transparency-blanktransparency-blank At Western Timber Frame™, work is play for the Design Managers who get a real adrenaline kick out of taking a person’s dream and turning it into a visual reality for a more beautiful, user-friendly landscape. The Design Managers are responsive to each person’s personal taste and preferences. Like an impassioned artist inspired by a brand new canvas, design manager Brian says, “Every project is exciting! Each design is technically custom and you get to design a something brand new. It’s great to see it when it is all finished.”
Estimates are also free at Western Timber Frame™. Whether you were planning for a DIY backyard transformation or would like to have someone else to help you tackle the whole project from beginning to end our Design Managers can bring your vision alive on paper in a tangible conceptualization.Sometimes people have a more difficult time visualizing exactly what they want. “It’s cool when you see someone in awe and they tell you it’s better than they ever imagined.” says Brighton. Adding in some possible creative elements can give them a better idea of size and create an aesthetically pleasing look and how it would flow in functionality.

The ideas seem almost endless for outdoor timber frame structures for a more dynamic landscape and adding curb appeal. A small side yard can be a more usable are with a trellised walkway or side arbor. Timber frame decks are extremely comfortable and durable. Adding a pergola to an existing deck can add some comfortable shade and give protection from implement weather and so on.

Western Timber Frame Deck Design
At Western Timber Frame™ the hard work is already done for you making it as uncomplicated and easy to assemble as possible. With a timber frame kit, even customized kits, it doesn’t matter whether you are a DIY novice or a professional, its going to be a fun easy to put together project. In just a few hours an entire landscape can be transformed into a backyard retreat for years of enjoyment.Moving the comforts of home to the outdoors for more recreation and relaxation is easy with a choice of standard sizes from a 10’x10′ on up to 16’x16’+ for a timber frame arbor, pavilion, gazebo or pergola kit.


After considering a budget plan and the best area for its intended use, another thing to look at is whether this is going to be a one time upgrade or will you be doing this in steps of improvement.

“We aren’t here to up sell anyone.” says Brian, “Sometimes someone will come in tell us they want this great big oversized pergola. Most the time for the area they have that’s going to overwhelm area they have in mind. The cost would be much less and in most cases, I think it’s a lot prettier to break it up by connecting a two or three smaller pergolas together. Giving them a 3D drawing of it on paper where they can see from the different angles helps them to decide if that’s right for them.”

However, even with the many standard choices of timber frame arbor, pavilion, gazebo or pergola kits, in reality every kit is truly custom and talking with a design manager can give you another set of eyes, for more possibilities.At Western Timber Frame™ they believe the integrity of a structure says everything about the people who built it which is Western Timber Frame’s Design Managers engineer and design beautiful architecture that will last for generations to come.

A picture can quickly convey a complex idea with just one image. If you have some ideas in mind or would like some ideas, go ahead and talk with one of Western Timber Frame’s Design Managers. See what your dream landscape can look like in reality, today.


Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide