A well-designed pergola will provide the right amount of sunlight as well as shade for the area it is intended. Western Timber Frame™ offers Design Managers who can equate how much shade and where it will be at any time of the day or month of the year. In almost every project, the standard shade plank spacing is best for comfort.

This project is an exception and needed more sunlight and less shade. Today’s featured Pergola Kit is a ShadeScape™ 8000 Series Pergola with 2×2 shade planks, letting in more sunlight while providing the much-needed shade in the porch area for the desired time of day.

At the top and bottom of each post is decorative post skirts that set this pergola apart, beautifully done in the Canyon Grey finish.

Pergolas are designed to allow in the sunshine while providing shade. The standard sun to shade ratio for most ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kits have more and closer together shade planks for an 85% sunlight-to-shade ratio. At 85% shade coverage, a standard ShadeScape™ Kit is comparative to the comfort of a shade tree.

The ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kits are not “one size fits all cookie-cutter,” kits. Each kit is unique, precisely designed, measured, cut and pretested to be a simple install for each homeowner or business owner’s landscape, specs, and needs.

shade palnks pergola

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide