kit installed over an outdoor kitchen complete with sink and outdoor television. The timber frame DIY pergola kit features Champion style beam and rafter end profiles, Classic knee braces and is finished in the premium, high-grade UV protective Early American exterior wood stain.

As pictured left, solid wood shade shelters are easy to decorate for all occasions and special events.


outdoor kitchen pavilion kit

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A 21′ x 22′ ShadeScape® DIY pavilion kit featuring a built-in brick kitchen bar and barbecue with countertop and outdoor sink.

outdoor kitchen pavilion

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outdoor barbecue kitchen pavilion

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outdoor kitchen pavilion

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timber frame gazebo

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#OutdoorKitchenCabinets #DIYGazeboKit #OutdoorCountertops

A 24′ timber frame ShadeScape® DIY gazebo kit with two adjoining pergola kits. The gazebo is installed with built-in outdoor solid wood cabinets and granite countertops. Outdoor cabinets are a wonderful addition to an outdoor living room for storage and convenience.

The ShadeScape® DIY gazebo kit and ShadeScape® DIY pergola kits each feature the Cove style knee braces and Champion style beam and rafter end profiles. It is finished in a premium, high-grade UV protective Early American wood stain that blends warmly into this natural landscaped design. A stream flows underneath the patio and from every side of the landscape, with a spectacular view.

Before & After

gazebo before



Before and After

barbecue grill before installing an arborarbor after


arbor barbecue


5′ x 13′ ShadeScape® DIY timber frame barbecue arbor kit featuring Roosevelt style beam and rafter end profiles, Classic style knee braces and finished in a premium, high-grade UV protective exterior Early American wood stain.


outdoor kitchen before pergola kit installoutdoor pergola over kitchen


outdoor kitchen shade

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ShadeScape® 14′ x 20′ DIY Pavilion Kit installed in California. The pavilion kit features Classic style knee braces and is finished in a Rich Cordoba stain.


outdoor kitchen pavilion



Entertain in Style Outdoor Kitchen DIY Pavilion

Entertain in style with an easy to do, Woodland Series pavilion kit over an outdoor kitchen by the swimming pool. This 8000 Series ShadeScape® Kit was installed in Scottsdale, Arizona. The pavilion provides awesome shade, to comfortably enjoy the swimming pool at all times, especially in the heat of the day.

The Woodland Series is a new addition to Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® pavilion kits. Todays featured kit is showcased with the TimberVolt® power post that makes it easy to light up the outdoors beautifully at night. Check out the pictures we were sent with the evening lights on.

ShadeScape® DIY Woodland Pavilion Plan Specs

Structure Type: Pavilion
Project Type: Freestanding
Structure Style: Traditional
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Timber Size: 8000 Series
Stain: Natural
Beam Profile: Axis

Knee Brace: Standard
Knee Brace Opt 2: Includes Arched Knee Braces
Roof Size Dimensions: 12′ x 20′
Footprint Size Dimensions: 10′ x 18′
Post Size: 8″ x 8″ x 9′
Roof Pitch: 4/12
Hardware: 4 Knife Plates


outdoor kitchen pavilion


pavilion kitchen


The optimal out-of-doors environment fuels the human soul to escape from routines and daily scheduled lives.

Cooking dinner for instance, in an outdoor environment invites people to come together and offer a hand in the experience. Some of the best memories aren’t necessarily the event as much as it is the people building upon their common experiences.

Pictured above is an outdoor dining room, living room and barbecue bar beneath ShadeScape® 10,000 series DIY pavilion kit erected for a shade over backyard patio with TimberVolt® outdoor power post.


outdoor kitchen pavilion


North Carolina

timber frame pergola kit

Featured today is a Wild Olive Stain, 8000 Series ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit.

Wild Olive stain instills a refreshing, uplifting and purifying presence of nature with the excitement of spring and rebirth. The physical effects of Wild Olive stimulate the pituitary gland, relaxes muscles, and although somewhat paradoxically, it revitalizes and invigorates. Studies have even shown it to increase creativity and improve reading skills. Wild Olive is from the green spectrum, the most common color of our natural world, and as an interesting tidbit, 1st President George Washington’s favorite color.

Wild Olive is fast becoming a ShadeScape® landscaping top of the favorite list of stains, and it is easy to see why. Stains such as our popular Early American, Rich Sequoia, and Rich Cordoba, capture the eyes and draw attention to the ShadeScape® showpiece. Wild Olive embraces our innate desires to integrate with nature.

When all the extra commodities are finished, this 8000 Series ShadeScape® will serve as an entertainment area with some shade for swimming time. Thanks so much, for the pictures. Below are the specs and details from this 16′ x 16′ timber DIY Pergola Plan.

Structure Type: Pergola
Project Type: Freestanding
Timber Size: 8000 Series – 8″ x 8″ Posts
Style: Traditional
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Footprint Size: 14×14

Beam & Rafter Profile Style: Champion
Beam Size: 4×12
Rafter Size: 3×10
Shade Plank Size: 2×6
Stain Color: Wild Olive
Knee Brace Style: Classic

poolside pergola kit installed

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TimberVolt® Power Post: Post Drilled to 2 outlets with USB, double lightswitch/fan, and 1 GFCI Outlet. The outlet will is pre-wired and the post outfitted with a male cord at the bottom and female cord at the top of the post. 1 Lightswitch and 1 outlet box cover provided. The posts are sitting on 20″ tall bases.


family snow outdoors pavilion

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outdoor kitchen

Pergolas, gazebos, arbors, pavilions & trellises are often conjoined together for a collage of beautiful outdoor architectural shade structures to utilize the maximum family-friendly outdoor entertainment environments.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide