Timber frame pavilion kit

The size of these oversized timbers almost seems surreal when standing next to them. The interlocking timbers without the use of nails or glue, elicit a sense of awe, completely captivating as if being suspended in time. There is this peace that comes causing one to pause and sense their surroundings at a slower pace.

Huge things are fascinating and these ten-inch posts are like standing under massive and stately trees; which in all technicality you are. With a 10,000 Series ShadeScape™ Kit comes a majestic and pleasurable sensation of being in a mountain forest in your own backyard.

Our ShadeScape™ family has plans for an outdoor kitchen to match the corrugated metal fence. There is also a classic truck tail-gate bench. This backyard is possitively, home sweet home.

16′ x 20′ ShadeScape™ 10,000 Series Pavilion Kit

Roof Size: 16′ x 20′
Footprint Size: 14′ x 18′ Footprint
Upgrade: Phoenix TimberVolt™ Power Post
Knee Braces: Classic Style
Knee Braces: Full Arched Knee Braces with Decorative Keystones
Shade Planks: 1×6 Tongue and Groove
Bottom of Beam Height: 9′
Beam and Rafter Profiles: Roosevelt Step Style
Post Size: 10″
Stain: Rich Cordoba

pavilion kit installed
pavilion kt installed
Beneath pavillion
light pavlion kit