50 Trees Planted Per 1 Avg Size ShadeScape® Pergola!

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Families are at the heart of everything we do which is why we do what we do; we invest in the future of children. Planting trees with accountability and expertise is a not simply a springboard to the succeeding generation of forests; at Western Timber Frame™ successful reforestation is taking a lead in responsibility as caretakers of our earth. Our approach is that we leave everything better than how we found it. This is why we have fifty-plus trees planted for every average size pergola we do! Wonderfully, trees are a sustainable, renewable resource. Cultivating and growing trees ensures perpetual prosperity, the giving of life. We all need trees to live. They clean the air and release pure oxygen to us. They naturally cool the earth, clean the soil and water. Timberland improves our health; provides food, wildlife habitat; rural livelihoods and [...]

Secret Breathtaking Backyard Getaway in California

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"Here is a blast form the past. This is one from a few years back in Fresno, CA. It's still one of my favorites!" - Mark Mackert Wow, upon seeing this photograph from a project Design Manager Mark Mackert sent us, my breath was taken away. Whenever I get to see pictures of ShadeScape® shelters creating beautiful backyards, recreation and business spaces, it is fun to show them off.  I have a ShadeScape® pergola in my own yard and it is our favorite place to be. It never ceases to impress me how extremely fast and easy it is to transform your landscape with a Shadecape® kit. Because I am excited about the ShadeScape® product, it is so natural for me to tell you all about the features of a project, design or a someone's unique experience. With this project from the past, however, the image [...]

Custom Dragon Powered 8K Series Pavilion

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You can make a STRONG impression in as little as ONE Afternoon with a timber frame DIY Pavilion Kit. Claiming outdoor space is super easy with a shelter from one of the ShadeScape® Series. Today's featured project is a custom 8000 Series ShadeScape® with TimberVolt® Dragon Integrated Power. Patio Before Pavilion Installation Adding the Dragon Model to an arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion, pergola or ramada kit maximizes a family's backyard living experience. The TimberVolt® Dragon #outdoorpower post is ideal for preventing water and debris from going down inside the post while protecting the wiring or water lines from being punctured from lags and hardware fasteners throughout the installation process. Provides excellent access to lights, fans, and other accessories. The TimberVolt® Dragon Post is drilled to one outlet with USB, light-switch/fan and one GFCI outlet. The outlet is pre-wired and the post is outfitted with [...]

12 Post Western Red Cedar 3 Gable Pavilion

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Western Red Cedar wood is a magnificent material choice if you are into showing off the physical characteristics, charm, and warmth of real wood in a ShadeScape® shelter. Cedarwood also has a warm, woodsy fragrance that creates a pleasureful, uplifting experience, a bonus for outdoor lovers.  The timbers are gorgeous and inherently designed by nature to repel insects. #3GablePavilionPlan #12PostPavilionPlan This plan for a Western Red Cedar DIY pavilion plan with twelve posts and three gabled roof is a project of Design Manager Mike Jenson for a home in the hills of California. Check out the progress through pictures. Ready for Electrical and Roof... #WesternRedCedarPavilion

California Cedar Pavilion, Pergola & Arch Barrel Top Arbor

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California charm has just been added upon with the installation of a pavilion, pergola, and barrel top arbor kits. This Cedarwood ShadeScape® setting is the beautiful architectural composition of Design Manager Mike Jenson. Cedar is an awesome material choice for outdoor shelters possessing warm tones and a pleasant wood-like scent. Among a plethora of other beauty, curative and therapeutic purposes, Cedar is a wonderful insect repellent. Finished in a Natural stain, Cedar has a clean, green, untampered exquisiteness, complementary to the pageant of a native environment. The solid #CedarDIYPavilion is a 14' x 18' 8000 Series ShadeScape® DIY Kit featuring Roosevelt Style Beam and Rafter Profiles and full arched knee braces with decorative keystones. It also has the TimberVolt® power post which greatly extends the hours and utilization of an #OutdoorLivingSpace. [...]

Simple Pre-Built Gazebo Kit w/Deck Prescription 4 Health

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A simple to install, beautiful ShadeScape® Gazebo and Deck, a vision of Design Manager Tyler Jenson, was created for relaxation and fun. The Drage family gathered with friends to celebrate their twentieth wedding Anniversary on their new deck under this magnificent ShadeScape® with integrated power posts. As quick as the gazebo was installed they invited over the Grandparents for lunch. Their parents loved it and they sent us these pictures of lunch for these wonderful people in their lives. As medical practitioners, Mom and Dad prescribe time with their children every evening beneath their beautiful timber frame gazebo. It is also key towards maintaining good health for the family. Fresh air is vital to physical health. It provides energy, improves blood pressure, heart rate, aids in the digestion of food, strengths the immune system and so [...]

Landscape of Love for Autistic Children

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A labor of love, designed by Henry Barlow of Rocky Mountain Concrete this backyard was a professionally planned for a healing, healthy, therapeutic environment. Here, the quality of life for families are empowered by helping parents to know they are not alone. Parents who devote love and energy raising a child with special needs will run most of their life like a race, with no breaks. Stretched beyond expected limits they daily manage things like tantrums without having a meltdown themselves. Having a child with extra needs deals them situations that regular parents would think were impossible. Sometimes they make decisions with no right answer that pains their hearts and causes them to question everything they thought they knew. I have never known any parents of special needs children who see themselves as the heroes they are, but they will champion their child as one. Every [...]

Best of Show Zen Den w/RMHC for Children!

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It was an extra exciting show this year. Western Timber Frame™ was given Best of Show Zen Den at the Fall Deseret Home and Garden Show in Salt Lake City.  The Zen Den fashioned with old world timberwork displayed a fascinatingly beautiful kinetic artwork of moving shadows. Western Timber Frame™ is dedicated to providing stability and vital resources to children in need and we say, "Thank you, to all who participated in our ShadeScape® raffle for Ronald McDonald House Charities!" We also thank Ronald McDonald House Charities for their devotion and support of children throughout their recovery, in giving families a comfortable place to stay during a difficult time, and in offering medical services to more children who are without. The drawing was held on Sunday, October 14th at 4:00 p.m. Participants did not have to be present to contribute [...]

2 Decks w/Stainless Steel Post Covers & Cable Railing

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The 12,000 Series ShadeScape® shelters are true-to-size, twelve-inch wide posts bearing massive quality that commands respect. In short, they are breathtaking. A local construction company, Lee Barney & Associates asked us to replace two existing old log style painted decks and match the timber pavilion on the side yard. The new decks feature rough-sawn timbers, Trex floor decking, stainless steel timber post covers and cable rails. The cable railing is perfect for this mountainside home because it preserves the spectacular view. See for yourself, it's beautiful! Stairway Before Stairway After Painted Old Log Lower and Upper Deck Before Lower Deck After Upper Deck After [...]

Lighted Drop-Down Deck w/Star-lit Stairway

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A fabulous new 8000 Series ShadeScape® deck turned this home into an outdoor getaway with the happiness of higher and lower levels for enjoyment and relaxation. The staircase features lights arranged in a straight-line evenly spaced pattern keeps the steps interesting while showing the exact location of each step and landing area for going up and down. The cozy lighting definitely gives an elegantly high-tech look. Along with the stylish sparkle of lights, illuminating walking paths and doorways add extra safety to a deck.