Swimming Pool Shelter w/Fast, Easy, Tough-InterLock DIY Kit

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On a hot summer day, nothing is more inviting for a swimming pool area, than sweet shade. Imagine lounging by the pool, laughing with family and enjoying a barbecue. All this beneath a timber structure you planned and built yourself. Western Timber Frame® has made it easy for those who have ever dreamed of building a customized arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion or with a DIY pergola plan or kit. The Dovetail Difference® makes a beautiful difference! Interment weather, strong winds, heavy snows, and seismic movement increase the load path upon an architectural structure. Not only is this patented design – The Dovetail Difference® – the best-designed mortise and tenon joint system but it is also more aesthetically pleasing, virtually eliminating unsightly hardware. The mortise and tenon pieces just slide together for a strong interlocking connection.  Independent engineering has shown that [...]

Fabulous Look w/Easy Heavy-Duty Lighted Deck Install

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A fabulous new 8000 Series ShadeScape® deck turned this home into an outdoor getaway with the happiness of higher and lower levels for enjoyment and relaxation. The staircase features lights arranged in a straight-line evenly spaced pattern keeps the steps interesting while showing the exact location of each step and landing area for going up and down. The cozy lighting definitely gives an elegantly high-tech look. Along with the stylish sparkle of lights, illuminating walking paths and doorways add extra safety to a deck. A fabulous new 8000 Series ShadeScape® deck turned this home into an outdoor getaway with the happiness of higher and lower levels for enjoyment and relaxation. The staircase features [...]

ShadeScape Photo Contest 2019

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Click here to submit additional photos. Or send your pictures to pics@westerntimberframe.com. Please include your full name in the subject line. The top three photos with the most votes will win one of the 3 grand prizes! The grand prizes will be awarded to those who submitted the top 3 images that receive the highest number of votes. Western Timber Frame™ annual Photo Contest is rolling in with the fierceness of a blizzard! Blow us away with your best seasonal shots for a chance to win! Upload your photos using the form below by March 15th, 2019, to enter. Our panel of judges will select the finalists before turning the vote over to our fans to decide the winners. We are offering prizes to the top three winners. The prizes are as follows: GRAND PRIZE: Wood Porch Swing With Cupholders $282.99 Value! [...]

Being a Landscape Star in Your Neighborhood Is a Matter of Shade

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Imagine a world without shade—just pure sunshine. Shade, it is so easy to take for granted and yet who doesn't need shade with their life? There aren't any attention-grabbing headlines such as: 'How I Quit Shade in 5 Days',  '3 Ways to Defeat Shade Without Breaking a Sweat.', or 'Thinking About Shade? 10 Reasons Why It's Time To Stop!' I am tempted to post such ideas just to spread a little sunny humor; the shade, like the air we breathe, sunshine, water, food, and shelter are essential to life. Your yard is the presentation of your home. The right amount of shade for every area will help keep plants healthy and for a pristine yard, always looking sharp and beautiful. Some plant species for landscaping require long hours of direct sunlight to photosynthesize while other plant species thrive in partial to full shade. [...]

DIY Pavilion Plan Projected 2wk Install, FAMILY Did it in 2 Days!

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"After researching locally for a contractor to build our outdoor pavilion with kitchen and fireplace we found Western Timber Frames. Locally everything is built out of cedar. Having plenty of experience with cedar, douglass fir really appealed to me. Cedar life expectancy down here is about 10 years. Western Timber Frames has a 25-year warranty. Due to the size of the investment and the uncertainty of who I was buying from, My wife and I flew up to Salt Lake from Houston. We met with Brian once we arrived. A super fantastic gentleman who's very accommodating and laid back. Brian took us around on a Saturday when they were closed and showed us actual finished products. He also gave us a tour of the plant and explained the manufacturing process. We were impressed and made the decision while we were visiting. They are legit. They are [...]

Heavy-Duty December Deck for Christmas!

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December, and a brand new Deck for Christmas! What an awesome Christmas present for the family to enjoy for years to come. Here the family will never again get cabin fever, during the winter season. The heavy-duty timber deck is perfect to keep everyone active, beautify and expanded their living space, quickly and easily. Timber frame decks, arbors, pavilions, pergolas, and gazebo built using Old-World craftsmanship can be installed year-round. A #DIYPergola, #Pavilion or #GazeboKit can be also be added to cover a #HeavyDutyTimberDeck. Here is the Adams family deck designed by Design Manager, Brian Thompson. Beautiful! Thank you, for sending us pictures! December and January are months most people in snowy regions are not thinking of a #WinterHomeImprovement or a #WinterLandscapingMakeover. Yet, December and January is the quiet season, not too [...]

DIY Indoor Wedding Arch Idea w/Timber Arbor/Pergola

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An indoor wedding arch, arbor, pergola, or gazebo is a beautiful way to totally personalize your wedding space. It is a beautiful place to exchange vows, display a wedding theme or as in this case a wedding cake. Adding lights really set the romantic ambiance. We have had many indoor weddings displaying wedding decor on a timber frame wedding arch. So, this was a real delight to get some pictures taken on one of these many sacred occasions. We are grateful to Camber and David for sharing pictures with us of her gorgeous wedding reception! Congratulations and thank you, David and Camber. We wish you both every happiness! #FatherDaughterWeddingDance #BrideGroomWeddingDance #IndoorWeddingArbor #WeddingPergola #IndoorWeddingPergola #WeddingArbor #ChristmasWedding #DIYWeddingArbor #IndoorWeddingDance #WeddingDecor #CuttingWeddingCake #WeddingCakeFace [...]

The Science is in, It is Time to Go Outside!

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How vivacious is your reality, your story? What captivates your heart, your family's hearts? Living in the 21st Century, it is easy to become distracted, obsessed with things we don't really love. It is time to go outside, unplug and recharge with those we love. We believe in families and in spending time together outdoors. "We create awesome outdoor spaces where you will want to be outside. Places where you can spend time with your family, and celebrate the relationships that you cherish." Yes, we build genuine, old-world timber frame pavilions, pergolas, etc. for families to comfortably enjoy nature, on any and every day, from the convenience of their home. Families tell us how much their #OutdoorLivingShelter has enriched their lives, even bringing them closer together. This is extremely rewarding. We also know through personal experience, interacting with our own families, as well [...]

2000+Miles Shipped Free – Easy DIY Pergola w/Outdoor Kitchen

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Today's featured pergola by Design Manager Mark Mackert traveled more than two-thousand miles to reach its new home. It was no extra cost for the Hartley family as shipping a ShadeScape® outdoor shelter from Western Timber Frame™ is free across the contiguous United States. Regardless of whether a local contractor installs your kit, or you do it yourself, our interlocking timbers make the installation simple. We use The Dovetail Difference®, a patented dovetail joint system. That combined with having each piece pre-cut, pre-fit, and pre-stained (our stain is a proprietary water-based UV stable stain), allows installation to be simple even with no construction experience. After installation, this is what the family had to say. We are very pleased with our Western Timber Pergola. Western Timber folks were great to work with from start to finish all people involved [...]

Timeless Red Cedar DIY Pavilion w/Outdoor Kitchen

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A design that is timeless is concerned with the needs of living and working. It has a strong marriage with the natural elements, utilizing the benefits of sunlight and shade. Timeless is relevant for many generations, outlasting trends, faddism, and a society’s infatuation with come-and-go styles.  From the 8000 Series, this ShadeScape® #DIYPavilionPlan is designed upon principles of natural proportions or the golden ratio. It has with enduring permanence, constructed from materials with methods that have proven to last over a century and beyond. Building a timeless shelter allows for the process of weathering to improve the architecture.  Cedarwood is a luxuriously colorful material that tantalizes the senses. Check out the many hues of this lovely Western Red Cedar on today's featured project in the shop before it was shipped out: Every ShadeScape® kit is pre-cut, pre-stained, [...]