Tuscany Style Pergola Kit w/Fire Pit Timber Frame Trellis

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Great architecture can be viewed around the world, but viewing fine workmanship up close is at its apex when it's in your own backyard. Best of all, it is where you enjoy it, any and every day.  Molding an outdoor area into a family gathering place is easier than one might think. Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® timber frame shelter kits are not big box store cookie cutter kits that would have to come as is. Instead, each timber frame kit is specifically fit to the specific landscape and needs of the homeowner. The color and style is built to compliment and harmonize with the established residence or business.Today's featured project is a Tuscany Style, 8000 Series, ShadeScape® Pergola kit with Alpine white posts showcasing the same dimensional pattern as is displayed on the home. The pergola is the perfect place to gather for pool time shade, relaxation and eating [...]

Simple Basics for Pergola Foundation, Footings & Screw Piles

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It is imperative, —as we instinctively know— for every building project to have an architecturally responsible foundation. The importance of a solid foundation is so deeply ingrained in us that it is often used in similes to represent stoutness and stability. For example, childhood has been labeled as the foundational years; our core beliefs are said to be the foundation for our actions, behaviors, and decisions. And as sampled here, there are a plethora of quotes: "Keystone habits are the foundation of success." - Charles Duhigg Completing the foundation correctly is a most essential aspect to the durability of your entire project. Along with established support it provides a level platform, bears and spreads out the weight, prevents settling, as well as holds against wind. Here we cover some of the simple basics of foundations, footings and [...]

Time in a Pergola

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The outdoor living area is where I travel through time, journey the world, and discover new things. It is where I look through books and the computer —all while kicking back on my pergola swing. Or enjoying other things, similar to the Leary family's children pictured here —slowly savoring a cup of delicious hot chocolate. For the grand kids, it is a favorite place to play and host their birthday. Time with family, friends, or in solitude outdoors brings a lot of pleasure. Today, where I am, is a particularly gorgeous sunny day in January. The sunlight is amplified by the fact that between January 2nd and January 5th the earth is as close as it gets in proximity to the Sun. Time is something many of us take for granted. It just exists. And yet, back in [...]

WINTER — Start Now to Glow-Up Your Surroundings

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Now, is the best time to start a project, soak up the winter sunshine and glow-up your outdoor surroundings with a well-planned arbor, gazebo, pavilion, pergola, or trellis. December, January, and a bit into February is the quieter season — not as in demand, simply because many people don't realize what they can do to improve their landscape during the colder season. Early American Style ShadeScape® pergola kit installed in the month of January. Contemporary Style ShadeScape® pergola kit being installed in the wintertime. Whether you are into the more rustic look or set on a sleek, modern style landscape pressure-treated timbers will do it well. But first things first —how do you envision utilizing your landscape? From a smaller project to a massive scaled structure, there are numerous architectural possibilities with [...]

Shelter Effects Your Happiness w/Space, Light & Material —Even Shapes Character

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The shapes and arrangements of the spaces you live in have cognitive effects on your brain.Designers of architecture and living spaces are not necessarily in control of the occupants health. And yet, architecture is not passive; it does influence human health, emotions and modifies behavior. Studies from neuroscientists and psychologists show that architecture effects moods and actions. For the most part, it is simple, common sense —a living area that provides a pleasant layout with adequate space is calm and welcoming. A tight or overcrowded living space creates the concept of burden, with an awareness of feeling weighed down. According to the American Institute of Architects, continuing education for architects should go beyond the fundamentals of design to support basic health, safety, and welfare.People are hard-wired for human interaction with comfortable spacing. An office purposely encouraging physical movement has been proven to influence people’s levels of productivity. [...]

Are Gabled Roofs the Best Type of Covering for Open-Air Shelters?

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As a homeowner you want more out of your real-estate investment than just creating a feel good first impression. And the reason is: the real value of your property is so much more substantial than pleasing aromas and aesthetical facades. Timber frame shade shelters give you a better-managed landscape that will vitally and significantly benefit your family, as well as your friends. This is why you now plan to have a ShadeScape® pavilion kit installed. The crowning glory of architectural shade structures: an arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola is the topside covering. Of all the variety of roof designs, the gable is a classic and serves as the architectural standard. In some regions this pattern is not just atypical; it is the required by code in some areas. A "traditional" gabled roof consists of two planes that [...]

7 Reasons December is the Best Month to Buy a Pergola

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The Best Month to Buy A Pergola is in December. Timing purchases have practical reasons and are in most cases, the smartest way to shop. Whether you are dining out, shopping online or purchasing anything else, there is most often a "best time to buy." When most people aren't thinking about landscaping, that's the time to do it. December is the best month to improve the yard, expand your business,—or create an outdoor living space to enjoy time with family and friends. Here are a few examples: In most retail outlets, the best months to invest in quality and trendy clothing for children is on a Thursday in January or August. The best time to buy Christmas Decor is after Christmas. When it comes to selling or buying a home, Spring can be the best time; especially for people with kids that [...]

Red Carpet Christmas Party — 40 Notable Gratitudes For 2020

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When I woke up this morning, I was filled with thoughts of all the unseen good that awaits me today. My heart came to this place of gratefulness after attending our company Christmas party with my co-workers. In this very moment, I am so grateful for everything in my life —even for difficulties. Before explaining just why it is, I will start with how this Christmas party theme idea first came to be. Custom ShadeScape® pavilion kit with two-tone roof, built-in fireplace, and outdoor television. Then —below are 40 gratitudes with links to stories and testimonies that I inspire. One example is in a touching video of drummer Clint Pulver who tells how: "A single moment in time can change people's lives." And in the case of Roger McGowen, a prisoner on death row. His words give new perspective: "If I [...]

Cloned Males Declining “Untidy” Females & More Tree Facts of Life

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Since the dawn of time trees hold significance. The awe-inspiring gifts we receive from them every day are immeasurable. At Western Timber Frame, we specialize in utilizing heavy timbers; solid wood timber shade structures, pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, and trellises to give families the ultimate experience in everyday outdoor living. Working with wood, especially on a massive scale, we are continually reminded of the authenticity of these botanical blessings that build our world and invoke health and spirituality. Discover some cool, crazy, and curious facts about tree life around this fascinating earth. #DIYPergolaKit DIY Pergola Kit 390-Years-Old Pear Tree Bears Fruit! A pear sapling was brought across the Atlantic ocean and planted in the 1630s by John Endecott, the Bay Colony Governor of Massachusetts. This was the very first cultivated tree to be planted by European settlers [...]

Smart Pavilion Pergola Design — Shade & Sunlight Correlation

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Your yard is the presentation of your home. Landscaping with architecture is the perfect way to create a more pristine landscape. For some, it is a welcoming storefront, extension of a business or recreational space. Light and shade also play a role in how inviting an atmosphere feels within the surroundings. On the earth, there is nothing more important than the sun. The sun warms the sea while its life-giving light embraces you with warmth and glory. It generates weather patterns, your sleep patterns —gives energy to plants, providing you with food and oxygen. The UV rays of this magnificent ball of fire helps your body make nutrients and take in minerals which is vital to your blood cells, bones, and immune system. Measuring the amount of sun exposure to your home, landscape or garden before you consider your protective covering is [...]

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