Building a deck can add a great deal of enjoyment and value to a home. Covering it with a roof is perfect for sunny and rainy days. Western Timber Frame™ manufactures timber ShadeScape® pavilion, pergola, and gazebo kits that make building your own covered deck fast and easy.

We just received these pictures today from Jared Allred. He installed a deck with an attached pavilion kit. Beautifully done. Just because it is a “kit” doesn’t mean you have to install it yourself. They are designed, however, so that those who would like to, can do so, easily. As shown here: Easily Build a Fast DIY Beautiful Backyard Shade Structure. Check out more of Jared’s attached pavilion covered deck pictures.

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At Western Timber Frame™ every kit is designed to fit an exact landscape and not the other way around. Like today’s deck with an attached ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit, a deck can just as easily integrate a free-standing cover as seen here in this Gazebo covered deck. Check out our gallery if you would like to see more covered deck design ideas.

And a thank you, to Jared, for the pictures!


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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide