If you love eating out, patio entertaining and spending time with those you love, there are two primary solutions that will shield your patio (or deck) and let you enjoy yourself more than ever before.

cedar pergola hot tub

First, is a pergola 

distinguished by

an openwork roof.

Patio pergola sunlight

A pergola is a gorgeous option that allows the sun to shine through the intersecting shade planks.

Second, is a…

hipped gabled roof pavilion

…solid covered roof

characteristic of a



or gazebo.

Pavilions, Ramadas and Gazebos

provide full overhead protection.

Choosing partial or full shade will depend mainly upon your outdoor living space, but also upon the vision and purpose of the area.

Future amentities should be a factor in choosing a latticed or fully covered shelter.

For example, an outdoor television is built-in; protected by an outdoor TV enclosure and a fully covered cabana roof with closable doors.

Here, in this example, the outdoor television needs periodic protection from inclement weather, having an openwork roof.

A standard ShadeScape™ Timber Shelter kit shade plank layout is 85% coverage; the perfect sunlight to shade ratio for human comfort; and the equivalence of a good shade tree.

For an area next to the house, a pergola is an excellent way to provide shade and still let in the beautiful sunshine and fresh, overhead breezes.

A Ramada, Gazebo or Pavilion provide full coverage from the rain and inclement weather.

shadescape diy pavilion kit
custom stain attached pergola

If full coverage from the rain is not an issue, weaving some canvas or awning fabric strips through the rafters is give additional shade and makes for a stylish statement.

cutains timber frame pergola

Adding some side curtains can bring a whole new look and style to a pergola, as well as protect from a low evening sun.


Louvered roofs are an alternative on pergolas to enclose the roof from rain.

Or enjoy the best of both,

a fully covered area with a pergola extension.

pergola pavilion combination

Patios shielded with both open and closed roof areas are increasing in popularity, A DIY ShadeScape® Timber Kit is designed for each unique patio.

cabana poolhouse pergola

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide