Please take the time to watch each video in this series. Please do not skip through them. They need to be watched in order and in their entirety to make sure no steps are missed in the pavilion installation procedure.


The arch knee braces that are pre-cut out for you, set it up and make sure it is nice and tight. We just tack it with a 3-inch screw that we provide and then on the top, we do the same. Just tack it with a 3-inch screw. Once both sides are tacked then we will end up putting an 8-inch lag through to the post to hold it more securely and then we will also add the keystones here.


On setting the second arch, again just lift it up, up to where it is nice and tight for the layout where the cut out is nice and tight there on the center. It should be pretty tight. You can see where we had to cut or trim about a 1/4 of an inch off of this one to make those line-up. Most the time you shouldn’t have to do that but every once in a while you may have to trim off a 1/4 of an inch just to get it to line up in there tight. Next, we will set the keystone here.


Alright, so we have the center mark we marked on the support beam so we can get the keystone marked right on center and then made a mark on top of the keystone, our center. You see the keystone has the notch on the top just to go right around to the side of the support beam and then down to the arch knee brace itself. So the keystones we just tack them on with three, 3-inch screws on the top which you won’t be able to see from below. Standing up here you will be able to see them but down below they should be out of view. Then we will put the other side on and then put one lag in the bottom of both of them.


So we will do the same thing on the other side, make a mark in the center, center mark on the keystone, tack it on with the three 3 inch screws. It is nice and tight there. Now we still have the gap on the bottom which we will put this final keystone filler block on the bottom here.


Alright to cover the bottom of the gap we have this filler block here and four screws. They are pre-drilled for you.


The final step for the keystone would be putting in a final lag, a 6 or 7 inch lag. This is going to lock both of them in together and then the final step would be putting a plug in and touch up stain on the plug. That will be a complete keystone. And it is your choice if you want to put this plug on the outside of the pergola or on the inside. In this case we decided to put it on the outside. There will be just one plug per keystone.