Business organizations and commercial establishments are capitalizing on their natural open outdoor spaces. A change of scenery is uplifting, increases productivity. An outdoor workspace or place of retreat to gets people out of the office, into an open environment, where they can collaborate and brainstorm or recharge energy.

outdoor dining seating area with pergola

Restaurants, hotels, churches, hospitals, parks, commercial and recreational establishments, are being more resourceful than ever in maximizing the potential of their outdoor spaces. With a ShadeScape™ Kit from Western Timber Frame™ even the smallest of physical wasted space can utilize into an effective sidewalk café, patio dining, seating or barbecue areas, WiFi, and phone charging stations and more.

Western Timber Frame™ equips facilities making better use of the premium outdoor space that surrounds their buildings or storefronts. For example, the Western Timber Frame™ TimberVolt™ power option. The Inferno model features integrated USB outlets to charge  smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. For presentations, an outdoor TV can plugs into one of the central electrical receptacles up top.


pergola dining area

Each commercial space has its purpose, but the incentive is the same: to increase the venue’s capacity, increase productivity and to host return business. Creating extra space is a motivator and paying attention to details to create a unique place that is comfortable and inviting for people to come back again and again. A timber frame ShadeScape™ kit is a fast and easy way to create extra space and most projects can be installed in as little as one afternoon.

apartment barbecue area

An outdoor timber frame awning, pergola, pavilion or gazebo is a welcome sign, creating a friendly come-refresh-yourself environment for employees and clientele.

Awning on business
roof top terrace with pergola
sidewalk pergola
wedding pergola with chandelier