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Western Timber Frame™ is often asked about weathering, maintenance and material comparison on our timber frame ShadeScape® pergola kits, arbor, gazebo and pavilion kits. Western Timber Frame™ offers a 25 year warranty on our 8000, 10,000 and 12,000 Series ShadeScape® heavy rough-sawn timber frame DIY pergola kits and a 15 year warranty on the 6000 Series ShadeScape® heavy rough-sawn timber frame kits. Check out the Western Timber Frame™ website to view the differences between the 6000 ShadeScape® Series and and the Oversized ShadeScape® Series heavy timber kits.

4 time winner

However, a warranty is only as good as the manufacturer. Western Timber Frame™ has been working with timber for over 30 years. It is their passion. They back up their products, as testament to our across the board 5 star reviews on all 3rd party review platforms from Google, to Houzz.

Conventional timber pergola kits require painting or staining yearly. However, with ShadeScape® pergola kits, they only require a touch up stain every 3-5 years with our proprietary water based UV resistant solid stain. In some cases, simply add some of Western Timber Frame™ stain to a spray bottle, mist any needed areas and roller over them it is good for another 3-5 years, looking brand new again.

Wind-rated aluminum reinforced vinyl is offered as a lightweight, low maintenance and cost effective alternative to modern shade structures.  Of all of the pergolas or pavilions replaced by Western Timber Frame™, Vinyl is the #1 most replaced material. All materials have some upkeep and maintenance.


This is a "steel reinforced" vinyl pergola Western Timber Frame™ was asked to replace recently. Like many other vinyl pergolas they have replaced, this one was steel reinforced, supposed to stand up to wind and snow, etc. This kit cost this customer over $6,500, and the national brand company they purchased it from would not do anything to help them.

A warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Luckily for this client, their home insurance covered the damage and they are able to replace this kit with a ShadeScape® that will stand.

aluminum reinforced vinyl pergola

Remains of an "steel reinforced" vinyl pergola blown down by the wind.

aluminum pergola blown down

Remains of a "wood reinforced" aluminum pergola blown down by a wind.


Compare the Difference

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pergola post knife plate

Inserting a knife plate into a solid wood timber pergola post from Western Timber Frame™.

broken vinyl pergola post

Broken off bottom of National brand wind rated engineered aluminum reinforced vinyl pergola blown down in a Utah wind.

Walking on cantilever radius roof top pergola

This ShadeScape® was erected in the winter. These timber structures can be installed year round; which is nice to be able to improve a landscape anytime of year. On the right is a photo of the same pergola 7 months later.

shadescape pergola

Engineered and tested for wind ratings of 120+ mph, a Western Timber Frame™ has never had to replace a timber frame ShadeScape® that has blown over. These are truly made to last for generations with very minimal maintenance.

Vinyl pergola snow collapsed

Engineered Aluminum Reinforced Vinyl Pergola Collapsed Under Weight of Snow

Pergola collapsed

Wood Collapsed Pergola

Conventional wooden pergolas can not endure like a timber frame pergola built with an old world craftsmanship without the use of nails of glue.

shadsecape pergola arbor

Timber frame ShadeScape® pergola kit installed last winter.


ShadeScape® DIY pergola kits are shipped out daily throughout North America ranging from 2,500 - 11,000 lbs. (and often large on commercial or large custom projects). The average ShadeScape® shipment weighs over 5,500 lbs. Custom ShadeScape® timber kits are transported on a semi trailer because of the sheer mass and weight of the timbers. These are 1,000's of pounds of custom crafted timbers. The packaged kit will average about 240" in length, 36" in height, & 48" wide. This means that for a DIY pergola kit there is often 20' or more in length or more of solid pre-stained, pre-cut, and pre-fit beams, posts, rafters, etc.

Western Timber Frame™ custom builds heavy duty pallets to ship these ShadeScape® kits on just to sustain the mass and weight of the timber and works to keep each kit within each customers budget to fit their needs;  removing or add options as needed. Third party reviews show (across the board 5 star reviews for quality and value), our customers are extremely happy with the end product and the incredible value provided by everyone at Western Timber Frame™.

timber frame pergola kit before
Metal pergola collapsed by wind

Metal big box store pergola kit damaged in the wind.

Timber frame DIY pergola kit that replaced the big box store damaged metal pergola kit with a comparison of the size.


ShadeScape® timbers are not a small bundle of wood or dimensional lumber from big box store, but rather a mass of hand crafted, and hand fit timbers for a truly magnificent structure that will last for decades. Compare the difference between the cost and maintenance of a big box store metal, dimensional lumber, vinyl, reinforced aluminum pergola kit against a DIY timber frame pergola kit. Pound for pound a timber frame pergola kit costs less, is less maintenance and will still be standing for the great, great grandchildren to enjoy, years from now.

timber frame pergola kit
shadescape sign wood
princess pergola
princess birthday party
arbor pergola landscape

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