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3 Big Home Shows w/Ideas to Inspire You

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Winter, it is the most exciting time to discover new ideas and start your outdoor projects. We’ve seen a tremendous surge in winter installations and this is because — more and more — people have discovered what used seem like a best kept secret: Winter is the best time to order an outdoor living shelter. 4600 Pergola Series We have 3 BIG Shows this week so here are the dates, time and places, along with a roll out of ideas and newly installed pergolas and pavilions sent back to us from delighted homeowners. Salt Lake Home Show The Salt Lake Home Show is the first home show we did. Every year it has been an event that families look forward to gather ideas for [...]

HIGHLIGHTS: Show Pergolas Pavilions Gazebos

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Traveling across the country to install beautiful ShadeScape® shelters, you get to see some spectacular landscapes. As unique as each area is, so is every ShadeScape® shelter kit, designed to fit the setting and needs of the individual homeowner, recreational facility or business.   The places we go, the people we meet, and the pets they love, it is fulfilling work. Sometimes, it can even be delightsomely intriguing. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Kids are the best. There is so much satisfaction to see the finished pavilion, pergola, gazebo or arbor in its final destination.   When it comes to setting up for Home and Garden shows, well that is a different kind of story. [...]

A Salute to Real Men

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It is natural to want to put your best foot forward to make that favorable first impression. What goes on before that first audience can be just as spectacularly impressive as the presentation itself. Enjoy a behind the scenes look into displaying massive timber frame shelters at Home and Garden shows. Now, you can see – as the old adage goes – what it is that separates the men from the boys! ShadeScape® Pavilion Kit Being Pre-Assembled in the Shop Weigh in on the Size of these ShadeScape® Kits To even begin to appreciate what our guys do in the process of showcasing these ShadeScape® kits for Home and Graden Shows, we first have to weigh in on the size of these massive timber frame shelters. The median average cookie [...]

Awe Zen Dens w/Fish Starlight & More!

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An outdoor living space is a smart way to inhale revitalizing health, in a peaceful setting. The Zen Den of perfection was the focus of Western Timber Frame’s Fall 2017 Home and Garden Show. Here are few of the highlights in the spotlight at this year Home and Garden show. There is a significant size difference in the two ShadeScape™ pavilions displayed on the main floor. For myself, until placed side by side, it is difficult to picture precisely or compare how they feel and look. It was great to be able to experience them both in the same setting. ShadeScape™ pavilion features an extended roof that can be for aesthetics, the extendsion of shade, or to protect a designated area such as  a barbecue grill etc. Pictured below is the view below the extended roof. ShadeScape™ DIY [...]

Spring Home & Garden Best of Show 2017!

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The 2017 Home and Garden Show with Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ pavilions, pergolas, arbors, and gazebos on parade throughout the show and over the entryways. The Spring Home and Garden Show was a lot of fun this year. Again, Western Timber Frame™ received the Best of Show award before going on to receive the Best of State award. Here are a few of the many highlights of the show this year. Over the North entryway featured our new ShadeScape™, the 4000 Series Pavilion. The 4000 Series was a big hit. Western Timber Frame™ is well known for massive overs Timbers on the ShadeScape™ outdoor shelters. For those looking for that same look on a smaller scale design or budget, this was a happy bonus surprise. The arched double tiered pergola was stunning from every side. Underneath though was my favorite view. It [...]

Best of Show 4th Time in a Row! 16 Grand Shade Structures

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This years show was fantastic! Western Timber Frame™ received Best of Show Award for the 4th time in a row! Marketplace Events Staff: Brook, Becca, Lupe and Ian. This years 2016 Spring Home and Garden Show was received with great enthusiasm and it was especially exciting for everyone at Western Timber Frame™. Western Timber Frame™ received Best of Show, for the 4th time in a row! All credit to our amazing Western Timber Frame™ team, Danielle with Cahoon Interiors, Knights Mattress and Furniture. We'd like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped us win the Best of Show at this years Spring Home and Garden Show Festival! Thank you, to the staff at Marketplace Events, Brook, Becca, Lupe, Ian and The Salt Lake Home and Garden Festival! Check out what is new, highlights of the 2016 Spring Home and Garden [...]

Costco Special Event Schedule

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America's #1 Timber Kit specializing in solid timber structures, such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, trellises, post and beam, trusses, and more. WESTERN TIMBER FRAME SPECIAL EVENT SCHEDULE Dates and events are subject to change. Northwest WAREHOUSE SOUTH OGDEN DATES May 1st - May 10th ADDRESS 3656 Wall Avenue, South Ogden, Utah 84405-7101 WAREHOUSE SPANISH FORK DATES May 15th - May 26th ADDRESS 273 E 1000 N, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 Drop by and check out our many Show Specials. If you are in the Weber, Salt Lake or Utah County areas in May drop by Costco to experience the feel of a massive oversize solid wood timber frame pergola for yourself, [...]

New Outdoor Living Products

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HGTV’s John & Whitney Spinks presenting Western Timber Frame™ with Design Excellence Award. Western Timber Frame™ was also recently awarded the for 2015 in Utah’s Best of State awards for best small businesses. The ultimate decision in outdoor living design and new product choices hinge upon the needs, budgets, tastes and personal lifestyles; which differs for individual homeowners. Checking out the newest in trends and products from the experience of architectural landscape designers can broaden your ideas for your own backyard retreat. First, a look at new products. Western Timber Frame™ has been a leader in building new products and innovative designs for the best in earth-friendly, sustainable, convenient and comfortable outdoor living experience. Western Timber Frame’s has several patent-pending designs/products: The Dovetail Difference™ construction method, TimberClad™ decorative cladding line, an exclusive EarthAnchor™ structural aluminum knife plate anchoring and alignment system have won awards [...]

Suspended Sofa Couch Bed Swing for Porch or Outdoor Patio

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The Spring Home and Garden Expo in Sandy, Utah had room enough to display quite a few outdoor shade structures for resort style backyard retreats from Western Timber Frame™ including the entranceway which displayed a beautiful four arched Canyon Grey pergola. Western Timber Frame™ has developed various styles of products outdoor structures for shade designs including their Traditional, Contemporary, Asian, Tuscany, Rustic/Reclaimed, and Tropical designs. Along with the various architectural styles Western Timber Frame™ introduced a few more products for a more convenient and comfortable backyard retreat, including a suspended sofa/couch bed which was a real invitation for everyone who could not resist trying it out. Although none of the heavy duty pergolas on display were grounded into the earth as it would be in a backyard, there is no movement or sound that feels to [...]

Suspended table hangs in mid-air like floating furniture!

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Joining with family and friends in the backyard on a cool, summer evening and eating good food in the comfort of the outdoors has always been a pure American delight. Outdoor dining is a favorite past time of Western Timber Frame™ founder, Hyrum Thompson, too. Hyrum is the inventor of many pioneering and innovative year-round outdoor living designs and construction methods for better backyard family environments including the amazing The Dovetail Difference™.  The Dovetail Difference™ was tested by independent engineers to be 500% greater in strength and load carrying capacity over traditional timber framing hangers. The Dovetail Difference™ also had 160+ WIND RATINGS! It takes that kind of strength to hold Hyrum's latest design, check out this massive, heavy-duty, solid wood suspended table! This suspended table was an incredible hit at the Home and Garden Expo! Enjoying a seat at Western Timber [...]

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