diy pavilion plan

The modern homeowner wants to utilize all of their property productively. A shaded area that also protects from the elements will create an area that can be used for all hours of the day. Installing a shelter such as a gazebo, pavilion, pergola or ramada is the perfect solution. With added lights and power it provides a place for evening entertaining. Today’s featured project is a Shadescape™ Ramada and Pergola Kit installed in Arizona.

metal timberclad cladding
Arch top diy pergola kit

Both the Ramada and Pergola ShadeScape™ Kits feature TimberClad™ metal cladding and TimberVolt™ Power Posts. The beauty of timber frame shelters from Western Timber Frame™ is how tight the seams are virtually eliminating all unsightly hardware. TimberClad™ metal cladding gives an old world quality for aesthetics only and not for any structural purpose. The TimberVolt™ power posts are drilled through the entire length of the posts concealing and protecting all the wiring and power outlets.

16’x16′ Hip Roof ShadeScape™ Ramada Kit

pavilion pergola install
Ramada by pool

12’x14′ ShadeScape™ 6K  Series DIY Pergola Kit

Before installing pergola

Before ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kit Install

After ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kit Install
pergola by pool

Thank you, to the Mendon family.  The project is process is beautiful!