36MM Trees Lost in US Yearly – Act Now

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The canopy of trees sheltering the United States is disappearing at an alarming rate. Trees are excessively being replaced by exposed surfaces, pavements, and roofs. Fires, droughts, insects, disease, tornadoes, and hurricanes are some of the reasons, but the one-factor humans can control is in sensible planning and construction. More than 80% of the US population lives in urban areas. In a study published by the US Forest Service, our country has declined by 36 million trees per year in urban and rural communities in a span over a five-year period. David Nowak, the co-author of the study, says if this change continues, "cities will become warmer, more polluted and generally more unhealthy for inhabitants." "Every time we put a road down, we put a building and we cut a tree or add a tree, it not [...]

Curved, Inverted & Radius Style Shade Shelters

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In every conceivable human experience, circles and curves are omnipresent, from the sun, moon, stars, to the eyes that give us vision. Nature is filled with curvilinear shapes. With curves comes beauty and versatility that captures attention. It tends to soothe the mind bringing with it a sense of mild gentleness, gracefulness, and safety. Of course, that is not the case with all things. Ultimately, an angular chocolate bar will be preferred over a curvy predatory snake. Some studies conclude that most humans are deeply engrained to prefer curved shapes over angular shapes. However, when taking a look at the semantics for a complete meaning of aesthetic, the word aesthetic has two principle variables, composition, and complexity. Included are sub-variables such as order, symmetry, balance, proportion, and variety, etc. The concurrence of architectural literature the most appealing aesthetic experience prefers toned-down [...]

5 Build-it-Yourself Pergola Projects

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ShadeScape® outdoor living pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos are designed to be fun and fast to install. First, we help you design your kit, then we ship your kit right to your door. Each kit is pre-marked and includes easy step-by-step instructions. With easy interlocking joints, your kit will be ready to just drop into place like lincoln logs. We do the hard work for you so that you can have your kit installed in as little as one afternoon. Many of our ShadeScape® clientele enjoy the satisfaction of installing an arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola themselves. From California, Washington, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Florida, five families share their experiences in installing their own ShadeScape® pergolas. All ShadeScape® shelter kits ship for free across the contiguous United States. When it arrives it comes on the back of large shipping or semi-truck because of [...]

Entertain in Style Outdoor Kitchen DIY Pavilion

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Entertain in style with an easy to do, Woodland Series pavilion kit over an outdoor kitchen by the swimming pool. An 8000 Series ShadeScape® Kit, the vision of Design Manager Brian Thompson was installed in Scottsdale, Arizona. The pavilion provides awesome shade, to comfortably enjoy the swimming pool at all times, especially in the heat of the day. The Woodland Series is a new addition to Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® pavilion kits. Todays featured kit is showcased with the TimberVolt® power post that makes it easy to light up the outdoors beautifully at night. Check out the pictures we were sent with the evening lights on. ShadeScape® DIY Woodland Pavilion Plan Specs Structure Type: Pavilion Project Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 8000 Series Stain: Natural Beam Profile: Axis Knee Brace: Standard Knee [...]

Best of State Changing Lives

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Everyone has their ‘sweet spot’, the things that they are good at that distinguishes them from the crowd. For Western Timber Frame™ 2019 marks the fifth consecutive year to be honored with Best of State at the annual Utah Best of State Awards. As ladies and timber-wrights who see a daily dose of sawdust, the formalities, positive attention, and recognition was an all enjoyable change but the time spent together to relax outside daily work schedules was the best. One of our architects was pleased that Miss Utah and an attendant indulged him with a selfie. He thought that was way cool. Later, as to be expected, his fellow workers brought him down out of the clouds by scribbling beards on their faces. #PoolhousePavilionKit On surface-level, Western Timber Frame™ specializes in the designing, manufacturing, [...]

Wow! Privy DIY Pavilion Plan w/Koi Pond In

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When I first saw the pictures of this 8000 Series ShadeScape® pergola, trellis and DIY pavilion plan I loved it! It was a design of Design Manager Ernie Jessop, beautifully private, complete with the Koi fish pond.  It felt so serene and peaceful. That was a couple or so years ago. I remember wishing I could take pictures of this one but in all practicality, it was being shipped out to be installed in the beautiful State of Massachusetts, so I wouldn't be likely to see it in completion. I loved the gate and privacy walls. Everything about it was to my taste and style so when I saw a picture come in from the homeowners - who by the way, LOVE IT - I was elated and had to share it! Check out the rest of [...]

Create Your Own Private Getaway w/Trellis Walls

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Trellises are the perfect solution to build walls, boundaries, and borders for gardens, commercial, recreational and residential landscapes.  Gates are often included in many trellis designs. A trellis forms a natural windbreak giving comfort as well as much other outdoor living environment benefits. With a ShadeScape® timber frame kit it is simple, fast and easy to create a secluded getaway. One example is pictured above. Installed in the beautiful State of Massachusetts, this DIY pergola-pavilion features trellis latticed privacy walls. In the furthest back corner is a Koi fish pond. The latticed trellises give partial intermittent shade as a reprieve for the Koi fish as well as privacy from the neighbors. A trellis wall can be solid, partially enclosed or open with lattices letting in the sunlight. The beauty of a timber frame ShadeScape® DIY or DFY Trellis Plan is that they are [...]


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An outdoor kitchen takes your entertainment style to a whole new level. A grill is great, but with an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare full meals with all the amenities available at your fingertips. Whether you have an existing outdoor kitchen or are going to install a custom or prefabricated design you can easily cover it with a ShadeScape® pavilion kit. Most ShadeScape® kits can be installed in as little as ONE AFTERNOON! Outdoor Kitchen Plan Ideas #DeckPergolaKitchenPlan #OutdoorKitchenPlan #2-ToneCoveredOutdoorBarbecuePlan #OutdoorKitchenDIYPavilionPlan With the help of a Design Manager, a ShadeScape® pavilion can everything you’ve dreamed about. An outdoor kitchen that is Straight, L-shaped, a U-shaped Outdoor Kitchen, Curved or Corner Kitchen, a Bar or Barbecue Island; no matter what your specifications, you can be sure that the outcome will be [...]

6 Post Early American Arizona Poolside Pergola

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Britt says she LOVES her new pergola! Design Manager Tyler Jenson designed this with 6 posts and the Early American stain gives this #TimberFramePergolaKit an eye-popping contrast with the lighter Arizona landscape. The 6000 Series was the perfect choice for the amount of space next to the pool. Thank-you, Britt for the photo! 6 Post Early American 6000 Series DIY Pergola Kit ShadeScape®: Pergola Structure Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 6000 Series Stain: Early American Beam Profile: Crescent Step Beam & Rafter Style: Classic Knee Brace Opt 2: Arched Knee Braces Roof Size Dimensions: Custom Footprint Size: Custom Post Size: 6" Btm of Support Beam Height: 8'6" Hardware: 6 Knife Plates Footing: Concrete Pad Already Exists Shipping and Job Schedule: 3-4 Weeks [...]

Wow! 51’5″ Step Tiered Cantilevered Roof Pergola

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Step tiered ShadeScape® Shelters, the combining of levels placed one above the other creates beautiful dimensions. The geometrical design puts on a delightful show of transitioning sunlights and shadows throughout the day. Paying attention to every detail, Design Manager Mark Mackert added a four-foot cantilever on the left side to ensure continual shade throughout the day covering the end of the patio. Step Tiered Cantilevered 8000 Series ShadeScape® Pergola DIY Kit Structure Type: Pergola Notes: 4' Cantilever on left side Project Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 8000 Series Stain: Rich Cordoba Beam Profile: Champion Knee Brace Style: Classic Knee Brace: Includes Arched Knee BracesArched w/ Keystone Roof Size Dimensions: 15'6" x 51'5" Footprint Size Dimensions: 12'6" x 48'5" Posts Size: 8" Height to the Bottom of Support Beam: 9' and 11' [...]