Attached pavilion kit

This “L” ShadeScape® Series attached DIY pavilion kit transformed this small space living area into an inviting place of relaxation for any time of day or evening pleasure. Timber shelters can be designed to use every viable space efficiently. For example, trellises are often installed to extend the use of vertical space. An L-shaped shelter utilizes corners to their best advantage.

kitchen attached pergola

Example of #SmallSpaceShade

Thank you, to our Seymanski family, for proudly sending us pictures of your finished installation! Here the Seymanski’s can enjoy the afternoon sun and eat breakfast out on the patio, Al-fresco.



8000 Series ShadeScape® L-Shaped Attached Pavilion Plan Specs

The Footprint size, from post-to-post, is 20′ 9′ 1/2″ and a 17′ 11″ on the other side.

attached pavilion kit


• Classic style knee braces

• Crescent Step profiles

• 8×8 posts

• 4×14 beams

• 3×14 ledger

• Rich Cordoba stain

• Hipped Roof

Hipped Roof Benefits:

Hipped roof designs are more windstorm and hurricane-resistant than gabled roofs. This is a great benefit particularly in places that are hurricane-prone. In Florida, for example, having some of the strictest wind code and regulations in the Nation, there is a discount on some windstorm insurances if a roof is at least a 90% hip.

There are possible disadvantages with a hipped roof design for practical use in the interior of a home, e.g. being angled it can leave little space in an attic for practical use. With a pavilion, however, a hipped roof is practical with a dynamic focus on aesthetics. The beauty of the hipped roof is stunning when the underneath tongue and groove roofing which can be contrasted with a lighter wood stain.

Roof of Pavilion two-tone

To see just how easily an L-shaped DIY Pavilion Kit can be, check out this: Easily Build a Fast DIY Beautiful Backyard Shade Structure.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide