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Embracing the outdoors with the touch, color and warmth of timber helps people to reconnect to the earth and recharge their energies. We all need time to “prune our feathers” —to keep ourselves at our best. Landscaping with ShadeScape® timber frame structures makes it fast and easy to create a your own personal hideaway — a luxury “nesting place.”

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” The truth of this statement is especially perceptible in our ShadeScape® family —the Conners.

The Conner family wanted to really make use of their backyard and to do that meant —creating a place where they could relax in privacy. This is their forever home —because it is where all the sweet memories of their precious daughter Cadee are.

We have been deeply touched by the Conner family who asked to have a plaque placed on their ShadeScape® shelter to honor heaven’s joy —Cadee. Her love and beauty shines beyond that holy place. I know because that light and love can be felt through every member of the Conner family. Which for this quote, they each so remind me of:

“Grief changes us. The pain sculpts us into someone who understands more deeply, hurts more often, appreciates more quickly, cries more easily, hopes more desperately, loves more openly.” — Author Unknown

Western has always been passionate about carrying on the legacy of skilled artisan craftsmanship in building architectural masterpieces that will monumentally stand for future generations. Having our work as a monument —in memory of Cadee— is such a privilege!

pergola plaque placement

Placing the plaque on the ShadeScape® pergola beam in honor of the life of Cadee Conner.

plague for pergola

“We joke that we have our own little club house, and we are putting Cadee’s name on our club house —so it’s pretty cool.” Aubrey Conner

The Family’s Private Backyard Getaway — Their Way

privacy walls

“I was just driving home through our neighborhood and a couple was having a movie night. And they were just on display. Nobody knows when we are back here.” -Aubrey Conner.

The backyard however was seldom used before, but after installing privacy screens and their pavilion and pergola club house —they are out here every night!

trellises that block the view

Targeted Screening For Privacy

Lattices are a wonderful way to perfectly embrace the best in outdoor living —allowing the sunshine in with the relief of cooling shade. Trellis walls and screens easily enclose a space and most importantly — conceal as much or as little as needed. Here the trellises have a solid panel to inhibit the view and latticed where it is needed above the fence line giving it a pleasing privacy screen.

privacy lattice

Bottom beam of ShadeScape® pavilion and pergola kits have latticed privacy screens.#PrivacyScreen

“We used our hot tub maybe five times in a year. Now we use it at least five times a month — and more. We never really came out in our yard much before. Now we are outside every night. Nobody knows when we are back here. We sit out here until midnight and love to talk.” – Ed Conner, Utah#PrivacyScreen

hot tub trellises
stairs trellis

Walls, Boundaries and Borders

One of the strong attributes of trellises — but sometimes overlooked — is to create outdoor enclosed rooms with curved or straight lines attached to a home or other existing outbuilding. It lets the light in, creating attractive accents but still, it is your own secluded retreat.

Trellises and privacy screens when curved or adding an L-shape structure will establish or embellish an existing corner. It makes a gorgeous backdrop and shade covering for seating, a fountain, or other feature.

trellis privacy screen

Create A New Perception of Size

Trellises and privacy screens can also give you a different perspective or illusion of size. You can disguise a narrow space by adding a bit of a curve, it will draw the eyes outward and feel more spacious. Curves give energy and movement to an area. The height of an arbor or trellis increases the dynamic effect. A free-standing shelters can embellish a corner or the middle of a landscape to make a smaller space look larger or vise versa. Give your landscape a style all your own by creating a new perception by design.

pergola pavilion lights

Installing privacy panels and screens around the pavilion and pergola ShadeScape® shelters made this a secluded sanctuary. A movie screen is installed on one of the privacy walls where the family enjoys watching in the outdoors. If you decide to build an outdoor theater for movies or a puppet stage, plan where you want your trellis or arbor to suit your movie viewing without the glare. The sun is the brightest of all lights, a light from the house can be turned off but not the streetlights. Walls, hanging curtains, permanent or non-permanent folding walls, lattices can all block light. T.V. door covers to protect the television and can be designed to block light.

Privacy walls and trellises

Create Your Own Backyard Private Getaway

We help you design and build your kit,
from Concept to Creation

Your Design Manager will make sure that your project is a Success.

  • We help you measure and choose the correct size of kit for your yard.
  • You will see what you’re getting, with free 3D Renderings & Design.
  • Get easy HOA and engineering approval, when our experts help you.
  • We work with your subcontractors, to get your project done on time.
diy trellis plan with 40 ft privacy wall
Dedicated design manager

Our Design Managers will guide you step by step from your initial ideas, to a completed custom kit. They are commited to making your kit fit your yard, your style, and your budget.

deck pergola

With up to a 120 mph wind ratings, and a tremendous snow load capacity, you can rest easy under a kit that will last for years to come.

diy pergola pavilion privacy walls and gate plan

Extra Ideas for Trellises and Privacy Walls

shed-roof-pavilion privacy walls

Walls envelope and enclose a space, provide shade, shelter, security and privacy.

Giving the backyard patio some covering will extend the square footage of a home. The extra outdoor room gives a relaxed family atmosphere for activities such as cooking, dining and good conversations.

The intricate elegance and beauty of lattices are a popular design in outdoor shade structures. Next to a pool, over the patio or part of a garden, solid wood lattice work can define a space, give more privacy while providing wonderful additional shade. Climbing vines and vegetables can also be grown up over the lattice work. Sometimes lattices are used to display outdoor art and decorations.

These heavy-duty, solid wood lattice works from Western Timber Frame™ are far superior to any of the wooden lattices found in the big box stores. They are thicker, heavier and so much stronger.

It adds an awesome ambience of high-quality, custom old world craftsmanship, because that is just what it is —old world craftsmanship at its best.

Sliding Doors and Gates

Gates set within a trellis wall are an example of when a rolling gate is a plus. If there is room, a swinging gate or door with latticed screens will still allow the light to get in while giving additional privacy. Typically, on smaller structures such as arbors, a swing gate is sufficient as it will not swing out that far. The only time you will see a slide or rolling gate on an arbor would be if it was integrated with a fence or wall and there was some advantage — such as a tight space — for the gate to slide parallel to the fence line. For larger areas, slide gates are often easier to open and close. If it involves an extra expansive opening, the gate could be geared with remote control — for automated back and forth slide.

Think Outside the Ordinary

Think outside of what is standard or expected. A pathway does not have to be a standard passageway. Transition between two places, with or without a door or gate. Trellises are the main choice for any way of exit or entrance whether it be a channel, course, or path. Consider alternatives, such as in this plan for a super-wide trellis or dual walkway — rather than a conventional arbor.

Private Movie Screen

Privacy screens can also be to block the view from above. Lattices block more of the view than people might think. You do not always need a panel to block the view and lattices allow in more light while providing ample shade.

Hosting movie nights outside is a lot of fun. We build lots of outdoor theater settings with cabanas, pavilions, gazebos, and pergolas. Yet, a cantilevered trellis can be just as equipped to fashion your own personalized outdoor movie theater.

Trellises Step Walls

Form walls in a single chain or a combination of multiple stepped segments. The options will depend some, upon the parameters set by the existing landscape —e.g. a terrace, embankment or dip-slope.

step trellis plan

Trellis walls can step up or down, to conform to an area or just to add pleasing composition on the top, sides, or bottom of the shade shelter. Turn the corner with L-shaped step trellises or smooth flowing step-style curves.

step trellis

Add Outdoor Power to Your Trellis or Privacy Wall

power post lights

Western Timber Frame™ outdoor ShadeScape® wood arbors and trellises can be pre-drilled with a hole down the center of one post to accommodate any and all of your electrical and lighting needs.

TimberVolt power post

The TimberVolt® series has an electrical chase drilled from one-half to the entire length of the post to hide and protect all wiring. The recessed boxes feature weatherproof outdoor covers for plugs and switches that are seamlessly incorporated into the actual timber post itself.

Build Your Own Garden Trellis

The garden is the perfect canvas for trellises to paint in interest, add richness while giving wind protection and privacy. Garden trellises are timeless — even a small trellis delightfully enhances a humble garden. A garden trellis is also a problem-solver. It hides an adjacent building or unattractive view — is a foundation for vines and vertical gardening.

Embellish With Your Personality & Interests

For those of us —who often feel the need to change the living room furniture around, desiring constant environment makeovers, an outdoor structure such as a timber frame pergola, pavilion, arbor, gazebo or swing can be an exciting foundation for celebrating life and splashing new rainbows of color and textures of change very easily. The timber frame is great for attaching decorations for special occasions, events, and holidays.

If you delight in antiques, a timber frame outdoor trellis makes an excellent backdrop. Instill a nostalgic reminiscence feel by placing some signature pieces. Bring on the pleasant scents of flowers and herbs and surround yourself in an aromatic retreat. Draw in some geometric patterns and stimulating textures. Put up curtains, hang wind chimes, potted plants with dynamic shapes. Build it to please your personality and interests.

Invite Animation and Motion

Life is movement so invite animation and motion. Hang a punching bag — paint a hopscotch pad — encourage your mind and body to exercise. Liveliness could also come from the subtle effect of birdhouses. Provide for the birds and bring some music to a rediscovered patch of earth. The oscillation of a water fountain would help drown out sounds while acting as a natural humidifier. Interacting not only instills a sense of care and value throughout the property as a whole but it strengthens our vital connection to the earth and childlike love for the outdoors.

Enclose for a Sunroom

pavilion plan sunroom

One example of enclosing a ShadeScape® shelter with walls is from the Kinghorn family. They ordered a 3 Gable DIY Pavilion Kit to build their stunning new Sunroom. A DIY Pavilion Kit is a winning way to build a sunroom as the entire frame structure with roof, in most cases, installs in as little as one afternoon.

A sunroom or solarium is a fully enclosed place caressed in warmth and sunlight. A Sunroom is in some circles, called a Go-to-room, Patio Room, Conservatory, Sun Parlor, Sunporch, Sun Lounge, Garden Room, Winter Garden Room, or Florida Room. It often has a “knee wall” framed in with transparent glass. A sunroom can be freestanding, attached, or as in this featured DIY pavilion plan, integrated into the primary residence.

Privacy Screens as a Windbreaker

Privacy walls are good windbreakers. You also reap the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing appeal, more shade, and extra protection from prying eyes, so you can comfortably grill, sunbath in a hot tub, and enjoy time with family.

This heavy-duty lattice work creates a fantastic privacy screen in a targeted direction. It beautifully screens the view from the neighbors without blocking the light. As can be seen, trellises work wonders to create an outdoor room or define a space, create a boundary, enclosure or outdoor wall for small or large areas in almost any backyard. An outdoor wall also gives a backyard an indoor secluded feel of privacy. A solid wood trellis offers more than privacy where it is needed; it also can add a stunning prize-winning appeal when creating a boundary line.

privacy screen lattice

Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ Series kits are designed and engineered, built using state-of-the-art technology combined with old world craftsmanship by timberwright artisans with the mortise and tenon dovetail joinery that interlocks without the use of nails or glue. There are timber frame architectural structures that have used the mortise and tenon dovetails and are still in use, centuries later, as testimonies of beauty, strength and durability. These trellises are built to last, standing against heavy mountainous snows and strong winds.

pavilion pergola kit

Thank you, to the Conner family. I so enjoyed meeting the Conner family. It was time well spent and fun to photograph their beautiful new backyard.

Note: Planting trees with accountability and expertise is a not simply a springboard to the succeeding generation of forests; at Western Timber Frame™ successful reforestation is taking a lead in our responsibility as caretakers of our earth. Our approach is that we leave everything better than how we found it. This is why we have 50+ trees planted for every average size pergola we do! All of the timber we harvest is sustainable and renewable timber.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide