People beneath gazebo

A simple to install, beautiful ShadeScape® Gazebo and Deck, a vision of Design Manager Tyler Jenson, was created for relaxation and fun. The Drage family gathered with friends to celebrate their twentieth wedding Anniversary on their new deck under this magnificent ShadeScape® with integrated power posts.


As quick as the gazebo was installed they invited over the Grandparents for lunch. Their parents loved it and they sent us these pictures of lunch for these wonderful people in their lives.


As medical practitioners, Mom and Dad prescribe time with their children every evening beneath their beautiful timber frame gazebo. It is also key towards maintaining good health for the family. Fresh air is vital to physical health. It provides energy, improves blood pressure, heart rate, aids in the digestion of food, strengths the immune system and so much more.

Smell and inhale of fresh oxygen on a regular basis and you invite happiness. Even taking in just a few minutes a day to get a blast of Vitamin D has been shown to help take action against depression, cancer, and osteoporosis. There is wonderful healing in the outdoors!

halloween party gazebo

Spending time with those you love is also good for the mind and body and going to the Drage house is like coming home. They absolutely know how to throw a party! The Drage family invited Western Timber Frame™ to the Drage Family Home for an #OutdoorHalloweenParty with their gorgeous ShadeScape® Gazebo and Deck. It was so much fun. Thank you, to the Drages! This is why we love doing what we do, not only bringing families together but the beautiful families we get to know.

Deck with timber frame gazebo power post

Everyone who steps beneath these large timbers feels has a natural sense of awe and instinctively touches the welcoming warmth of wood. Pictured above is the TimberVolt® Power Post that is not only inviting to the touch but it provides any and all of their electrical outdoor needs.

Drage deck with gazebo

Though this gazebo is massive in size, the simplicity of installing is easy with a #PrebuiltShelter kit from Western Timber Frame™. Each ShadeScape® shelter has a drop in interlocking joinery system that is not just simple to install but is also strong, providing greater stability and a heavier load capacity. It allows the wood to perform as nature intended, expanding and contracting while keeping the joint tight and secure throughout the years. The unique drop-in rafter layout system allows for a quick, snap-together Beam-to-Post application that prevents warping and twisting for unmatched quality and durability.  Each kit is pre-tested with all the hard work finished before it is ever shipped out.

Thank you, to the Drage family for all your enthusiasm and hospitality! And to everyone else, enjoy the pictures of their beautiful backyard deck and gazebo.

Gazebo roof
under gazebo
stairs deck gazebo
stairs for deck
timbervolt power post
deck timbervolt

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