The shapes and arrangements of the spaces you live in have cognitive effects on your brain.

Designers of architecture and living spaces are not necessarily in control of the occupants health. And yet, architecture is not passive; it does influence human health, emotions and modifies behavior. Studies from neuroscientists and psychologists show that architecture effects moods and actions. For the most part, it is simple, common sense —a living area that provides a pleasant layout with adequate space is calm and welcoming. A tight or overcrowded living space creates the concept of burden, with an awareness of feeling weighed down.

pavilion-plan According to the American Institute of Architects, continuing education for architects should go beyond the fundamentals of design to support basic health, safety, and welfare.

People are hard-wired for human interaction with comfortable spacing. An office purposely encouraging physical movement has been proven to influence people’s levels of productivity. Outdoor living environments are known to address many concerns; e.g. asthma, depression, and obesity in a positive way.

pavilion-plan We specialize in solid timber structures —such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, trellises, post and beam, trusses and more. It is a fast and easy way to ensure a year-round outdoor show of textural interest, sculptural beauty —as well as the practical use of space.

In our experience, after having installed a ShadeScape® pavilion, pergola or gazebo kit, we have found the uplift and happiness yield level of architecture sometimes comes in many less obvious ways as well. We have had many families tell us they or a family member has lost extra pounds or experienced vitally improved health. Gratitude is often expressed for the quiet spaces within their open-air room; the option to be alone or interact.  Open spaces draw people together and influence their level of comfort. Longer time in the outdoors and the sensory stimulation of genuine wood gives families that feeling of being at peace, or in the tranquility of nature.

A deck, pavilion, gazebo or pergola should be designed first and foremost around you, the person who occupies it. For us, it is extremely rewarding to know the difference it can make in your life.

 How Architectural Design Can Shape a Person’s Character

The House of Commons of the United Kingdom was destroyed by fire from enemy bombs on May 10th and 11th of 1941. More than two years later, England’s Prime Minister —Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill announced to Parliament that a committee would be appointed to rebuild the House of Commons.

pavilion-planIn agreement with (America’s Architect) Thomas Jefferson, who resolutely advocated the craft of architecture as a powerful tool to teach, enlighten, and elicit social change, Churchill said:

“We shape our buildings and afterward our buildings shape us.”

It is critical to British Parliamentary for the House of Commons, he said, to be rebuilt with the exact same aspects and design pattern the previous building had before it was bombed.

Updating with air conditioning, microphones and speakers was welcomed but the Prime Minister strongly believed the features of the original building had literally shaped their British character.

For example, the role of the oblong layout of the room encouraged debate. It impelled members to declare themselves on one side or the other. In contrast, a semicircular design would give members the option to move around in shades of grey or “according to weather changes.” But with the older fashioned oblong design, a member had to seriously weight out their allegiance before they publicly crossed the floor to the other side; which Churchill himself had done twice in that position.

Contrary to what some considered a backward perspective, there were many who saw the preceding House of Commons as having been too small and not conducive to collaborative exchange. Therefore, they pressed for rebuilding something grander, on much larger scale, with a modern semicircular form as progressive world assembly halls had.

Churchill was adamant that the chamber should not be enlarged to accommodate everyone, rather it should be inconvenient, tight quartered, small enough to remind us of our common humanity. The majority of their debates centered on less weightier matters, and a smaller chamber would encourage a conversational atmosphere. And when things of greater importance were brought to bear, bringing people in closer proximity impressed upon them the respect and magnitude of the principal object to be considered.

“…the House of Commons is much more than a machine. It has earned and captured and held through long generations the imagination and respect of the British nation… The house of Commons has lifted our affairs above the mechanical sphere into the human sphere.”– Winston Churchill

In other words, Churchill was not just campaigning for a structural design —he wanted the intimacy to look into the eyes of the soul, to draw forth from the essentials of humanity, and in doing so, become less apt to be self-interested. Instead of being lost in a sea of faces, every individual would fully view each others passions, sweat, logic, and rationals. In closing, he added the old sentiment, “be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.”


Buildings are not just a constructed mechanism or architecture that reinvents the landscape serving utilitarian and aesthetic ends. The dynamics of the composition includes the position on the site, the elementary materials,

and the complexities of how the individuals will interact within the space

not only now but with an envisage of the future.

pavilion-planAt Western we have an appreciation for the capacity we have for transformation. It is helpful to know how you intend to use your expanded living area but it can also be a people-fit flexible space.

Imagine you are in an open space, cooled by wooden timbers, interspersed with natural sunlight. Now, envision yourself in an enclosed room with the glare of fluorescent bulbs. Naturally, the first picture is calculated to produce more happiness.

Again: lighting, ventilation, the materials and geometric arrangement and use of space is an art that expresses and stimulates interest, faith, feelings, memories, thoughts, and creativity. Timber frame architecture transcends time and is some of the most impressive works of art there are.

50 Arbors • Bridges • Decks • Pergolas • Pavilions & Gazebos
That Grab Attention

Enjoy 50 timber frame structures: arbors, bridges, pavilions, pergolas, gazebos, and trellis kits — some with a few thoughts from our ShadeScape® families, and other shade shelters wherein a picture says it all.

Timber frame train station at Evermore Park

Timber frame cross gable pavilion kit installed for a train station at Evermore Theme Park, in Pleasant Grove, Utah. It features a cupola on the roof.

pavilion-planThe cupola is the small dome-like structure adorning a roof. Cupolas simulate a place to look out or to admit light and air and usually crowns a larger roof or dome. If the cupola has a bell inside it is called a bell tower.

“The City of Greenville, KY ordered a pavilion from Western Timber Frame in October 2015. We received the kit in a timely fashion and built the pavilion the following week. The materials and craftsmanship were superb!!! We could not be more pleased and have gotten a lot of compliments from the public. I have one small piece missing and they were quick to get that resolved by shipping it out the day I called. I would highly recommend this company and product to anyone!” – Ben VanHooser

evening night pavilion flag
american flag pavilion

Two-tone, timber frame ShadeScape® pavilion kit finished in Ebony and Alpine stain. In the evening, the colors become dynamic with the lights but in the day time, the black and white contrast is a bold, clean look.

candace pavilion with tv

“Installed 4 years ago and still looks great! We love our pavilion!” — Candace Cavery

The Cameau family were a delight to build for. They have done so much to improve their yard insisting they literally went from the ugliest home on the block to one, if not the most beautiful. We are so happy for them and the deck is their favorite place to be.

Early American ShadeScape® pergola kit installed with full arched knee braces for an outdoor kitchen and fire pit area.

galloway pergola round

Some designers believe humans are deeply engrained to prefer curved shapes over angular shapes. However, when taking a look at the semantics for a complete meaning of aesthetic, the word aesthetic has two principle variables, composition, and complexity. Included are sub-variables such as ordersymmetrybalanceproportion, and variety, etc.

The concurrence of architectural literature the most appealing aesthetic experience prefers toned-down levels of complexity with and higher levels of composition. On this premise, combining curves with straight lines usually offers the best in favorable aesthetics. A radius or inverse radius roof is a smart design considering people’s natural affection for curves in architecture. In places where there is less ground area to work with, posts can be set closer together, without compromising your shade!

“pavilion-plan” “We could go interview all of our neighbors they could tell you that the Harbertsons were out here all summer long using this pavilion. I mean, we already used our backyard a lot. But this just doubled our usage. And it is great, you want kids here. You want to use your stuff. So it really helped extend the use of our backyard, and make it more functional. Even during the day, I could come sit out here by the pool and watch the kids swim and not be baked by the sun.” – Megan Harbertson – UT

outdoor tv fireplace christmas

“In times past when it started raining everyone went home. Megan said this year when it rained everyone just gathered under the Cabana and continued their party, “It was great fun. Everyone really enjoys themselves here.”

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“The teenagers used it all summer. They used it more that we did. They loved it, and it is funny how people congregate under here while they are swimming. But then they are still gathering mostly over here, this became a favorite hangout spot.”Megan Harbertson – UT

Megan Harbertson Testimonial Pic

“Another thing we were able to do with Western Timber is they put electrical in. And you can decide where you want it and how much you want. You can have all sorts of options. We have light switches, and electricity, and charging stations. So that don’t have to go inside if we have to charge our phone or can plug in lights. And so we could have you know they can program it or wire it so that you can put a fan in if you want a fan out here as well. So the options are endless with electrical stuff.” – Megan Harbertson – UT

hipped roof cabana

ShadeScape® Shelter Gable Roof Pavilion Kit

The outdoors is the perfect setting to celebrate the union of families.

The timber frame wedding arch is an element of decoration, focal point or symbolism, giving poise and setting an exquisite mood. They can be for standing underneath or in front of and are typically arched. The beauty of the ceremonial backdrop can be enjoyed afterward as a shade shelter for generations to come.

wedding pergola

ShadeScape® DIY Oval Roof Pergola Kit

valentines pergola for wedding center

ShadeScape® #DIYPergolaKit

Whether it is an Arbor, Arch, Chuppah, Mandap, Pavilion or Pergola, for a wedding there is a seemingly endless array of designs to make it your own and let your personality shine. A timber frame ShadeScape® shelter also provides a secure base to decorate. It can be garnished with flowers, fabric, and tulle to match your wedding colors. What a privilege to create architectural shade shelters for some of the most important events in the lives of family.

gable roof pavilion
side of gazebo pavilion

Custom Rich Sequoia ShadeScape® Arbor Kit

cantilever arch top pergola

Cantilever Barrel Roof Pergola Kit

Landscape of Love

hip cross-gable pavilion

This cross-gabled pavilion kit is one of five ShadeScape® timber kits built into a landscape of love for autistic children. A labor of love, designed by Henry Barlow of Rocky Mountain Concrete this backyard was a professionally planned for a healing, healthy, therapeutic environment. Here, the quality of life for families are empowered by helping parents to know they are not alone.

Parents who devote love and energy raising a child with special needs will run most of their life like a race, with no breaks. Stretched beyond expected limits they daily manage things like tantrums without having a meltdown themselves. Having a child with extra needs deals them situations that regular parents would think were impossible. Sometimes they make decisions with no right answer that pains their hearts and causes them to question everything they thought they knew.

I have never known any parents of special needs children who see themselves as the heroes they are, but they will champion their child as one. Every milestone, no matter how seemingly small to some, is a huge accomplishment, a smile, a sentence, a hug. They experience an innate depth of gratitude and awe in everyday miracles.

Having a special needs brother and now a grandmother of two special needs children this lovely space is perfect for children offering extracurricular activities, therapeutic benefits, support and time off for parents.

2-Story ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

dining room privacy wall

ShadeScape® Pergola Kit w/Privacy Wall

ShadeScape® Pergola Kit & Deck

pavilion gazebo lights
pavilion privacy walls
shed-roof-pavilion privacy walls

Slope Roof ShadeScape® Pavilion Kit w/Privacy Walls

arbor swing church

Concrete Post ShadeScape® Garden Arbor Swing Kit

Cradles, rockers, and swings — we have loved them since we were a child and we never grow out of love for swings.

Adding an aesthetically pleasing swing to a backyard is more than ornamental; it has sensory therapeutic benefits turning a garden into a more healing landscape.

The right swing can provide years of relaxation with the warmth and beauty of wood bringing a calming outlook. Best of all, these sturdy timber frame arbor and trellis kits can hold are built to last!

pergola shadescape

ShadeScape® Pergola Kit w/TimberVolt® Power

Gable Roof ShadeScape® Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Kit

cantilever roof pergola

Radius Cantilever Roof ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

barrel top pergola

2-tone Barrel Roof ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

pergola triangle

Triangular Style ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

round black pergola

Round Roof Style ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

suspended bed pergola

Contemporary Style ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

Alpine ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

hot tub pergola

ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

hot tub sauna cover pavilion

ShadeScape® DIY Pavilion Kit

Timber frame hexagon pergola kit

Alpine 6-Post ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit


Gazebo Pavilion ShadeScape® Combo Kit

Early American ShadeScape® DIY Trellis Kit

trellis fire pit

 ShadeScape® DIY Trellis Kit

sloped roof pavilion

Shed Roof Style ShadeScape® DIY Pavilion Kit

contemporary style arbor kits

The customary usage of garden trellises is for vertical gardening. With some creative imagination, plan your garden to sculpt in some beautiful geometric patterns. Also, design your trellises with your plants in mind. For shade or sun-loving plants, it provides as much shade or sunlight you want and is all in the design and location.

For added height keep everything vertical. Even though there is no fixed ceiling, view the outdoor space as an indoor room. Keep in mind, higher ceilings cause a room to feel spacious and widespread while lower ceilings will either feel cozy or closed in.

Whenever something is taller than it is wide it will create an illusion of height. The greater the difference is between length versus width, the more outstanding the effect is. It is also dependent upon the flow and size of the area. Smaller spaces will produce a stronger monumental bearing. Choose low-profile furniture, with shorter backs to advance the impression of additional height.

Contemporary Style ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit

Traditional Style ShadeScape® DIY Gazebo Kit

island cabana pavilion

Tuscany Style ShadeScape® Pavilion Kit

swing arbor garden
Pavilion pergola outdoor living rooms
gazebo pergolas playsetshadescape pavilion landscape
arbor pergola pool
deck shadescape railing
attached pavilion kit deck
Pergola with tables
curved pergola
pavilion with people
deck timber frame
DIY Pergola Kit for Deck

pavilion-planThankfully, a ShadeScape® timber deck with metal railing gives the muscles and power this deck so needed.

pavilion-plan The old deck had vinyl railing that would move if you leaned on it. Vinyl is soft and pliable anyway, but it also weakens, breaking down in the sun over time.

The deck posts before and after installing a ShadeScape® deck with pergola covering.

DIY ShadeScape® Outdoor Kitchen Pergola Kit

DIY ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

After installing 12 post pavilion kit

Triple Post DIY ShadeScape® Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion Kit

outdoor fireplace poolside pergola shade timber frame
custom shade outdoor dining fire
attached pergola
timber frame bridge
timber frame bridge
trellis lights fire pit
long pergola kit
pavilion deck shade
timber frame bridge

pavilion-plan For those of us who constantly feel the need to change the living room furniture around, desiring constant environment makeovers, an outdoor structure such as a timber frame pergola, pavilion, arbor, gazebo or swing can be an exciting foundation for celebrating life and splashing new rainbows of color and textures of change very easily. The timber frame is great for attaching decorations for special occasions, events, and holidays.

pavilion-planIf you delight in antiques, a timber frame outdoor trellis makes an excellent backdrop. Instill a nostalgic reminiscence feel by placing some signature pieces around with some splash of wildflowers. Bring on the pleasant scents of flowers and herbs and surround yourself in an aromatic retreat. Draw in some geometric patterns and stimulating textures. Put up curtains, hang wind chimes, potted plants with dynamic shapes. Have it designed, built, and decorated to please your personality and interests.

The human spirit has always enjoyed the unique, the surprising, something new to delight and awaken the mind. Technology of the twenty-first century has paved the way for free-spirited architects to expand beyond the rules of the vernacular architecture allowing for design styles, which stand alone.

Your judgment in style and taste, and how you want to use your backyard, is what matters most in preparing to design a functional landscape. Exploring the richness of creativity and artistic imagination shared by others, literally available at your fingertips. It is easier to find inspiration, and can help you to feel more empowered in creating your unique outdoor environment.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide