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Patio time, the perfect place, day or night, to unwind and relax in the backyard with a friend, read a book or enjoy a barbecue get-together. This luxury timber DIY Pavilion Kit provides a spacious outdoor living space that is elegant and yet inviting, where with the Caldwell family, you genuinely do feel “at home.’  When a friend dropped by with his little son, they continued their conversation and let me take pictures of life as usual. This made it an extra pleasurable experience to photograph. Thank-you, again, to some great guys!

This 8000 Series ShadeScape® Kit installed in just a few hours, interlocking together, (as one family described) much like children’s Lincoln Logs. As easy and as fast as it installs it is built to last, using time-proven architectural masterpiece principles with modern technology that will last for generations. The main purpose of a Pavilion is to create an outdoor space that will enrich the lives of families creating an inviting atmosphere for more purpose-filled time together. The Caldwell’s grandchildren’s grandchildren could play here.

ShadeScape® 8000 Series DIY Pavilion Kit

Structure Type: Pavilion
Project Type: Freestanding
Timber Size: ShadeScape® 8000 Series – 8″ Posts
Style: Traditional
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Footprint Size: 14′ x 18′
Roof Size: 16′ x 20′
Btm of Beams: 8′
Beam & Rafter Profile Style: Axis Step

Stain Color: White
Knee Brace: Arched w/ Keystone Knee
Brace Qty : 4
Beams: 4×12
Rafters: 3×8
T&G: 1×6
Hardware Qty: 4 Footings
Upgrade: TimberVolt® Phoenix Power Post

pavilion kit

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide