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How to Cosmetically Repair Extreme Checking in Heavy Timber

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TIMBER PERGOLA, PAVILIONS, TRELLISES AND ARBORS Hi, I am Mark with Western Timber Frame™. Today, we are going to talk about how to patch extreme checking in timbers when that occurs. This is just a cosmetic fix for checking, if it is an extreme case. When you have checking it can occur over the first year of having your timber product. If that happens you will want to wait for at least a year before applying this technique. The reason why is that when timbers check they dry faster on the outside than they do on the inside and they open up and crack. That is the natural process of timber. As it dries the rest of the way through the center the gap can actually close back up a little [...]

Splitting up, Cracking down: Understanding “Checking”

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Question: Is cracking down or splitting up like this normal? I know this might seem extreme to you if you are not familiar with real wood products. This is why we recommend that you re-stain your pergola within the 1st year so that the wood has time to acclimate to the climate and then stain all the cracks. This is so common in timbers that there is a term for it called “Checking” which can seem to have the appearance of a split or a crack. Checking is a more common trait in Cedar timbers. A few of our clients still prefer Cedar especially in a Natural finish for its inherent beauty with knots. Here are pictures of checking from some of the displays in the show room at Western Timber Frame to show how common this is. Timber is an organic, natural product and “checking” is to [...]

Low Cost, Easy Upkeep Pergola: Aluminum Reinforced Vinyl vs Timber Frame

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[/fusion_builder_column] We use an innovative massive mortised dovetail joint connection system we call The Dovetail Difference™ throughout our timber construction process, creating very strong rigid joints. On the test pictured above it didn’t give until over 11,000 lbs.! We are often asked about weathering or maintenance on our timber frame pergola, arbor, gazebo and pavilion kits. People want something that easy and stress-free; which is why some have been attracted to vinyl pergolas advertising as a "low cost", "low maintenance" product. Here I will show the veritable costs and upkeep of an aluminum reinforced vinyl pergola kit compared to a solid wood, timber frame pergola kit, a permanent outdoor shade structure from Western Timber Frame™. Our timber frame kits we ship out daily, throughout North America range from 2,500 to 11,000 lbs. (and often larger on commercial or large custom projects). We [...]

Vote for Your Favorite Contemporary Pergola Two-Tone Color Style.

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Poll Results for Contemporary Pergola Lattice Styles.

[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row] #1 two-tone white posts & beams, & grey rafters & lattice. #1 2 votes #2 - two-tone grey posts & beams, & white rafters & lattice. #2 4 votes #3 - two-tone white posts & beams, & cedar rafters & lattice. #3 3 votes #4 - two-tone cedar posts & beams, & white rafters & lattice. #4 6 votes

Vote for your favorite Contemporary pergola lattice style.

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Poll Results for Contemporary Pergola Lattice Styles.

[/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row] Contemporary Timber Pergola With Horizontal & Vertical Lattice - Triple Post Design. #1 16 votes Contemporary Timber Pergola With Criss-Cross Lattice - Triple Post Design. #2 2 votes Contemporary Timber Pergola With Metal Wire Lattice - Triple Post Design. #3 3 votes Contemporary Timber Pergola Without Lattice - Triple Post Design. #4 9 votes

Wood Pergola Energy & Heat Transfer

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A 14x31 over-sized timber framed pergola. Stepping into the shade under a massive solid wood timber framed pergola is a very pleasing experience. The timbers are heavy duty, standing majestically still, and yet I become aware of being re-energized by the timber itself. The earth’s primary source of energy is derived directly or indirectly from the sun. The sunlight warms the earth at an optimal temperature that can sustain life. Sunshine gives us energy and is wonderful, yet too much sun can get uncomfortable and also drain us of energy. Wood is a natural and extremely effective insulator. It retains heat during the daytime and releases heat at night and is four hundred times warmer than steel. Heat is only a shortened way to say heat energy. Energy and matter are the building blocks from which our entire universe is formed. Matter can be seen [...]

New Timber Frame Pergola for Hilgendorf Residence With Night Lights

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A beautiful, new timber frame pergola kit is installed for the Hilgendorf residence with lighting. Pictured here is their new kit being transported on a forklift. Because our kits can weigh thousands of pounds, a forklift is required to load and unload the carrier truck. The kit is shipped to a location with an on-site forklift, such as a business or landscape company. If someone does not have access to a forklift, the kit can be picked up with a flatbed trailer at the nearest Shipping Terminal. The pallet can then be broken down and the kit unloaded from a trailer by hand at the installation site. Seeing how fast these kits go up is amazing! In just a few hours the Hilgendorf family residence is equipped with a beautiful new area to gather comfortably with their family and enjoy the outdoors. If you find that putting a toy [...]

Oversize Timber Frame Pergola Kit Install: Prepare to Party

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This is another recent oversized timber frame pergola kit installation; the beautiful beginning of a whole new landscape. It is natural to take particular care of our homes, investing, rearranging and sometimes remodeling the interior. The American backyard is popularly being renovated into an extension of the home. It is refreshing though to step out into the outdoors, especially on a beautiful day and still enjoy the comforts of our home. Turning a porch, patio, backyard, front yard, side yard or garden area into a more functional living area can be rewarding and expand your living space. A timber frame pergola is a perfect extension for a home to host events and provide your own private place to get away. This new 12x20 over sized timber frame pergola is the beginning of a new landscape. The earth tones look nice in the surroundings. Adding more earth tones will give [...]

Adding Shade With A Natural Finish Timber Frame Pergola Kit

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A timber frame pergola kit can give you a dramatic backyard change in just a few hours for years of enjoyment. Western Timber Frame is known for their massive over sized timber frame structure kits for arbors, pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, decks and more. Pictured below here are the Bird family's residence before and after the installing of a timber frame pergola kit. Such a nice place to come home to. The pergola pictured here below is a smaller full size pergola kit. Putting in one of these kits is easy because all the hard work has been done in advance. Each piece has been pre-cut, pre-drilled and mortised with drop in layout rafters for hassle free fit. This kit is a 12x14 full size pergola kit and includes: 6” x 6” Posts 3” x 10” Beams 2” x 8” Rafters (18” OC) 2” x 4” Shade Planks (10” OC) [...]

Construction Glossary: Timber Frame Arbor, Pavilion, Pergola & Gazebo Kits

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This construction glossary for home and outdoor structures is free to everyone, courtesy of Western Timber Frame™. If you use this glossary or anything else at this site, thank you for giving credit to www.westerntimberframe.com. Please feel free to link to this site! Thank-you. Marilynn Click here:> Timber Frame Pergola Kits if you would like more information quality Timber Frame Arbor, Pergola, Pavilion or Gazebo kits or have one built for you! aerator - A round screened apparatus that screws on to cover the spout of a sink, introducing air into water for a smooth flow. abutting joint - A joint that is between two boards in which the grain of one is angled to the grain of the other, usually at 90°. abutting tenon - One or two wood elements that meet in the same mortise. accessory structure - A second structure on the same lot as a [...]