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12' x 20' timber frame pergola kit installed over backyard patio for shade.
The Dovetail Difference™ gives these shade structures a remarkable 160+ wind rating; these structures are architecturally more responsible, integral, with increased resilience to seismic shifting, powerful coastal storms, high winds, and heavy mountainous regions.
An EarthAnchor™ knife plate for dovetailed timber frame pergola kits from Western Timber Frame.
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A Design Manager helps to deliver perfection from first contact to the successful installation of your Western Timber Frame Pergola Kit.

12' x 20' DIY Timber Frame Pergola Plan

As a manufacturer of fine luxury DIY timber pavilion and pergola kits Western Timber Frame™ focuses on creating beautiful and functional outdoor living environments that facilitate luxury outdoor living.

Every kit is a custom designed high quality product, crafted for the customer's specific needs and situation. No two kits are the same. At Western Timber Frame™ the focus is more than providing a unique, high-quality product, but they also offer an unusual design and planning process that ensures a customers needs are truly fulfilled within their budget.

This is the specs of a basic 12' x 20' over-sized DIY pergola plan, a popular size for backyard family entertaining. This means the roof size is 12' x 20'. The footprint size (post to post) is usually 10' x 18' . The size and dimensions however can vary as the Design Managers at Western Timber Frame™ works to ensure that your outdoor living space is a one-of-a-kind, tailored for your own individual outdoor living needs.

Lable Item Thickness Width Length Qty
A. Post 8" 8" 110" 4
B. Notched Support Beam 4" 12" 202" 2
C. Support Beam 4" 12" 106" 2
D. Rafter 3" 10" 144" 12
E. Shade Plank 2" 6" 240" 13
F. Knee Brace 3" 8" 36" 8
G. Beam Extension 4" 12" 13" 4
H. Beam Extension 4" 12" 13" 4
I. Knife Plate 1/4" 7" 7" 4

The notched drop-in rafter layout makes installation a breeze. Because the timber beam that supports the rafters is already marked and slotted, you don’t have to measure anything or try to figure the proper spacing of your rafters. However, the primary benefit of the drop-in rafter layout is that it helps prevent warping and twisting of the rafters year after year. The hard work is done for you by our experienced craftsman.

asian style pergola
rafter notched

All the timbers are massive true-to-size timbers; and although these timber frame pergola kits are over-sized they can be assembled in as little as one Saturday afternoon. Click here to see how and why.


Featuring 12' x 20' DIY timber frame pergola kits, each installed for backyard shade to meet each homeowners specific needs.


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