Evermore Park Gazebo, Pavilions & Pergolas w/Aged Wood Timbers

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Our Western Timber Frame fellow timber-wrights and other skilled personnel enjoyed our numerous structures and had a great time together at Evermore Park. Evermore is an Old World, European Gothic styled park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah! And seeing everyone in costume was so much fun. Come along and enjoy our party with us.  Check out some of the highlights with rustic timbers, aged wood and old-world timber frame shelters! The Gothic eye-catching style had its beginnings in Romanesque architecture and fundamentally may feature some of these primary characteristics: • Steep pitched and front facing gables • Chimneys grouped together • Pointed Arches • Leaded glass • Quatrefoil and clover shaped windows • Oriel windows • Asymmetrical floor plans • Wood trim bargeboards Plan for Gothic Style Cottage with [...]

Your GUIDE to EASY Build HEAVY-Duty CANTILEVER Pergolas – Pavilions – Trellises

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TRADITIONAL Old-World Craftsmanship For centuries Dovetail mortise joints have been used for wood-to-wood joinery. We have used dovetail mortise and tenon joinery on our pergolas and pavilion for many years, and our customers can attest to the strength and durability of The Dovetail Difference® —a patented design of Western Timber Frame™. With a thorough understanding of load paths and design properties, well-seasoned timbers with the mortise and tenon joint systems have supported wide open spaces —including cathedral ceilings, great rooms in castles, commercial constructions, expanded bridges and more —structures have lasted for centuries —sometimes millenniums. CANTILEVERED ShadeScape® Shade Shelters A cantilevered shelter is not a fit for every outdoor living environment. There are however, many possibilities in adding a cantilevered roof on an outdoor shade shelter. This simple step-by-step informational guide may help you decide if a [...]

25 Patio & Deck Dining Shelters | From Classic to Taj Mahal

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Eat Out Every Day Enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors and the opportunity to dine Al fresco under the protective shelter of a timber ShadeScape® pavilion or pergola kit.  A formal dinner or a casual picnic with family or friends tastes even better beneath the cooling timber beams providing a place where you can retreat to any and every day. Why We Should Eat Dinner Outside Together Often The dining room is not just reserved for meals but is invariably the gem of meaningful time together. Eating together is an integral part of family life —often it is the happiest part of the day. A meal together is respite from the hurry of everyday life —the leaving behind of individual pursuits or quotidian distractions. Regular, shared meals is the chance to have relaxed conversation, with chats often leading to [...]

70 Design Tips & Ideas for Garden Arbors & Trellises

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Spark some ingenious ideas of your own as you collect some inspiration from our years of our experience designing and building thousands of DIY trellis and arbor ShadeScape® kits. Whether it is simple or complex, here are over 100 garden arbor and trellis design ideas and layout tips to create a more spectacular landscape. Add Outdoor Power to Your Trellis or Arbor Western Timber Frame™ outdoor ShadeScape® wood arbors and trellises can be pre-drilled with a hole down the center of one post to accommodate any and all of your electrical and lighting needs. Trellised Step Walls Form walls in a single chain or a combination of multiple stepped segments. The options will depend some, upon the parameters set by the existing landscape —e.g. a terrace, embankment or dip-slope. Trellis walls [...]

2-Story Pergola Deck — 2x the Outdoor Living Space

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At Western Timber Frame, we specialize in utilizing heavy timbers; solid wood timber shade structures, pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, and trellises to create the ultimate experience in outdoor living. Our 2-story shade shelters are uniquely playful, much like a treehouse. You could say, we have a special love for trees. That love, I think is a love we all share —as every single person has the same DNA as the DNA of a tree. When a tree breathes it needs us. When we breathe we need what the tree exhales. It is trees that give us the energy to walk, talk and breathe, not to mention the thousands of foods, medicines and other wonderful products we use single every day. This may be why so many of us once dreamed or still dream of our own treehouse —a personal getaway with an aerial view. However, not [...]

2-Tone Step Pergola Kit w/Radius Roof Mirroring Pavers

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People are most comfortable when they are in surroundings and with people they feel the most connected to. We have what are called mirror neurons that “mirrors” the behaviors of others, unconsciously matching other’s emotions. We anticipate others movements —especially when we are on the “same side”, in sympathy or agreement with each other. When we are listening or the one telling a story people mirror each other’s brain activity —both participating in the communication conundrum —as though the observer is acting, too. The human creation is a social being whose soul is nurtured even by the simplest of gestures —it can be fueled by the twinkle of the eye, a "good morning" in the hallway, even in the hint of a smile. No matter how hard-pressed a day is, even the smallest of trivial courtesies can lighten or kindle an appreciative heart. Being awake to [...]

Open Air Living Area —Plus Front Door Entryway Post Wrap

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From the initial first impression and throughout all the aspects of the journey to create a full dressed front or backyard —learning from others' experience will help integrate better goals for your own outdoor living space. Although this beautiful outdoor living ShadeScape® pavilion and pergola was a QUICK and dramatically gorgeous change —having been installed in just a few hours with the roof in place on the second day — what were some of the unexpected undertakings and benefits? Now, after time and seasoning how does the our ShadeScape® family feel, today? Are they blown away and delighted by the performance of the product? How do they view their customer experience? Are they delighted by the attention and customer support the rep gave them in helping to obtain their goals of solve any problems? In what ways has their outdoor living [...]

Cover for Outdoor Church, Storefront, Cafe, Hospital, Park & More

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Spread the wings of your imagination wide and let your mind soar with pictures and if you'd like, talk with a Design Consultant for more ideas. For example, yesterday a lady said she had really dreamed of having a trellis up the side of her deck to grow vines on. However, it was the only place for steps to access the upper deck. Her face lit up as her Design Consultant showed her how she could have it integrated together. It was a delight for him to experience her enthusiasm, and not only was it better than it would have been —it created a masterpiece focus point. The ShadeScape® pavilion above was another such design, the family wanted more than shade for their pool. After discussing what they desired with a Design Consultant, it turned out better than they ever dreamed. The [...]

How to Measure for an Outdoor Shade Shelter

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The first step in the construction process towards a new pavilion or pergola is measuring. When you decide to where you will place your arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion, or pergola, you need to first measure the size of your prospective space in order to determine how much room you have for your shade shelter. A standard shade shelter has a 2 foot roof projection unless it is attached to a wall. Below are basics in measuring but rest assured your Design Consultant will make sure that your project is a success. He will help you measure and choose the right size for your yard. Also, once your initial measurements of space are taken — with a ShadeScape® kit most everything else has been measured for you. The timber beam that supports the rafters is already marked and slotted and you will not have to measure or try to [...]

You Want to Build a Pavilion — NOW WHAT?

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Today is your day. You’ve decided to create one of the most beautiful architectural paradises right in your backyard —a nature inspired timber pavilion. Let's start. It is going to be a fast and easy project that will be a redwood-sized success! For all practical purposes, a well planned shade shelter such as a pavilion, pergola, gazebo —should accommodate multiple functions. Whether you have an expansive area, large enough to entertain several guests or a narrow side yard, every detail is important. Three vital things a plan should include is how much shade coverage is needed, the applicability, and traffic flow for enduring year-round usage. Placement of Your Shade Shelter The largest determining factor as to where to erect your shade shelter is the landscape and established structures. The direction it faces can [...]

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