Another beautiful timber frame kit installed for the Witt Residence. The reflection in the water is gorgeous day and night. Western Timber Frame timber has standard timber frame kits for a DIY timber frame arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola but in reality they are all basically custom.

If you’ve seen a freestanding pergolas or arbor on a friend or neighbor’s property that adds a simple beauty to the landscaping, adding one to your own may be easier than you imagined. These kits can be assembled in as little as one afternoon for that kind of a backyard garden atmosphere.

These outdoor arbors add beautifully for living nooks and retreats like adding a pair of benches facing each other for a quiet place to sit. It gives exquisite beauty to a garden, sandbox, park, landscape, residential or commercial area as well as camping or tourist areas. An arbor swing can also be an enchanting invitation to a garden or landscape as well as a welcome resting place at the end of a pathway or quiet secluded retreat.

A timber frame arbor kit can also be enhanced with a trellis and act as a main focal point or a perfect backdrop, place to stand for the exchanging of vows or as an entryway to the altar. It is so easy to complete with wedding flowers, vines, lights, Japanese lanterns or ribbons for a reminiscent romantic setting or showcased with a more modern flair with balloons, garlands, streamers, fiber optic lights or accents that are tailored to your particular wedding theme or event.. The possibilities are literally endless.


Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide