pergola hurricane irma

Are you kidding this Pergola has already been through its first hurricane, Irma. She stood tall and proud and never wavered. Our neighbors with us sat under her and watched as men from Texas cut trees down off the lines and restored our power. Thank you for your wonderful product she gave our neighbors shade when there was none. Be proud of your product. Thanks. – – Kenneth Baker

All of us are deeply grateful for the Protecting Hand over our clients, the Baker family from Florida!

Not living in a Hurricane area, I searched how a hurricane is measured or scaled for intensity. The force or speed in categories of 1-5 as follows:

Category 1: 74-95 mph. winds
Category 2: 96-110 mph. winds
Category 3: 111-130 mph. winds
Category 4: 131-155 mph. winds
Category 5: greater than 155 mph. winds

Hurricane Irma was a Category Five! At over 155 miles per hour, the forceful winds of Hurricane Irma are one of the most powerful storms in history!

These are pictures of the Baker’s Pergola that stood through Hurricane Irma. We hope to see some updated photos taken after their experience. Again, we are all extremely grateful the Baker family are all safe!

Thank you, Kenneth, for reaching back to us, to know how you are, and how well your ShadeScape™ Pergola did for your family and neighbors.

hurricane irma pergola