Thursday evening, the sunset could not be painted anymore beautiful. Earlier that morning thunderstorms, with torrents of rain, were pouring down. The previous forecast had been for cloudy skies, nothing more, so I rechecked the reports.

traveling to install

My destination was quite a distance away but the predicted conditions said NO expected rainfall. Having already switched days due to unpredictable weather changes, I was greatly relieved as I gathered up all the necessary equipment. It was time to go out and snap those jaw-dropping, eye-popping evening photos of a stunningly gorgeous pergola.

I had already seen preliminary photos taken during the installation and I loved it! The anticipation of this photo shoot was like slow-moving ketchup to a genuine ketchup lover, as visually gratifying as the first bite was going to be. The ShadeScape® pergola had massive 10-inch wide posts, finished in the Rich Cordoba stain. The design is a unique, absolutely gorgeous, one-of-a-kind. Captured on camera – it will be showy – worthy of the finest architectural magazine cover page.

All my communications had been with the Mrs., and she welcomed me to take pictures. She loves the pergola, a 10,000 Series ShadeScape® kit covering an outdoor kitchen, complete with granite countertops.

I had arrived, as per the time expected, just as the sun would soon be setting. In my opinion, the evening lights make the best photos.  My plans, however, took a detour.

She said, “So, my husband says he doesn’t want our pergola photographed. I’m sorry, I didn’t know he felt that way. He says he likes how unique it is and that he doesn’t want anyone copying it.”

I had not thought to include her husband on the photographing plans. In the age of sharing, it is not surprising there are some things people still like to keep to themselves, e.g. combs, toothbrushes, their personal space. Happily, for us, no photographs are because the pergola design is so well loved. For our satisfied ShadeScape® owners, it is luxuriant, unlike any other pergola; a backyard showpiece, perfect for their poolside outdoor kitchen.

In respect to this ShadeScape® family, no architectural renderings or #DIYPergolaPlans of their personalized 10,000 Series ShadeScape® will be posted here.

Custom Designed


Every kit from Westen Timber Frame™ is custom fabricated.  Of the 1,000’s of kits we manufacture, it’s very rare that any two are alike. They are as unique as every individual homeowner. This is because we don’t fit you to a kit. You are unique in what you like and how you live. Your yard is different than anyone else’s.


outdoor kitchen attached pergola


DIY pavilion plan


ShadeScape® Timber kits vary widely in sizes and dimensions because they are designed specifically for you and your space. You can have a 10′ x 10′ kit, or it can be for example a 10′ 2 1/2″ x 14 3/4″ Kit. They are precise in fitting it for your landscape, and vision.



trellis plan attached to pergola


The design can include multiple shelters such as attaching an arbor or latticed trellis with a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion, e.g. a walkway, hidden corner, swing, or bench. Maybe you have your own idea in mind. You can also check out our gallery, or ask to talk with a Design Manager for more inspiration.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide